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First post

This is my first post. Just sort of checking the proscess. I came from outside the USA to help a relative who had been a long time "student" at RSE. Had some problems and we are continuing to have problems.

Re: First post

Hello willie
You are at the right place,you will find great help and confort here.
Bon courage

Re: First post

Welcome Willie and friends.
There is a wealth of educational info on here.
Check on the home page under educational info.
Also some great informational posts
(along with some humor).
A woman who has since moved to Texas to live with her sister because she was diagonosed bi-polar after her experience with RSE ,referred me to the state.
The state psychiatrist, Dr Tiems (he is just the assessor ) is aware of the ramifications of RSE.There have been several ex-students who have been through his office.
I am finding there are very few, if any, local therapists and pshychiatrists and FNP
who know very little about the after affects of being in such a group.
The Margaret Singer video David posted
is abundant in basic info of effects on people. I have referred several physicians and therapists to Dr. Singer's info. It's a start.
Let us know if we can help.
It's a long haul.

Re: First post

Thank you for the kind words.

I suppose we don't have to call this a cult or its leader a guru but, if not, I surely would not know what other labels would more accurately describe this madness. If you could critically examine all the lives and characterisitcs of modern day "gurus" or snake oil salesman (as per Joe Szimhart reference) it calls for questions about mental illness. Wether they are manic depressive, schizophenic, obsessive, etc. may cause interesting speculation but in the end is not the most important determination. What holds them apart is that while they are obviously dependent on their disciples, they are totally immune from any criticism from said disciples or even any contemporaries. They are basically above the law, so to speak. They almost take the place of God. What really sets the guru apart from more orthodox teachers or spiritual leaders is not their manic mood swings or their thought disorders, delusional beliefs, hallucinatory visions, mystical states, etc. In my view (and I am sure this has been said before) the common trait among these types is their incredible narcissism. I have seen Hubbard's name mentioned on this sight and I might add Joseph Smith also. No offense meant.