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The Joe Szimhart interview with Jeff Knight 1992.

A message to RSE students.

“To me it’s not about the money, It’s about standing up for myself,
taking back my power, and standing up to her, and this farce of the teachings
that is just a money making business for her.
If I was to die tomorrow I would know that I have done something to make some people wake up,
and realize that they are involved in a very dangerous, very evil corrupt thing,
And they need to look at that”.

Jeff Knight 1992.

Jeff died from the HIV aids infection in 1994 before he could appeal the court's decision against him.

Google video link…


Re: The Joe Szimhart interview with Jeff Knight 1992.

Thank you so much David, for reposting the link and going through the "red tape" to have this video available. I feel such sadness for this young man; first having been "selected" by her while she was still married. Then his "indoctrination" by her, and the she as "R" stating they were "soul mates."

His face isn't hiding, isn't smirking - his face is completely honest - at least imo.
Thank you Jeff - you live on in helping others. There are many things much more important than money, and all he wished for was self respect.

Re: The Joe Szimhart interview with Jeff Knight 1992.

Thanks David.

This video was one of those who made me have an insight of what this whole RSE thing was about. It made me stop and really have a look at it, because I was thinking "How is it possible to be so commited to RSE and then change abruptly? What made people turn around especially after leaving so many things behind?" Those questions I made myself made me read the postings here and investigate more. Otherwise I wouldn´t maybe have bothered and continued in the school. So I think it is important it´s back.

Re: The Joe Szimhart interview with Jeff Knight 1992.

Just watched the interview video. Sad to watch as the previous post mentioned. I suppose we don't have to call this a cult or its leader a guru but, if not, I surely would not know what other labels would more accurately describe this madness. If you could critically examine all the lives and characterisitcs of modern day "gurus" or snake oil salesman (as per Joe Szimhart reference) it calls for questions about mental illness. Wether they are manic depressive, schizophenic, obsessive, etc. may cause interesting speculation but in the end is not the most important determination. What holds them apart is that while they are obviously dependent on their disciples, they are totally immune from any criticism from said disciples or even any contemporaries. They are basically above the law, so to speak. They almost take the place of God. What really sets the guru apart from more orthodox teachers or spiritual leaders is not their manic mood swings or their thought disorders, delusional beliefs, hallucinatory visions, mystical states, etc. In my view (and I am sure this has been said before) the common trait among these types is their incredible narcissism. I have seen Hubbard's name mentioned on this sight and I might add Joseph Smith also. No offense meant.

Re: The Joe Szimhart interview with Jeff Knight 1992.

Thank you…
Joe Szimhart for recording this interview with Jeff.

In 1990 I met Jeff while buying a pair of shoes at the Outback store in Yelm....I was surprise to see him working there, and the fact he was so helpful and genuine..
This was in stark contrast to the RSE staff.. particularly Vicky Cady at that time.

During Jeffs 1992 divorce case, JZR called a special RSE “event” that I attended,
Judith was in tears as she told us dumbfounded “masters” that Jeff had stolen documents from her safe with all the names and addresses of RSE members and handed them over to the IRS…!!!
Then came her negative stories about Jeff… how disgusted he was by women’s sexual organs…ETC..
In just a few well aimed poisonous words..
Jeff Knight became "RSE enemy # one".

Jeff does not speak of revenge or in malice in his interview, only that we heed his warnings, and understand something of his deep betrayal by Judith..
His betrayal continues to this day while she still bears his name.
And Jeff..
If you can hear our voices..
We will do our utmost to keep your message alive on EMF and your memory honored,

Thank you.



Judith Darleen Hampton..
isn't it time you gave up using Jeff's name?

Re: The Joe Szimhart interview with Jeff Knight 1992.

I watched this again for only the second time since I first saw it in April of this year.
What a difference 6 months of informed education makes!
Every RSE student and their affected families should watch this.
Thank you for all your efforts David and Jeff.

Re: The Joe Szimhart interview with Jeff Knight 1992.

When I came back from my first retreat last year my soul/higher self - what ever you want to call it - something in me kept making me search the internet of everything I could find with the name Ramtha connected to it - I did not know what I was looking for but I knew I would know when I found it and when I found this video of Jeff Knight I thought to myself "Wow, this is just really sad and "Why would someone who is channeling a God treat another human being the way JZ treated Jeff Knight" - it was this video that gave the the answers to some of my "red flags".

That zebra woman is all about manipulating others - She seeing Jeff's photographs in a magazine and then telling him that they were soul mates - I don't think he ever did believe it but I guess if a so called God tells you that you and someone are soul mates, you will tend to believe the God - if you read her biography (a very boring book) you will see how she totally manipulates Jeff.

All I can think is that he decided to go along for the ride since the money was pouring in - but I guess after years he just couldn't any more or by then she was probaly wanting to get rid of him to find her next boy toy - He did do a wonderful thing by making the video as the video and this site confirmed to me that I was not mad and that I really was listening to my inner voice who was guilding me out of the mess....

So on this Thanks giving day, thank you Jeff and thank you David and those brave enough to come forward and tell the truth......

Re: The Joe Szimhart interview with Jeff Knight 1992.

Guys, first, excuse me if this may come across a little to insensitive about Jeff's departure but, where's something I came across that made me question his diagnosis. And if JZ/R knew about this:


Re: The Joe Szimhart interview with Jeff Knight 1992.

I tried many times to download the videos on the video links page and the download stops after a meg or so. The same thing happens when I try to watch the videos online, my connexion is really too slow. Any suggestions ?


Re: The Joe Szimhart interview with Jeff Knight 1992.


If you email me... I am happy to send you a DVD,
compliments of Santa....