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Sequence of Dreams after leaving

I was curiouser and curiouser to know if anyone else has had dreams in sequences or patches during their leaving RSE. Maybe I can give an example.
For the longest while, my sleep was very interrupted and sporadic. Then the dreams of being at events started invading. I would wake up in a sweat thinking, "omg! At least I am now dreaming again, but how in the world can I dream about being at an event when I am clear I am out?!"
That happend for several months in a row.
Then I started having dreams of being at an event and trying to claw my way out. Hurricane fences keeping us all in. I would be spotted by a guard and told I had to be escorted out but my pet was not allowed to go with me. This went on for weeks. Chain link fences, wanting to get out. Yet in my waking day, I am still very very clear I am out and thank the stars and moon and everything else!
So then I had a dream last week where many many staff people (Greg Simmons being the prominent one) coming to me with tears, great sadness, wanting encouragement and hugs and what else or where else do I turn because all of you who got out, it turns out you were right.
(It was soooo real, as are all these dreams). And I do not make it a habit to think about RSE all day long, nor do I even think or read about EMF all day long.
Has anyone else had any of these sequences or similarity in their dreams after they have left the group?

Re: Sequence of Dreams after leaving

I've had dreams of being back there and horrified that I was "back there." No one was forcing me, but I certainly was relieved to awaken and know it was only a dream. So many other things have gone on in my life at this time, that those types of dreams stopped, now replaced by what I'm experiencing at this time.
Goodbye and good riddance RSE!

Re: Sequence of Dreams after leaving

Just reminds me so powerfully of the dreams I had after, as a teen, recovering from mononucleosis...mono causes weakness...asked my doctor, who had ordered absolute bedrest for six weeks, if I was allowed to sit up and play chess - his answer - no! I did fully recover...but for years afterwards, I would have dreams where I was running away from something, what it was, varied, and then, I would be unable to run, and helpless, lying there while the 'bad thing' would catch up to me, because I was not supposed to exert myself at all. The last one I had, though, the 'bad thing' helped me up!
Dreams are a very important way we have of dealing with negative experiences.