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Ohio Cult Killings

This was shared with me...

Barn Site of Ohio Cult Killings Razed
November 14, 2007 news release date

KIRTLAND, Ohio (AP) — A barn where a couple and their three children were bound, shot to death and buried by a cult leader nearly 20 years ago has been demolished to make room for a church.
The building where Jeffrey Lundgren killed the Avery family was torn down Tuesday, to the relief of many area residents. The nondemoninational New Promise church bought the land about 20 miles east of Cleveland.
"The barn stood as an offensive symbol of Jeff Lundgren and his followers," said Robert Umholtz, president of Kirtland City Council and a member of the congregation.
Ohio executed Lundgren last year for the 1989 deaths of Dennis Avery, 49; his wife, Cheryl, 41; and their daughters, Trina, 15, Rebecca, 13, and 7-year-old Karen. The bodies were found in 1990 after a dissident cult member tipped off authorities.
Lundgren formed a cult with about 20 members after he was dismissed in 1987 as a lay minister of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Lundgren considered the Averys disloyal and was upset by what he thought was a lack of faith by the family, who had moved from Missouri in 1987 to follow his teachings. He said God commanded him, through interpretation of Scripture, to kill them.
Thirteen cult members were charged in the case, including Lundgren's ex-wife, Alice, now 56, and their son, Damon, now 36, who are both serving life prison terms.
Although the property wasn't on the market, owner Stan Skrbis was willing to sell. The location also contains a rental home where members of the Lundgren cult had lived, and it also is to be demolished.
"My wife is the happiest person in the world," Skrbis said.
The Rev. Dale Diggs of New Promise said some in the nondenominational Christian church were initially surprised at the choice of location for their new building, which he hopes will be finished within two years.
"We're going to try to take something bad and make something good for the Lord," Diggs said.