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Delightenment as seen through the eyes of a master

I really enjoy this piece I saw in an episode of Dr. Who called "The Shakespeare Code." I consider it applies to RSE.

"Close up this din of hateful, dire decay"
"Decomposition of your witches plot"
"You feed my brains, consider me your toy"
"My devoted Doctor says I am not !"

"Foul Carrionite spectres, cease your show"
"Between the points........"
"Banish like a tinker's curse"
"I say to thee........"


The Carrionite's in the movie are a race of witch like beings, bound to the earth and desperate to begin their new empire. My version of the spelling is CarrionKnight.

Expelliarmus is a term used in Harry Potter that is a spell used to disarm another wizard.

Re: Delightenment as seen through the eyes of a master

In the movie there is a cacophony of malevolent beings at the time of the pronouncement above and thus it is put as "a din of dire decay"

Without the special effects "a den of dire decay" would be more appropriate.

Sums up the RSE "education" for me.....a consciouness collapsing in upon itself......just like a vulture out for its next meal.

Re: Delightenment as seen through the eyes of a master

A more relevant definition of CarrionKnight is a predator that feeds of the purses, minds and lives of other people.