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Drugs & RSE

I'm picking up on Candle's comment from another thread and giving it a thread of its own, here.

Candle posted, “I have personal knowledge that while Ramtha certainly spoke against x, he walked up to one "Master" who was serveral cho's back and said to him, "How you feel right now master, is how I feel all the time" So, he spoke against using the drug... but he gave one student feedback that seemed to imply that the drug induced state was a step in the right direction”

My response:
Ramtha openly supported the use of Prozac, during audience. I heard it. It’s also recorded on audio.

Candle alleges that Ramtha alluded to the drug, Ecstasy, eliciting a state of mind that was desirable.

Ramtha also promoted the use of at least one entheogen.
“Blue Lotus
The Sacred Lotus is often steeped in wine or tea. It is said to produce a "feeling of joy that permeates the whole body, emanating from every cell" that is "delightfully wonderful and lasts for some time." Ramtha said this,(and I am not quoting him, but paraphrasing) outdoors on a hot summer day, when the students were sitting on the grass on the name field. It was 2003 or 2004 as I recall. I was there.

Who knows if there is any medical contraindication for the use of multiple drugs being used at one time ? What if a dutiful, trusting student was taking Prozac, and then used Blue Lotus steeped in wine, after slugging down some of the disgusting tasting Sea-11 gag water ? Top that off with some Ecstasy ? Where did Ramtha get his license to practice medicine, anyway ? Given that Ramtha has addressed the Fanatics In The School many times, it's a legitimate concern and question. He addressed the Fanatics, and talked about how with the Sea-11 water that he prescribed a dose of 1 teaspoon a day for, they were drinking it in volume. Well, who is to say that they wouldn't think "more is better" with any of the drugs that have received support there ?

Let’s see. I’m trying to understand something here. Students were told to take Sea-11 water to propel them toward their Enlightenment. It didn’t work. Students were also told to drink copious amounts of wine to drop the veils, and smoke (oh, nevermind THAT one), to also expand the synapses at the ends of the neurotransmitters, which would allow one to slip into other frequencies more easily, similar to what we do in the dream state.

All of these PHYSICAL UNIVERSE tools…yet no God realized beings. The best is “seeing” through cards ? Nothing against that. I rather enjoyed it and I got quite a few correct and got to Stand Up and be counted, myself. However, with all due respect, I did not pay Tuition to RSE to learn to do that. I expected that the teacher knew what s/he was doing when I/we were told that in 7 years, s/he was going to be producing christs. That’s all well and good except it was false advertising because in going-on-30 years, it has FAILED to do so.

Where’s our refunds for services not rendered ?

(Oh, gosh. Now I will get criticized for being jealous of Judith’s money. NOT TRUE. Just her ill gotten gain of it…THEREIN lies the problem. Be clear about that, defenders of the faith.)

Re: Drugs & RSE

I know "Ramtha" has addressed fanaticism in the school many times also.

It is irrational and illogical to address "the fanatics in the school" when no one knows exactly whom is being referred to in the first place.

Respect it to clarify what is meant on an individual basis. Mass delivery creates enormous confusion.