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How are you all truly doing?

I have been watching this site for a while... and

I think this web site is good to help others gain some perspective about cults and how others are handling leaving cults all behind.

I have often wondered why.. there has never been a class action law suite for failure to deliver the goods....

I say this smiling because of course it is all the students falt if the goods are not attained...

So.. what is next.

I just wonder as I read these things... particularly from the oldies here... if there is not a point where we each stop expressings all the BS and just move on.

or perhaps we should have a thread that reads...

How to get even with JZ... and Ramtha.

Now that does not sound very good, and I do realize there is a length of time that is needed for healing... but really, at some point... a greater vision might be to becomes AWESOME inspite of the cult scams that leark out there in our world...

or create your own destiny.

Plase do not take this the wrong way, but it does seems like even after being de-programmed... each person must move on...

OR... WHAT?________________________________________

What is the end game here on this web site?

after De-Programming... what is next?

Re: How are you all truly doing?

I read your post with misgivings.
Please clarify what you mean, smiling because "it is all the students fault if the goods are not obtained"...also, about moving on...depends how long you were "in" I expect, how long it takes to be completely "out" to the point where it's ancient history and no more need to talk about it.
I think you could get very misunderstood here.

Re: How are you all truly doing?

Ok... I was just inquiring about it .... perhaps I did not word it correctly.

I can see a lot of people being helped here and that is a very good thing...

The questions is what is the EXIT plan of totally moving on.. or does that ever happen.

For me, I just have a different point of view in my life now and so i no longer have the charge about it all as i once had.

I visit this site occassionally... many of the post I do not have any interest in.

I was just asking about does or can everyone one day be beyond all of this type of stuff.

That was the question?

Re: How are you all truly doing?


Perhaps the answer to your question is as individual as each person who reads it. Everyone's definition of "moving on" from this site is personal. For those who stay, perhaps for many years to come, they may have their own reasons. Perhaps they just choose to be a helping hand to one who needs it.

Only time will tell.

I don't think there needs to be an "exit plan". I think it can be totally open and flexible to what people choose, when they choose.

Re: How are you all truly doing?

Hi Joann,

People who have come through a challenging experience often reach back to extend a helping hand to others. Consider Lance Armstrong, who overcame testicular cancer but still visits and inspires people who are currently cancer patients. Would you tell him he needs to "move on?" Consider former gang members who now counsel young people and help them find a new life outside of gangs. Would you tell those mentors that they haven't "moved on" from gang life because they offer assistance to those still caught up in that life?

There is a broad spectrum of former RSE students who post here, but whether we stopped attending two months ago or two decades ago, we post to offer information, experiences, and viewpoints that do not have a forum anyplace else. For some, helping others is part of their healing process. Speaking for myself, I left RSE behind a long time ago. But I have friends who are going through a painful time after leaving, and others who are current (long-time) students, living in poverty and ill health. Maybe one day they will read something I posted here, and it will help them. That's why I post.

Re: How are you all truly doing?

I second everything onehand and watcha said above. Moving on from a deep violation of trust does not mean to deny it ever happened. The memory remains, life has been wounded and scarred more for some than for others, lessons learned are more valuable than anything one learns in the deceptive cult, and it does help others to share those lessons learned.

Soldiers and refugees move on hopefully after a war, but the battles leave important chapters in their lives. These folks tend to not say much about the experience to 'outsiders' but when they get together, they talk openly and the talk is both life-affirming and healing.

Ex-cult members have a special set of issues that have more to do with violation of trust, manipulation of behavior, and metaphysical issues that cut to intimate levels of identity and meaning.

I imagine that most of the ex-RSEs that post live lives as if they have moved on to most of the folks that know them. With most ex-cult members, former soldiers, and Amercanized refugees, you would not know what their experience was if they did not tell you.

fyi, as an exit counselor since the early 1980s, I often meet people that left a cult ten - twenty years ago, and only then acknowledged how deeply it had affected their lives. The recovery process is better addressed sooner than later from what I've seen.

Re: How are you all truly doing?

As posted, "I have often wondered why.. there has never been a class action law suite for failure to deliver the goods."

It seems you assume there isn't one already begun, or in the planning stages. I wouldn't assume that if I were you.

Re: How are you all truly doing?


The motive behind this website is a LOVING act for it endeavours to expost the truth without embellishment.

Most of the postings on this website are also loving as the writers are telling the truth to the best of their capacity and experience.

Re: How are you all truly doing?

I have been endeavouring to write accurately from the sum total of my experience. The intent behind the writing of many is most sincere.

Re: How are you all truly doing?

thank you each for your heart felt post.

I so agree with you all... I think it is a good think to look deeply at what we do...

So many good points from you all... it does show the heart felt concerns for others who are walking where you have walked and your healt felt desire to warn of the pit falls in the that road.

Smiles to all.

Re: How are you all truly doing?

my sentinments exactly with one hand and Joe.
Just yesterday, I was talking to a car salesman in a nearby town.
His wife works at the Safeway in Yelm.
Interestingly enough, the topic of PTSD came up.
I shared my experience with him briefly and asked him what his was and what triggers he has.
Turns out, he served in the military for a total of seven years. He seems to have
"moved on" , getting married, having a child on the way, etc.
He said his triggers are in large crowds, esp at the mall during holiday time.
His limit is about one hour, then the wife sees his fists and jaws clench, and she knows enough to get him out of there.
I would have never known it about this guy, but when asked in a comfortable setting, vets will speak to aid others.
On a side note, his wife was transferred to the Yelm Safeway recently, before QFC shut its' doors.
She sais she can tell when a Ramtha follower comes to her station.
They are rude, demanding, usually with scowls on their face, and they dress the same way as others in the group.
I found the whole interaction very enlightening.