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At first I was glad to find EMF and looked forward to posting here. Now that I've read through most all of the forum I see a mostly sarcastic and hateful attitude. Is that what you guys are about? Where is the love?

Re: Attitude


There is a full measure of sarcasm, skepticism and cynicism.. on EMF
Perhaps..in context, it serves as an exorcism of Ramtha’…
Ghost’s just hate to be laughed at..
Either way..
To someone who deeply loves “Ramtha/RSE”, hate is often the dart of choice to accuse others
who dare challenge Judith’s RSE deceptions.
Show me an example of this EMF hate you talk about?..
Also if you care to tell us about your time in RSE?.

The thing is this Freenow..

You arrived here throwing stones at those whose lives have already been shattered by the RSE experience,
and this is coming from someone calling for more "love" on EMF…
Is that what you are about? Where is your love?

Red flag.


Re: Attitude

I have to get ready for work in a few minutes so I will respond more when I get home.

Went to Beginnner's May 06 and follow up Oct 06. After I went to the Beginner's I realized that I never needed to go back but I went to the followup I felt like it. I found my card then it was cool. I discovered Ramtha via What the Bleep. That is a recruitment movie no matter what they say.

I decided last September that it was okay to not be current. I spent the $2000 on food instead to prepare for the DTC. Then I found the EMF site just by googling Ramtha. It was meant to be.

The real kicker was how awful I felt everytime I though about moving to Yelm. It caused me a lot of stress everytime I thought about it. My inner voice was screaming, NO! I felt such relief when I decided not to. Whew!

Do I think Ramtha is real? Yes. But, I'm not sure what his motives truly are. There are many paths to God I don't have to take this one.

Okay I gotta go. I take back the word hateful and replace it with mean sounding.

PS: I spent all together about $5,000 so you guys where right on with that amount.

Re: Attitude

the posts in the last two weeks mostly were stirred by Ramsters poking around here.
We are not immune from them throwing mud around. We endeavored to use humor, in whatever form, to get through those hateful remarks aimed directly at us.
Check the posts dated prior to that.
And things are settling down.
There are some very educational and informative posts here.

Re: Attitude

its true, freenow, we kinda when thru a spooky Halloween/Samhain phase where humor got a bit sarcastic. A time to appease spirit world. Guess the evil spirits came out! (get people together & just look what happens...)

yes, Bleep recruited. Myself and a number of others who have posted here 'cause that flick. And to think that all the producers, marketers of it are no longer affiliated either (not such good terms, either.) Glory Be.

EMF is also approaching it's second year. Quite a 'body of knowledge' collected here - stories you would NEVER hear at the ranch or even at tupperware wine parties, under the influence when secret stories would tend to come out.

Anyway you know what they say about the Terrible Twos.. EMF is close to 2 years old now.. and getting to be ...hell on wheels..

Re: Attitude

It's a process of "evolution" from the grips of RSE, as well as attempting to integrate what one was prior to, during and following RSE, imo. Many people gave up a lot, if not their entire lives, sometimes even left loved ones. When we turn off critical thinking for such an extended period of time, the "awakening" stirs our "human" side, invoking emotions long suppressed - of what we were and what are we now? What does one believe, spiritually, after learning RSE wasn't the "answer" for us? Venting the pent-up and suppressed emotions is healthy, and sometimes there will be misunderstandings as well as disagreements. However, the posts attacking others were, from what I know, largely instigated by current RSE-ers. (not that there are no disagreements among posters - we are not all of the "same mind" as is mandated by "R"- at least when I was there earlier this year)

For where could one ask such questions, voice such opinions, and allow the hurt and anger to come through once and for all leading the way to healing- prior to EMF? Where could we connect with others emerging from the "mindtrap?"(or should I say "cocoon.")

Healing is a process. Perhaps this is the evolution of which "R" truly intended (if one believes "R"- I personally do not) and not one of staying within the confines of a "school" for years doing the same disciplines repeatedly. Along with that, from what I've read, there is a great deal of compassion among posers here for the ones still stuck within the confines of RSE, with no healthcare, dental care, and sometimes no electricity, water, or adequate shelter - all in the name of "evolving." Where would these people be had they never heard of "R?" What would/could they have "created" in this plane without interruption from JZR? Do we think it could be much more than living without healthcare, using "bluebody" healing - dying even? These were sincere, caring people, given a promise to "evolve" into something we were told we must do. But after that, I choose to go with "love thy neighbor as thyself" and "do unto others" etc.

I don't believe in organized religion, but the words of the Dalai Lama ring true for me also- "just live a good life" - "show compassion for all sentient beings" -
I've been in audience with this man, and the "vibes" were soothing and uplifting - so VERY different from what I felt in "R's presence." I felt malice sprinkled with "I love you's." How confusing to people. Imagine raising your child in this manner - " I love you" "you're so stupid" -that's crazy-making and abusive.

Imo, you're following your own route determined in part by what you've learned at RSE and you decided to not go back. RSE, though, tells us we must return, however, and under threat at times "if you leave your card here I'll bring you down." Gracious!

This site is full of information, various links, and experiences. Sometimes we become "human" when there is a personal attack and infiltrations by current RSE'ers or staff. But, isn't "human" also Divine? Imo, we ARE to experience these emotions on this "plane," and resolve them.

Also, there seems to be a need for educating people about the "system of indoctrination" at such schools. This site is helping many to 'keep their own minds/thoughts' and not have to experience what others have - leaving family, jobs, investing money in whatever they're told just because "the big guy said so." Maybe it's even saving lives and families.

Aren't we here of our own accord? It's all OUR decision to make, unimpeded by some "entity" or "creation of JZR." It's OUR mind - OUR decision to make without trances, subliminals, dependence on disciplines and discarding doubt. Doubt is a measure of protection, imo.

EMF serves a very high purpose - and one might see the various emotions vented once and for all, along with the extremely informative links and articles.

The Divine lives within each of us - so why listen to "R" when we all are the same as, if one believes, "R" is? We are all "brothers and sisters," eh?

Re: Attitude

FreeNow, welcome..
I am not sure how you intended this:
"Do I think Ramtha is real? Yes. But, I'm not sure what his motives truly are. There are many paths to God I don't have to take this one."

here are my reactions:
Sure, Ramtha is just as real as JZ acting as Ramtha is real. Beyond that NO ONE has proven a thing. The sooner an ex-member grasps that reality, the sooner that person explodes the magical bubble of power and individuality projected onto Ramtha and the influence it had over them. So what is Ramtha? imo,
Wizard of Oz! Kermit! Batman! Howdy Doody!

I recall my exit from a similar cult in 1980 when I decided the same thing: "There are many paths to God I don't have to take this one." It was a freeing first step for me. The tough part came later, assessing the quality and reality of the cult path/pit I had entered for nearly 2 years and how much damage that deep belief caused in my psyche, my marriage [divorce], and my ability to trust information.

Like to hear more from you here......

Re: Attitude

Hi Joe, thanks for responding. I think that the entity that calls itself Ramtha is some kind of spirit but I have doubts as to if it is what it says it is.

For the past few weeks I have been attempting to find what it said was true and what isn't true. I came straight out of churchanity into RSE and I had never looked at anything outside of church. So now I am exploring other spiritual writing such as:

From Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama: "A genuine teacher never condems his student, no matter how bad the student may be. Instead, the teacher gently helps and corrects." It really upset me to hear that Ramtha would 'bring down' any of his students. Actually, yeah, it ****** me off.

Yeah, I have alot to learn and unlearn. I will spend time ready 'all' the posts and links provided. I am open to your knowledge but one step at a time.

Also, I was at the April 24th Q&A and I specifically heard IT say that we would know what it was saying was true because there would be a huge insect investation this late summer/fall. Ooops, no bugs!

Now, what do I do with all those CDs and DVDs?

Re: Attitude

FreeNow: one step at a time is good self-advice in recovery, only some steps are bigger than others.
You quote Swami Rama who said many wonderful things. I recall being impressed with him in the early 1980s, but...his authoritarian behavior was questionable on many fronts. Then it came out, esp after he died:
Swami Rama has been the object of a controversy concerning cases of sexual misconduct , and was convicted in 1997 after his death "

The lesson I learned from Sw Rama and other accomplished yogis who could demonstrate amazing powers of concentration and extraordinary somatic control is that yogic mastery does not produce virtuous conduct or enlightenment.

I love this site!

I love this site! Spend a little bit of time here and there reading posts whenever I'm hungry and I want to eat vegan pancakes with hot rasberries or chow down some pesto pasta and need some reading material to go with it. I've been learning a little bit each time and I'm gaining so much value from being here! To all the posters on this discussion board, Thanks for all your time and effort and sincere caring for others. There are so many things u could be doing with your time and u give it to people seeking information and support. Mwa!

Life is good, isn't it? Have a wonderful weekend!

Vegan Pride

Re: Attitude

Thanks for the information on Sw Rama Joe. Ya never know do you? Anyway I do believe I should have as much fun everyday as possible so I'm heading out now for the weekend to do just that. Have a great weekend all.

Re: Attitude

Joe posted, "The lesson I learned from Sw Rama and other accomplished yogis who could demonstrate amazing powers of concentration and extraordinary somatic control is that yogic mastery does not produce virtuous conduct or enlightenment."

This is the point that I've made when the topic of whether or not Ramthimher really exists or not, comes up. It doesn't matter (to me) if "Ramtha" is real or not. What matters is, "by their fruits ye shall know them", and the ACTIONS and WORDS of the "master teacher" don't express the evolved behaviors s/he has claimed as "masterly". When the teacher doesn't exhibit what s/he preaches, there's a rat nearby.

Re: Attitude

Quote from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swami_Rama :

""""One of the common themes expressed in such books as Enlightenment Without God and Living with the Himalayan Masters is the ability of any person to achieve peace without the need for a structured religion. He was critical of the tendency for a yogi to use supernatural feats to demonstrate their enlightenment, arguing that these only demonstrated the ability to perform a feat.""""

It seems Swami Rama agreed with you, Joe. Doesn't sound like he 'embraced' his own teaching though...

Tree - nice to see you again