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LARSE video

I have been trying to watch the LARSE video, part 1 on my computer. I have the medium speed of DSL in Yelm, I'm able to get about half way through the video and then it freezes. I've tried refreshing the page. Is there any other place it's available on line, perhaps in a smaller format, or is it possible to download it to watch on the computer?

Re: LARSE video


try downloading the video onto your computer..
it is free.
or place the video on pause while the video stream loads.

I can always send you a DVD copy if that doesn't work.



Re: LARSE video

You guys are talking about the video from last year? This year's isn't up yet, right...?

candle - you can also try going to the page and waiting for it to 'load' before you start watching. Usually you can see the progress in the bar, it turns red or some other color as it loads.

Re: LARSE video


Candle is referring to the The LARSE 1 videos from last September.

Due to the poor quality sound files from our LARSE 2 gathering, I am waiting for the "backup" sound files to arrive.
I will post the LARSE 2 videos ASAP.

stay tuned


Re: LARSE video

got it, thanks!

Re: LARSE video

I got it to play. Thanks! I'm not current, and haven't been in several years, but always thought I'd go to a catch up event and get recurrent sometime. This makes for some very interesting reading on this site and some interesting points made in the video.

I was involved from a year or two before wine ceremonies up until 2002... so while I'm not a real long timer I've spent my share of time at the ranch.

Actually, to tell the truth.... I didn't learn anything at that ranch that I hadn't read in other spirituality books available for $9.95 at your local book store.

I've felt "ashamed" of not being current, maybe what LARSE offers is a chance to turn that shame into pride

Re: LARSE video

Candle - belated congratulations on your graduation! Several have mentioned it on this forum, that when you realize you do not need the school, a channeled guru or any other type of outside reference, yes - that is enlightenment, because it makes all the difference..

but yes, the initial 'shame' of not being current - all the stated & unstated pressure to stay 'in'... dropouts just 'couldn't do the work.' When I first felt that sensation, I knew I had a problem. As a chronic foot-in-mouth diseased person, shame was too high maintenance an emotion to deal with.. so what was this????

So, during MY graduation period I said to myself 'When they teach something NEW...I'll think about coming back.. but just getting the current disciplines down will take some time. Let me know when ____ bi-locates out of here, ok?"

Anyway, so glad to be a true alumni. It was a powerful lesson, one that will not have to be repeated again in this lifetime anyways!