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25 years and counting......

Twenty five plus years and still counting. That should be a grain of sand on the beach of time as far as a 35,000 year old supposed entity goes. Especially if that entiy claims to be a God.

Twenty-five years and according to Greg Simmons estimate at the LARSE meeting over 50-75,000 students have passed through the gates of the RSE taught by this "outragous entity".

If one figures that each student spent an average of $5,000.00 (that is of course including, books, tapes, assorted special vitamins and nutrients as well as the occasional “elfin “cape. That adds up to $375,000,000.00.

Yes, over ¼ billion dollars. Those of you reading will have a better picture on the amount spent from personal experience.

Then again, look at what such an enormous amount brings… some new astro turf for the arena, a new sound system to pound out the message, more then likely countless re-decorations of the palace domestic quarters (oops, I meant ranch).

Yet, as I mentioned at the meeting, not even one of the graduates made it as far as to be on Oprah! Where are these satisfied “gods” Simmons speaks of? Where are their contributions to society, miraculous self healings, bi-locations, remote viewing, transmutations, gold manifesting, etc?

We know what has transpired in the rest of the world in the last 25 years, lets just see how a 35,000 year old “God” has done or taught compared to what has been discovered and transpired in only the last 25 years.

Don’t be surprised however if the big guy steps forward and takes credit for some behind the scene action with regard to some of the accomplishments. After all, that is what he/she does best.

In technology, the last 25 years has brought us computers in almost every household in the US, Speed up from 56kbps 20 years ago to upwards of 40 gigbps today. What was R/JZ doing 20 years ago??

Well, she/it had just founded Rse (school of ancient wisdom) after a stint at being a church.

Ramtha/jz was teaching…
Ramtha, November 14, 1987:
"The families of the graymen by that which is termed 1920 had grown to twelve families. They were the individuals that owned the international banks and literally Switzerland itself. They were the ones who had incorporated gold to no longer be convenient for carrying around. They are the ones that created paper money. They created and owned the bank of London. They created a major Federal Reserve in every major country in which they printed money according to their desire and their plans for power."
"Where do you think the graymen are going [in the days that are here]? They will live in the mountains, in a refuge. Certainly they have their hovels but they have their safe places. They are prepared very nicely."
"Today it seems with all of your convenience it is really rather silly to store food, but it is a wise person who is doing it."
(Excerpt from: Ramtha, Update on Changes - Seattle, November 14, 1987. Copyright © 1987 JZ Knight)

Also, in 1987 an R/jz clone Mafu began to attract many followers.

What did those in the world bring us??

Digital cameras
Cell phones
Fiber optics
Hybrid cars
Space shuttle
Mapping the human genome,
which, by the way was done for approx $300,000,000.00 by Celera corp. a fraction of what the gov. spent. But still less then what RSE took in by a substantial amount.

I expect to come back to this thread from time to time to add things. Just to put into perspective what has been gained through ‘social conciousness” and contributions by RSE and Alumni.

Please feel free to add on either side.

Re: 25 years and counting......


and this proves, what, exactly?

Re: 25 years and counting......


Are you talking about the trick roulette spin??

isnt it 30 years?

what a fascinating take on the rse busyness. i enjoyed it thoroughly!

your money figure is more likely described as over a third of a billion, rather than over a quarter. ramtha is now a 35,030 year old entity, since he showed up in 1977.

perhaps the average spending figure is by regular students, or by students who attend beyond the beginners? can that figure of $5000 really be correct? if they've really made that much, they couild go public and list on the stock exchange! profitable shares!

Re: 25 years and counting......


Yeah, I know it is 30 years, I was just trying to be conservative with the figures.
I do beleive in the beginning of the school it was an all cash show?? perhaps someone could weigh in on that.

Prior to the school, private sessions with R/JZ were going for $1,000-$1,500.00
and I am sure it didn't turn down any tips!

My figues also left out the arabian horse sales, where she would sell the steeds for 10 times their value by saying the were ridden in R/JZs army.

Even if one puts the figure at $1200 per student (that would mean that no one was current ever) it comes to $90,000,000.00.

She certainly was not born under the turnip truck though. Since she has begun to move her show over seas the dollar has dropped over 35%.

At the present about 60% of her school income is from outside the country.

That would have an effet of ramping it up ($) a bit (no pun intended).

Perhaps those on the board who are x members might be willing to say approx how much they spent over their stay, and those that are current could say how much they have spent and how much more they are willing to spend to spend and see what the averages come out to.

Re: 25 years and counting......


Please confirm that you are the same "Jenna" who posted the EMF thread’s of September 7, 8 & 10th,

Email messageboard@enlightenmefree.com

Re: 25 years and counting......

Journey - i think your figures are conservative, & the profit higher. I will never forget being in the Quantum Cafe watching 3-4 people in 15 minutes spend $750 or more. wow. Mostly foreign students, but out-of-area beginners were 'stocking up' ... those $32 ball caps & t-shirts. Couldn't even keep croaking frog subliminals in stock, 'course..

Yes, foreign currency, what a good idea.

Hey! btw - do YOU know how to make petrol out of saltwater? You know, so it can be a new idea (ramster multi-level potential) that brings down the whole oil industry in one fell swoop? Illuminati & all? that's the latest challenge to the flock...those sheep & shepards who make hay when the sun shines (TM)...haha.

Also - what about bees - like raising African ones? could be a new ground floor opportunity. Fleck Bees (TM) meant to SURVIVE, meaner, genetically superior (from 'the army' of course.) Another MUST HAVE for the fully stocked UG..

it jest goes on&on&on..

Re: 25 years and counting......

a big yes.
and to the frog prince,
I remember standing in the Bull Pen (now
"Quantum Cafe") and thinking,
"Wow. One day I will be able to come in here and shop like that!!"

Well, now I CAN. But do I WANT to? Oh my heck, NO!

Re: 25 years and counting......

More remarkable (speaking of remarkable lives) advances of the last 25 years;

Implanted microelectrochips in the eye enabling the blind to see.

Superconducting wires that save energy and reduce emmisions.

Holographic computer imaging technology.

Medical lasers.

Berlin wall came down

Hubble telescope.

Mars rover.

space stations.

tourists paying $20,000,000.00 for a trip to the space station.


And from RSE.....

"...Or a woman dies of rape. What kind of fantasies did this woman have? Where did it
ultimately lead? What kind of a flirt was this woman? What kind of an enticer was this woman? What was the ultimate fantasy? And now it is out of its body. What is its worth?
What is your worth if you don’t have a body? Look at the person you are with. If you didn’thave this body and you were in another body, would you still be with them? Think about that, because it is coming...."

excerpt from "The mystery of birth and death; redefining the self JZK publishing 2000 copyright JZKnight

"...The moment you switch
back and become the personality, you are going to suffer emotion from it. You are going to cry and weep and deny — it is all your imagination — but these are the qualities that do the review, and indeed these are the qualities that allow us to go on to the Plane of Bliss...." (ibid)

1995 JZ/R brings David Hudson to the ranch

1997 Austrian court rule JZ Knight the only one allowerd to "channel" R, she owns him/it.

Re: 25 years and counting......

In addition to the $$$$$ Ramsters spent on RSE events and related products, just imagine how much $$$$$ Ramsters spent on Omega and 20+ years of other get-rich-quick schemes, with what to show for it?

Re: 25 years and counting......

Hello guys
Just for the fun of it I put on paper the money we drop fot the school.the 2 of us
That counting Retreats, evening,follow up,books tapes music,ect ect.money giving only to RSE
Come to about 56,000.00
That not counting food storage, 2 UGs,Lost of real income,lost on sell of the house to get ready for TDC.
Hey well I am better stop counting.

Re: 25 years and counting......

Come to think of it.
That was not realy that funny

Re: 25 years and counting......

I estimated my costs around $61,000...not including books and 2 UG's and food storage.

Re: 25 years and counting......

Great to see you back

Re: 25 years and counting......

I just want to say I am very happy that I came across this web site while googleing Ramtha last weekend. Most of the stuff we find on the net is pro-ramtha. I do believe that ramthim/her is able to turn **** into gold, bull**** I mean…

Re: 25 years and counting......

oo & t - US $50,000-$60,000 represents MORE THAN A YEAR of comfortable living in the US, Europe, Canada. It could sustain a whole FAMILY for even longer in Mexico, S. America and Asia.

In third world countries, it could feed and cloth thousands of people, where people live on $1/day. Christian missions, Catholic charities donate millions of dollars to the underprivileged. (I can overlook the converting part. They are spending money to feed and care for mostly women & children..)

If I knew then, what I know now - I would prefer to give my $$$ to charity. It was less than $10,000. But still would have created many days, great hope for the future, possibilities to be realized, for MANY.

So tell me again how awful those 'other' Belief System, Inc.'s are? They aren't impoverishing their members, they are helping the impoverished parts of the world. So many women & children go hungry in America too, it was on NPR yesterday.

who is changing the world? for the better, that is?

It makes mre want to cry, but I haven't gotten that waterproof mascara yet.

Re: 25 years and counting......

In Nepal - at least a year or so ago - ONE US dollar was equal to 73 Nepalese dollars. India - ONE US dollar was equal to near 50 rupees. For mere US pennies one could feed a lot of kids, kids put out on the street by the uneducated parents whom the government tries to educate; however, it's a difficult process. The kids are put out by predators who force the children to beg for money saying, "I'm hungry." The best thing to do is to buy food for them and WATCH them eat it. The law over there mandates children go to school and parents received a stipend for each child in school, and the kids are provided three meals a day if in school. The problem is in the villages, where there are huts, uneducated parents who feel the more children the better (they will even sell the children) and the difficulty in enforcing such a large amount of people. Begging is illegal, but who would pass up a person with no arms and legs pushing themselves around on a skateboard, with a money cup, with their chin? Who can be that cruel and harsh to turn their head?

All of the money given to JR - me included (about $10,000 for events, special events, DVD's, CD's, books, cape, cushion, cap, boots etc.) - I'm absolutely embarrassed I spent this money believing I would learn somehow to help others who really need assistance - and all I learned was to never allow myself to stop my critical thinking skills. How much I could have helped those in the other countries, and I do intend to.

The churches are a presence mainly in south India, and do help a lot. North India is not Christian, well not very much anyway. I've been in cities where the people are educated and attempt to help the villagers via social programs. But people sometimes don't even understand the very basics, remembering a story about birth control and condoms. The men were instructed in the use with the educator utilizing a banana. Some men complained their wives became pregnant anyway. The problem? The interpreted the demonstration as to use the condom ON the banana, and that's what they did. So one must use a great deal of sensitivity and through feedback, know the people understand. They are beautiful, wanting to please others and so interested in others obviously not from their parts, especially the village children. One can make so much impact on them just by inspiring them to go to school.

Does anyone know if JZR Humanities is helping with the recent Chilean earthquake, the genocide in Darfur, or any humanitarian work in this world? Decorating her home might be fun, but she has placed herself above others by taking on the title of "spiritual leaders" and therefore, has an obligation to the world, I would think. The first being - be honest with your students!

Re: 25 years and counting......

why does a 35 000 year old not help to better the world with things like this?

Re: 25 years and counting......

Science in the last 25 years has done much in the way of predicting correctly and incorrectly. That which is found to be incorrect is dicarded and replaced with newer understandings. Such is the process of science.

Some flops;
cold fusion
perpetual motion devices
raising hell about destructive electro magnetic waves from power lines
see "Voodoo Science, Robert Parks and also, Science; Good , Bad, and Bogus Marvin Gardner

Many in science and health still want to eliminate or control diseases, a noble cause. Some times they head down the right path othertimes not but it is a self correcting process unlike RSE which remains stuck and could never acknowlege its mistakes and wrong conclusions.

While these others were making cancer a less lethal disorder, defining tobacco as a enviornmental health hazard, researching genes, microbes, viruses, cell chemistry to better understand it and help give mankind an edge in health , science, and product production, what was RSE doing and predicting ?(and still is).

Encouraging smoking to help "open the brain"

Enlisted the use of "sacred wine ceremonies" on the same pretense.

Suggested the use of prozac among members without being medical prdofessionals.

Then, once a students brain is "open" the school provides Ramtha/JZs rosey view of the realities they see for digestion.

"The continental shelf has created new landmass that is now pressing your shores. What is old will go under and what is new will surface. There are new lands that will surface in your ocean, and the birthing of them will be ever most prevalent."

— Ramtha
May 1986

Excerpt from:
Change - The Days to Come, May 17-18, 1986.
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.
Copyright © 1986 JZ Knight

"One should not live in the cities, for in the days to come not only are the plagues to run rampant, and not only shall it be in their water system, but when that which is called a drought comes forth, there will be murderers on the street who will rob your cupboards and slay you nigh for only a sliver of bread, for they are dangerous places indeed." —Ramtha May 1986

Excerpt from:
Change - The Days to Come, May 17-18, 1986.
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.
Copyright © 1986 JZ Knight

* I have to note here the DUH of if there are plagues which by the way are recorded historical events, because of the proximity and populations of the cities they would be AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN effected in a greater way.*(BY JTR)

"The world is in big trouble, the biggest trouble. People who are having all these brain disorders are loaded with mercury because they thought that you should have fish in your diet three times a week.

Think about your air and its pollution like the fish in the sea. Every single hour they open their gills to process oxygen they have to drink and smell it, and they are also processing toxic waste. The waste is mercury, the biggest, heaviest metallic there is, and all of your fish now have mercury in them."

— Ramtha
April 2004

Excerpt from:
Evening with Ramtha, April 7, 2004.
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.
Copyright © 2004 JZ Knight

"One questions why the world is in such a sad and remorseful place. The Americas are Christian-oriented. They believe, to the joy of corporations, that human beings were given control of the Earth and that they can do with it as they please: drill all of its oil out, burn it, burn up its pure atmosphere, kill all the fields, do away with creatures, because that is their doctrine.

Where is the benevolence of life? Where is the love of the Earth? Earth is a beautiful place and has been for millions and millions of years. Silly man and silly woman destroy it over and over and over, and they can never get beyond that addiction towards lethargy. It has got the seeds of destruction in it."

March 2006

Excerpt from:
Ramtha, The Power Is In You Tour, New York, March 25, 2006.
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.
Copyright © 2006 JZ Knight

"Now your world is in trouble. Your icecaps are melting. The North Pole's icecaps are melting and when all that cold water enters Greenland in the upper Atlantic, the flow of warm water will cease in Atlatia and in a short time you are going to have catastrophic conditions in the world."

— Ramtha
November 2006

Excerpt from:
Ramtha in Mexico, November 20, 2006.
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.
Copyright © 2006 JZ Knight

Re: 25 years and counting......

Looks like another first announced today. The adapting of regular stem cells to act like embryonic ones. Did those researchers go to RSE???

Don't think so.

It appears in the not too far future, the blind may be able to see, and the paralyzed able to have movement again.

What will happen then to all the huffing and puffing to try and grow new teeth and arms when it can be done with more ease? Will they be saying they just want to do it the old fashioned way????

If it is cost that concerns, then one would be better off saving thier $'s for future stem cells.

But while those were working diligently on this discovery, what words of wisdom were coming from JZ/R???

"There is a great war coming in the heavens. It is called the twelve days of light, a war in the heavens for that which is termed the ownership of humanity. I want you to know that this country of yours has fired upon an alien nation that comes from another part of the galaxy. The secret government has made this war in an effort to fight off that which is termed raiders or entities that would claim the Earth as their own and not for altogether pleasing motives. Sooner or later this appearance will be made known, and this all works in with climatic changes that are occurring even starting this your year."

— Ramtha
April 1993

(Excerpt from: Ramtha, April 14, 1993. Specialty Library CD-052, Winds of Change III. Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. Copyright © 1993 JZ Knight)

Re: 25 years and counting......

They actually took regular skin cells and made them behave like stem cells. Of course, they used discarded infant foreskin cells, which brings up additional moral concerns for some... Still, promising research.

Lol, to what will they do when research makes these things easier to accomplish than C&E! I guess they could try to take the credit for it somehow.

Re: 25 years and counting......


Happy Thanksgiving to EVERYONE.

Re: 25 years and counting......

""The world is in big trouble, the biggest trouble. People who are having all these brain disorders are loaded with mercury because they thought that you should have fish in your diet three times a week."

Brain dis orders caused by mercury?
Brain dis orders caused by cult leaders with nariccistic personality dis order?