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Elevated Nitric Oxide In Blood Is Key To High Altitude Function For Tibetans

I am sure it is not due to over indulgence of wine, tequila and pipe smoking....


Re: Elevated Nitric Oxide In Blood Is Key To High Altitude Function For Tibetans

Fascinating. The Sherpas (native to the area) are the ones who "set everything" up, ahead of Everest hopefuls, setting ladders, planks - all of it. You are so right! Never heard of them or saw pictures of them smoking pipes, walking obsessively to and fro muttering to themselves, or excessive wine drinking. I'm trying to remember if I even saw wine in Nepal - while dining out. Maybe among those who come in to make arrangements for transportation to Everest base camp, etc. The people are simple and beautiful and giving.

JZR should have another book: How to climb Mt. Everest without O2 tanks" - take out your crayons and draw!