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Did you ever 'cheat'?

I was one of those very fanatical, eh I mean, sincere students who never cheated. That is, on the field I only looked at the card that my hand touched and if there was no card I turned around. No feeling along the fence or anything like that. As a result, it took me 2 years to find my first card and even then I never found many (maybe 10-15 all together?). I think once I found 2 in one session.

There were some very desperate times where I did peek at the card the person next to me was looking at or where I just looked to see if I recognized anyone around me on the field before putting the corner of my blinders back down. I felt terrible guilt over those digressions.

Luckily those few times when I did sort of 'cheat' I didn't happen upon my card, because I do think that would have been terribly disappointing and would have only led to more guilt. The only time that I truly, purposely did use my senses was going from the woods to the tank.

First let me say that the very first time I made it to the void in the tank was directly from the woods and it was after 5 years in the school. Actually, what I told myself was: if Dr. Joe and my boyfriend can do this, I can too. They're no better than me and certainly no more focused or sincere. So there you have it, next thing you know I'm in the void.

Looking back, I was pretty sure I knew where I was when they dropped us off in the woods and I just headed downhill from there. So although it was a pretty remarkable experience I do not rule out the fact that my senses got me there all the way. Plus, my boyfriend was on top of the tank, although I wasn't aware of getting any help.

Next tank experience, I spent 8 hours lost in the woods. I mean crying, sobbing, desperately lost. I tried my hardest to use my senses to get me out of there and it did me no good whatsoever. I had no sense of direction at all. I was listening for road sounds or people or any sign of human life really - nothing. I tried feeling my way along a fence that I found, hoping that it would eventually lead me somewhere, except it must have been at the back of the property because it took me nowhere. I did everything I could think of short of taking my blinders off. When they did finally call that day I was actually shocked it had been 8+ hours. As desperate and crazy as I had felt it still didn't feel like it had been that long.

What other disciplines were there? Sending and receiving, I don't think I ever cheated there (is there any way to cheat?). Archery, I was never able to see thru my blinders.
I did find a blue circular piece of plastic (from a tarp or something) and called it my manifestation once, although I wouldn't call that cheating - more like delusional. I had been focusing on bringing a blue circle down from the void, don't ask me why I picked that! I think I was going for something that I could accept.
Anyway, I didn't really cheat much, however, I wasn't very adept at anything either.

So I guess I'm curious, did people cheat? Those that were finding their cards, etc. Were they cheating? It never occurred to me before recently. I just figured that it was a game of odds, you had to find your card eventually, right?

Anyone up for some confession? It's good for the soul you know.

Re: Did you ever 'cheat'?

Great topic.
I don't recall ever cheating, but if my eyes wandered upon lifting my card from the fence, then I felt incredible, overwhelming guilt.
I later found out that people in blue college totally cheated. I was absolutely astounded. It just amazed me.
I did find it amazing how many staff and friends of staff were helped in the tank. It never occurred to me that they were all a part of the social inner circle and getting direct help via radio from the channel herself. Nothing like having your friends "achieve" and saying you (JZ) surround yourself with very focused people. What a load of hogwash, now that my eyes are wide open!

Re: Did you ever 'cheat'?

I never cheated in the field (I was there just less than a year). I did find my card, MUCH to my surpirse. I remember walking out of the hall after C&E and thinking to myself, I AM FINDING MY CARD.

However, when I returned after several events when the creek was "dry" (I didn't know it was there at all. I thought it was just a sloped rocky area, but dry). Well, with blindfolds on and mud everywhere, I found myself in the creek many times, but one time could NOT get out. I must have been walking it horizontally and without even thinking, I found myself with my blinders up - a "survival" mechanism to get the heck out of the water! I didn't even think about pulling them up, but do realize how shocked I was to find that I HAD pulled them up. It got me out of the water that was coming up over my wading boots and filling them and coming up inside of my "waterproof" pants.

I wasn't at the school for very long, so the short time I was there, I felt do it the way I could feel I did it on my own, or not at all. Suffice to say, had I been there for years and years, who knows how many times I would have pulled up my blinders in the woods! I remember behind the archery field picking up our arrows, and I was shocked to see this HUGE ant colony. I thought of all of the wildlife in the woods, which is as it should be. But - supposed I'd disturbed a hornet's nest, etc, while in focus and was stung to death? (I think now and remember being in the ER after a yellowjacket sting years ago.)

How many people have been injured in those woods, how many have been "lost" out there, how many "bodies" are buried at RSE? (figurative sense). If I were lost in those woods, after seeing that HUGE ant nest, I'm fairly certain I would have taken off the blinders. The teaching is we're here on the "plane of demonstration" so in that vein, I think I'd demonstrate a smarter way of getting away from a hornet's nest or ant nest, and get the heck out of there! (Sort of like the story of the student, the "stick" and his guru.)

Remote view and sending and receiving - that stuff happens with my family and husband all the time so I don't know if it's something in my family. I thought when first going to RSE maybe I'd learn how to "control" it and use what "it" is at will (my intuition and gut feelings.) But it didn't happen. I can't control it and it come when it does and leaves when it does. Maybe it's our connections with our loved ones that allows it. And at my beginners, we had four in our group and we 'meshed' so well, we're all still friends and the others have left RSE too, and are having "remarkable" lives, of their own doing. We just had a "connection" at RSE and afterward. None of us really were sure about the channeling, but we did well at sending and receiving probably because we "jelled" with one another.

I got off-topic and do apologize. (Think I should do a C&E and "blow" that 'fault' away?)

I know other people did take off their blinders to "sneak a peak," and the field, too has it's own little "topography" where there are dips, etc., and trees and you can hear voices and know where they're coming from (eating areas, etc.) So other factors clue you in as well. When I finally decided I had enough, I ripped the blinders off while in the field, and was amazed to see all of the people going out to the port-a-johns, etc., people just walking off at will and thought to myself, "what an idiot I've been!"

(moderators - please feel free to edit me - I get a bit long-winded at times -and I don't mean "ramspeak."

Re: Did you ever 'cheat'?

I didn't cheat doing any of my disciplines. For years, I wouldn't even leave the field. I was so sincere doing The Great Work.


One time, before I left the school, I was losing my "sincerity" at the level of "not attributing my spiritual evolution to the teachings", so I didn't take Having To remain on the field, etc., as so important to my evolution. One day, I specifically wanted to leave the field, on purpose, to see what I would see.

I did.

I was surprised to see quite a few students wandering around, outside of the field, sleeping or sitting inside the arena, or a couple of folks here and there, quietly chatting ! Sitting under the big tree by the double doors...these were all big surprises to me.

That was an eye opener on many levels for me. I slowly and steadily, as more and more "red flags" appeared, backed off of "participation". By the time that I attended my last event, I didn't do much of any participation. I observed my surroundings. I watched how so many people continually "raised their hands" in agreement with things, even when the sentence wasn't even completed !

Whatever the Big Kahuna said, they agreed with it...mindlessly. Scary.

Ramthimher chastised students numerous times, for cheating during disciplines. In my opinion, s/he was a hypocrit, because s/he fostered an attitude of competition, and hierachy in the school, overall. People, being human and vulnerable to what for some, was a desperate need to be part of any Inner Circle, that they did cheat. Though of course, they could cheat for a variety of reasons, that's one that was addressed in audience.

I remember one time a student was called up to the stage, and pressured into confessing that they got their card by cheating, AFTER they had stood up to gain the applause of the audience, for their achievement.

Re: Did you ever 'cheat'?

the most cheating in finding cards was in Italy. People flipped multiple cards every time they hit the fence. Cards had 'braille' or serious magic marker bleed-thru. Extra cards were secretly put up to increase their chances. (esp. when they personally placed them.) The italians didn't like to be on the field too long, either. Had to have a cigarette & talk about it for 30 minutes or so between 15 minute field periods. Really short fields were called to make sure the smoke breaks, meals & talk time was sufficient....

So I said to somebody - 'this needs to be reported.' With the response - 'don't bother, someone already did. .. but they (Mike/Greg) say there is nothing they can do..' Or WOULD do.. obviously based on instructions from JZ.

Didn't want to ruin their event with a few silly rules. Follow the euro. Grid the sky at 6 am? clearly optional.

The parading around with the chest plates' was SO competitive. Spurred more to cheat. It became frenzied desperation towards the end. People checking like a whole section of fence. Finally they just opened the field 24 hours and made it an 'honor' system, no guards. ha.

Feels terrible to cheat, so I never did. Found cards. Imo, that was what was supposed to happen. All the whoopla really didn't sit well with me. Sure, an adrenaline rush the first time. But, wasn't quite the same on your home field, by yourself. Now why was that??

Re: Did you ever 'cheat'?

frog said, "All the whoopla really didn't sit well with me."

My sentiments, exactly.
I never liked the part of the event when people who "got their card stand up", and then at times, even form a line to parade around the arena. It was so childish, I thought. Who really was served by that? I didn't need to stand up, and at times I did not, and at other times, I caved to the pressure. The times when I didn't stand up, I got pressure from those sitting next to me. That's the nature of how it is there.

Then there was the gossip that went around the arena about who did or did not "stand up", and talk about whether or not they found their cards honestly.

Many, many years ago, when I was leaving a Christmas Eve church service, I walked past a small group of adults (adults?) who were talking about one of the women in the choir, who flubbed a song. I don't know what her error was, because I don't think anyone but those IN the choir noticed it. I never returned there.

My point is this: That choir was infected with competition, and while RSE/Ramthimher/JZ will seriously criticize organized religion, show me where they have any business casting any stones ? They are a different track on the same record.

Re: Did you ever 'cheat'?

Exactly my feelings, too. One of the videos I watched prior to going to RSE, Ramtha (TM) went through the whole thing of "stand up if you found your card, - one - two - or all." "Stand up if you got your remote views." "Stand up if you got one, two, whatever "sending and receiving." "Stand up if you've had a "healing." Then "R" said to the rest of the audience, "and those of you sitting down have doubt and that is why you did not (fill in the blank).

Another admonishment. That's what people pay for? I now wonder why I went after seeing just THAT video.

What the Bleep is what really did it. Never heard of "R" before that. "We could be the avatars of yesterday" - something to that effect by "Ramthat" - and the edited talking heads. If we only knew what a huge "ad" the movie was. Then you went to their website and saw all they promised - learn how to heal, increase your "psychic" abilities - but NOWHERE did it discuss having to sign documents of silence, or of not being able to leave. Least of all, it gave no impression of drawing blue webs and stars on ourselves, a la Vera Adler. (sp)

Then the "frequency specific" deal. A couple during a q and a with JZ herself (wearing black and white) - they stated their problem was they were no longer "frequency specific" with their children. JZ's response was, "SO?"
So we forget about the unconditional love we have for these others?

Makes me wonder about that incident years ago with Dan Rather, approached by some guy with problems on the street, who I think accosted Rather? Then asked him, "what's your "frequency" Kenneth?" Just makes you wonder.

Re: Did you ever 'cheat'?

this "frequency specific" thing is for the birds, BECAUSE....
apparently, there are FREQUENCY SPECIFIC RSE people who are attracted to EMF.
And when they figure that out, they wonder why?
BECAUSE...the frequency you are experiencing is called
, in nomenclature terms , 'critical thinking'.....but oddly, 'Ramtha' calls it doubt....which has a negative connotation meaning: non succeeding.

Re: Did you ever 'cheat'?

It's funny isn't it, we thought leaving the field was like 'cheating ourselves'... out of what I wonder? The ability to listen to our body...?

We were proud not to listen to our bodies. Not so proud anymore when we suffered from bladder infections or constipation as a result of not using the toilet when our body told us to. Or when we didn't listen to our body's need for food and drink which along with sleep deprivation was bound to weaken our immune system, couple that with close sleeping quarters and poor personal hygiene for a week and you have a veritable petri dish for disease.

But no, we were 'transmuting' and the worse our state of health was after an event, the more effective we had been. Effective at what? Denial? How is that enlightened???

Re: Did you ever 'cheat'?

LWO...speaking about not listening to our bodies...

I agree with you...we didn't do that, and sometimes suffered illness as a result. I remember a woman sitting at the back of her truck making lunch, asking me if I had any medication on me. Good grief. She had a raging bladder infection. I don't know what she though I was going to do for her, but that's not the point - her desperation is the point.

Wanna hear about the time I was in the tank for 12 hours and had the heaviest day of my period ????? I went in well prepared, but in time, you need the bathroom. Clue: I never left the tank until it was called. What a fool I was.

There is no need for that, in the name of enlightenment. None of it.

Re: Did you ever 'cheat'?

LWO & watcha - listening to our bodies, taking care of ourselves..

The physical abusiveness of being blindfolded & on a field of - 500, 1000 people is something I will never forget. Being body slamming was something I would never ever have 'chosen' to do, as my rational Self. While not technically 'cheating' I would get very frustrated, angry. It was so invasive, - I began to dread doing fieldwork. I think now the violation of personal space is part of technique of the Jude. Once you have people 'accepting' physical abuse, the mental constructs are coming in on a cellular submissiveness.... yuk.

So, to defend myself I adopted an 'elbows out' stance, hands together at face level. At the slightest indication of another presence, I would block hard, like a football player. My body became automatic in this.

After about 6 months, I was running into people considerably less, even on a packed field. I really do feel I created an protection 'bubble' around me, energetically speaking. it was bigger than me.

Towards the end of my tenure, I would leave the field on a whim, to pee or be rebellious -regain my power. Sometimes, I just needed to get away from all the desperate energy on the field. There were very few fields I participated that were 'clean', where people were not ego 'entangled.'

I really disliked having unconscious, desperate people slam me. I became so attuned to whether the person was a kind soul or a rough, ego body. If I felt ugliness approach, I would often spin away, shift in direction.

Just remembering the slamming makes me feel ill. Point being tho, I adapted. I think I tune into people's body language now more, as a result.

Re: Did you ever 'cheat'?

When I finally got sick and tired of walking that darn field and getting stomped on, I said to myself "puck Ramtha and this stupid field work" and at that moment walked right up to my card - guess it was telling me that the moment I did that I would get what was written on my card - and I did - left the school after that retreat and have never looked back - my life is really wonderful (think it took a whole year to get back to my real self) and my money is being spent on me and traveling and taking care of the people I love. (It surprised me that so called enlightened folks would agressively bump and push others on their way to find their card - guess that was another red flag for me)