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a Christmas date...or there abouts

under the same pretenses and auspices of Tammy Faye ( that is, with wit and a sense of humor- and NO...I do not wish for an RSE devotee to respond) , I was wondering if I could post under "the personals" section, if a red guard would accompany me to the Christmas event...?

oops. too tacky. sorry. I was brainwashed for so long.
I am going golfing that afternoon.
Maybe another time.

Re: a Christmas date...or there abouts

(in a similar sense of humour; however not quite as witty....

What do the red guards wear on Christmas? (magical elfin capes or red unitards?)

Does "R" land on the roof in his spacesleigh combo, dressed as St. Nick?

Think last Christmas's event blackout was due to his wanting the folkies to light candles to, you know, get in the mood? Guess that didn't work. Event canceled.

Mea culpa - full of sarcasms.

(sometimes you just want to have fun)

Re: a Christmas date...or there abouts


Please confirm that you are the same "Jenna" who posted the EMF thread’s of September 7, 8 & 10th,

moderators Email messageboard@enlightenmefree.com

Re: a Christmas date...or there abouts

but of course!!!
I try to stay out of the vitriolic ways of the Ramsters, so I just read , for the most part.
A sense of humor through all this is a must! (ty Tammy Faye).

Re: a Christmas date...or there abouts

Thank you Jenna...

The Moderators.

Re: a Christmas date...or there abouts

"unitards"....!!!!!! hahahahha!!!
that was a GREAT one!!
All Red guards under one eunich