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Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

This was a command given by one poster as a concusion of a conversation to another. My comments are below. This is from another thread where it was inappropriate.

"Go to the womens market place!"

" Methinks me do hear banishment!!!!!

Must be one of them all powerful, all knowing, all being, all shouting beings from one of those parereller unversies round here.

Lost, since you just been up and den bi- locatered by one o des beins, tell us what is like.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

"This is from another thread where it was inappropriate."

Where is it appropriate???

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

Lost in space,

I was refering to the fact that I had originally posted this on the intervention thread where you had been apparently banished by the previous poster, sorry for the confusion.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

Appology accepted, but still, quite mystified. What is the "woman's marketplace"??? I never felt naked in the presence of those people - or thought they were naked in mine...must say, the thought is not pleasant.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

Lost In Space,

LOL, i don't know what or where that is either,(the womens marketplace), sounds like you may have not read the reply on the other post. (see below) I am not saying it makes sense only pointing out the nonsensicle command.

I have no idea what the other lost is trying to say, probably satire as to my comment.

Lost in Space

Nov 10th, 2007 - 9:09 AM Re: What is the most effective way to intervene?

"Where are those sincere posters on this forum?
Most of the posters never attended the school they are posting about"?

You are talking to one person who is both sincere and a former student, named Whatchamacalit, but I don't think she's helpless, so I am not defending her.

I say to you verily, the sincere posters who were former students have often made me question my right to be here - and there a lot of them.
And I believe you should Stop Looking in the Mirror, narcissus.


Nov 10th, 2007 - 12:21 PM Re: What is the most effective way to intervene?

Hey Lost in Brain, are we on the bashing forum here?

Go to the womens market place!

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

"Go to the womens market place!"

Oh, methinks you'll only find Judith there. According to "Scalamandre," she makes frequent shopping trips - to Paris for exquisite fabrics for her home interior.

The rest of us Ex members, I believe, will stay right here, allowing the world to hear TRUTH, while RSE has its back against the wall.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.


So, it has something to do with shopping? Well, love to shop, but, Scalamanders sounds to be out of my league. I like to get a bargain.
But most stores are open to men, too.
I thought he was calling me a *****. That too exists in its male version. Or maybe he was saying that, along with wine ceremonies that degenerate into drunken debauchery, there are sexual orgies as well..
or maybe, alarming thought, he is a woman??? or somebody unsure of their gender?
THis would be entertaining, if I wasn't cursed with a wish to understand even the most bizarre rantings.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.


Ah, so if the intent was to call you a b-i-t-c-h, then perhaps s/he's nothing more than a misogynist pig, anyway.

I can't be bothered worrying about unconstructive "arguments". IMO, getting into it with a pro-RSE-er is a waste of time unless they are genuinely doubting the teachings in some way. Otherwise, they are likely railing against EMF or someone connected to it. Take it outside, students.

Has anyone other than myself heard "Ramtha" talk about the Aryan race ? I recall that, just a few years ago, and s/he said that they really are superior. Commented on how it wouldn't be "correct" to speak that, but s/he did speak it, anyway.

Whoa. The implications of that are interesting, so say the least.

Wonder how certain foreign students would feel about that. Sure doesn't lend itself to equality. Yet more hypocrisy from RSE.

Here's a Wiki link if anyone cares to look into it:

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

Did not mean the "B" word, I thought he was calling me a wh---. Never mind, yu are right, no point at all in continuing with that.
The arian race? Had not heard any idea like that attributed to her. I hope you are wrong.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

Lost In Space,

I am not wrong about Ramtha stating that the Aryan race is superior. I was in the audience when it was stated. It was not only stated, it was further discussed for part of a teaching one time.

In a similar time frame, it was also discussed about blue bloods. Keeping the GENES pure (evolved), which was so important, that even incest was acceptable, rather than watering down the gene pool by mating with someone Unenlightened.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

I'm responding to Saxim's post from another thread, here. Why? Because this may open up a debate, so this IS the place to do this (thanks, JTR). In Saxim’s post, he attempts to justify suicide. Saxim’s comments are in carets, and my responses are below each paragraph noted with carets. I don't intend to debate with Saxim. I intend to debate the mindset of Saxim - which could be anyone who has that same mindset - likely a current student, as Saxim parrots Ramthaspeak, not critical thinking. I was once a Saxim. I wish Saxim the courage it takes to look at the fact s/he's in a cult, and get out !

>>>>Compassion is a deeper understanding that things happen for a reason, that I do have and I do already practice to have more of that deeper understanding, than the human mind of survival understanding.<<<<

I agree.
Things in life may well happen for a deeper reason that we consciously comprehend at a physical, or in waking-state level. Beta, in your lingo. HOWEVER, the innuendo in your words, is that compassion with a deeper understanding EQUATES acceptance and justification for ALL THINGS THAT OCCUR in life. That is in error, dear Saxim. If the universe is truly unlimited, then as the Wiccan’s crede says, “And do no harm.”, we can manifest ANYTHING, and in doing so, we can manifest it doing no harm to others. Dear Saxim, that would mean that those dead people who died in the tsunami, could have LIVED. NOT BECAUSE they would have “known” intuitively that the tsunami was coming, but because the tsunami would NOT have come, or the universe could have seen to it that nobody was on the beach that day because they were busy elsewhere doing other things. Your use of the word “compassion” comes across as though the context means “when bad things happen to good people it’s really okay because in some way, it was purposeful good.” Wrong. Such limited thinking. If the universe has to resort to such compassion, it truly is limited.

>>>>>Besides, some students go through the dark night of the soul. Some make the transformation and others do not. That is their personal test for whatever reason. There are many resources out there to avail oneself of. It is their choice. How do we know that these people do not have a troubled past prior to their attendance at the school? There is no difference statistically in our society of suicide than the school. Why not reach out to all the suicidal people in our society? Join a suicide help line. People have their own demons in their head. Some try to rid themselves of it through whatever means they think is the easiest. When their assumptions, no matter how right or wrong they may seem to be to them fails them; as most assumptions do, then the easiest road to them is suicide. For those of us that have good mental health, we may reach out for help, or seek support, but some people do not want other people's help. But to blame it on RSE, is a boat load of crap. It is just another easy adventure to place the blame on others than oneself.<<<<<

Saxim, there are numerous suicide watch and prevention programs in our society. Statistically, one could say that any cross section of the population will be found in any religious movement (Christians, jews, new agers, ramsters, etc). As a general statistic, 20% of the population is mentally ill at any given time. 5-10 % of them are seriously mentally ill. If RSE has 1,000 current students (an arbitrary number, I understand), then it can be assumed that statistically, at least 100 of them are mentally ill. Now, I say that 100 people is a lot of people. I remember Ramtha stating that if he could (and he can’t), forge a Christ…one Christ…his trip to t his plane would have been worthwhile. Also, that we ALL make a difference to the whole. If those statements from Ramtha (an admitted liar, so now we have to take anything he says with a grain of salt), but if those statements are true, then the 100 presumed mentally ill people in our hypothetically conservative estimate, must matter to Ramtha. Why then, would he even risk a one in infinity chance that any of them could be harmed in any way on any level, by promoting-condoning the use of Prozac, untested Sea-11 water, very heavy wine consumption, and the like. What about bi-polar students, who are on meds, and also getting stinking drunk, or taking X, etc. ? I think I’ve made my point. IMO, it’s irresponsible to say the least. Perhaps if there is disregard for human life, and for the human body as the temple of God, one would not care about Ramtha promoting such substance abuse, or consumption. The fact is, Ramtha has stated many times that, “I am no lover of your personality or your life – you will come again.” To me, that seems a bold hypocrisy because it marginalizes God’s creation of the human being.

To blame harm upon the students is NOT a boatload of crap. If Ramtha is who he claims he is, then he would know that there are mentally ill students in his audience, as well as reformed alcoholics, and children, too. He would know that they would listen to his every word, as many students do. He would know that they would be at RISK, but he said he doesn’t care.

When people are really mentally ill, that does not mean they do not want help. It means that they may not have the capacity to even know that they NEED help. That is how some of us on EMF feel about current students. They are under such deeply ingrained mind control techniques, that they don’t even know they need help. I believe you are one of them. I also believe you are filled with anger that EMF exists. I’m sorry for you. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I think you are a brainwashed fool. Fool as in ignorant. You need help. I can say that because I’m on the other side of it, having gone all the way through. You ARE the color red, Saxim. You can’t see it.

>>>>>I personally think she and others that do this, could not be alive today, because she had already committed suicide in her mental reality and only had to actually physically complete what she had already created. When people actually commit suicide, they have practiced it over and over in their head. They think of all the depressing things that support their feelings. The cycle of depression gets deeper, because of this. How do you know she did not have intervention prior? Once someone makes up their mind, it is hard to change it. That she did not "make it," is of her own choosing. Not everyone is mentally ready to attend the school. I find people THINK a lot of their desires, and how something sounds like it would fill the void in their life, but they need a little preparation such as house cleaning of the own personal demons before they attend a school like RSE. You bring your demons with you to the school then you will suffer along with those demons still attached.<<<<

Saxim, your presumptions are inaccurate and do not stand up to statistical study. Most people who attempt suicide do not want to go through with it. They want to escape pain and don’t know what else to do. Most suicide attempts are from people who are depressed, and most depressed people, clinically depressed people, aren’t aware that they are depressed. And guess what Saxim ? It’s a known medical fact that ALCOHOL abuse (hello?) INCREASES the incidence of depression…..need I say more ?

>>>>>>Vulnerable people and undisciplined people have no business being in the school, unless they are sincerely going to do the work and not think it is an easy adventure. Some people look for easy ways out and RSE is not that. When all you think is, I think I can do this, instead of knowing you can and just do it, then you are setting yourself up for big time failure in anything that you do. You put pressure on yourself, that no one can remove. People are consumers of whatever they desire, no matter what it is. It does not matter rather they need it or not. They just want to have or belong. This is human nature and so is suicide in our society.<<<<<

How do you define vulnerable people and undisciplined people ? At what point in one’s life are they EVER vulnerable or not vulnerable ? What determines this ? Put in the right conditions, we are all vulnerable. Hence, mind control in action. I challenge you, Saxim, to read the book, TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE
BY Janja Lilich and Madeleine Tobias, and then continue this discussion.

>>>>>That is the problem with people today, they THINK instead of KNOW, what they are capable of doing and achieving. For example, a great athlete KNOWS when he/she is in the zone, not THINK he/she is there. It takes dedication and practice, practice and more practice. This is shy some students are successful, and not in despair. Some people cannot take failure in their lives due to the prior environment they subscribed their lives to. Due to their personality, their prior environment and thought patterns, they are already setting themselves up for failure. Another example, you can't walk over red hot coals and embers, because you think you can for you definitely will get burned, but you must know you can and you will not get burned.<<<<<

Saxim, that’s your logic, I understand, because you are parroting what Ramtha tells the students. Yet, if you would only step back and look at the discrepancies in what you’re saying, you would see how ludicrous it is. Describe to me, the physiology in the brain when one “knows” versus when one “thinks”. You can’t. It’s a play on words, based in emotions. When a runner “knows” they have not shut down “thinking”. At the moment a woman is about to give birth, she “knows” the birth is impending. She still thinks. Example: I just KNEW I was going to win the lottery, and I bought my tickets and focused on the numbers the Orbs gave me, and Ramtha told me….looked me in the eye…and told me I’d win. Really ? When ? I believed him. NOBODY was going to tell me that I did not “know”, when my teacher TOLD ME it was so ! That was years ago. So, I know the game – now you will say I blew it because I just expressed doubt and put a time upon it instead of just letting it happen. I know the teaching, Saxim. Blame the student, instead of holding the teacher accountable. You can believe that, but I do not.

The teachings are not new to RSE. They can be found in other places.

Ramtha, should know better on many counts. You blame the student, but I blame the teacher (if you need to call it blame). I call it accountability. Why ? Because I do KNOW that I was a sincere student. I “succeeded” at many of the disciplines and I got to “stand up” and “celebrate”, many times. Those are trappings. Finding a card, the void in the tank, getting a card correct, doing remote view..they are trappings. That’s not remotely in the same league as becoming a God-being realized. RSE is a limitation.

I don’t need a priest before me, and I don’t need a Ramtha before me. I can communicate directly with God and God does not need Ramtha, in order to communicate with me. Ponder that, Saxim.

>>>>>>Perhaps if some of you would do a little bit more soul searching to a higher awareness, then you would understand from where I speak. It is harder to understand someone that has a higher level of understanding, when you stay on the lower rungs of the ladder. Contemplation is something that is good for the soul, because a deeper understanding arises with contemplation, than with human survival thinking and the dualistic societal thinking of what is good and bad. Suicide is inevitable in our society, that is why people have been doing it since the beginning of time.<<<<<<

I mean this seriously, not sarcastically….it is YOU who are on the lower rung of the ladder, which is why you don’t “get” what ex-students, who see through the RSE lie, have the eyes to see. I dared to recoup my critical thinking skills, instead of my thought stopping indoctrination…and I am free. Try it. If Ramtha is correct, you should be able to cite the discrepancies and it won’t change anything. Ask the universe (NOT RAMTHA) to show you the whole truth. Then, watch what happens. What I’m really saying is be truly open minded, not limited to what Ramtha tells your mind you will be or not be. You are controlled by a delusion.

>>>>>>"...but you sound like you think that just because you are remarkably strong, individualistic,and okay, that there is no such thing as a vulnerable person, who isn't strong, can't think for themselves, and is not okay, in their mind and body. That being the case, even if you yourself are thriving during exercises at the ranch, have you not noticed that OTHER PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING!!!!!!!"<<<<<

Yes, dear. Be careful who you call narcissistic around here. For a current student to look upon someone suffering, and say that at some level they deserve it, and then keep on moving on, cuz ya got no time (remember the SONG?), IS narcissistic. It’s all about you.

>>>>>>That people may suffer at the school, is their own choosing. NO ONE STOPS them from ending their suffering and leaving out the front gate. That they choose to stay and suffer, it is their choice. I am not going to interfere in that choice. I censure no one. That I may notice people suffering, I have not. But if I did, I would think they were stupid for staying.<<<<<

This is just inaccurate. It is not of their own choosing. As a matter of fact, I would say that they are stopped from leaving from the front gate. Not only is it highly unacceptable to leave via the front gate, I know of people who have been ridiculed for it, in audience. Of course, the student is blamed for not being dedicated enough, tough enough, etc. Why the judgement ? Why so negative if all is for purposeful GOOD ? Who is to say that the student leaving on a particular day, via the front gate, didn’t save someone’s life ? There is no proof that suffering is legitimately blamed on a student-as-victim. Maybe someone gained from it. How do YOU know ? You don’t. You simply accept what Ramtha tells you, carte blanche.

>>>>>You would not be there through all her decisions in life (past, present and future) that she makes, that you think you would have to interfere with. To me if she slept in the mud and not leave, then perhaps she wanted to???? If she did not like it, then she could have packed up her stuff and left and never return.<<<<

Saxim, that is such a cold hearted and negative attitude. Let’s reconsider your point. Let’s say that a child is born into a family that does not want it nor take care of it. Did you ever read the book, The Red Lion ? You should because your teacher claims he was behind it’s printing, so we students could read it. Anyway, this guy is born, dies, is reborn, dies…and nobody really loves him. He does not know love. Until halfway through the book, when he comes into a family where the mom and dad LOVE him. So, this soul learns real love and he LIVES love in his life. He expresses it to others. I suggest that you could look at a person who is suffering at RSE, and who needs a warm coat or blanket and say to yourself, “BECAUSE I do not know this woman, or man, and because I do not NEED to know their “history”, but BECAUSE I AM LOVE, I will extend warmth to them. THEN, we’ll see if they accept it, or reject it.” YOU, Saxim, assume that they do not already have a blanket, because they created sleeping in the mud and cold because they wanted to . I suggest that they were “your runner” to see if you had it in YOUR HEART TO UNCONDITIONALLY OFFER THEM AN EXPRESSION OF WARMTH AND LOVE, so that THEN, they could accept it or not. If as YOU say, they truly created the mud and cold experience, then they would deny your offer of solace with some excuse. If they created warmth and dryness, then they would accept you – a spirit brother – sharing part of yourself with yourself. Get my drift, Saxim ? I’m VERY serious.

>>>>>It is important to note, that Jesus wore clothes doing all kinds of weather in his days, even though he did not have to. He did many things he did not have to do. That some advanced RSE students make the preparations, rather or not they NEED to or WANT to, is their choice. No one has to be on display with all of their abilities at all times. Even Jesus did not do that, even when the Romans taunted him. Besides, how do we know what goes on in anyone's tent when they are in private mode? <<<<<

It’s important to note that you don’t know what Jesus wore because you did not see it. You accept what Ramtha told you Jesus did. Big difference.
For the sake of conversation, let’s assume that Jesus did not CHOOSE TO display his abilities in front of the Romans when they taunted him. There is a difference between CHOOSING not to display them, and not being ABLE TO display them. It’s an easy cop-out for a student to imply, “I don’t own you having to prove anything to you about what I can do.”, when in fact, the TRUTH is, that they do NOT HAVE MASTERY OF ALL OF THE CLAIMED ABILITIES, to display. Big, big difference.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.


I’m not David (though some say that Whatchamacallit IS David; it’s not), but I am responding to your response to David’s question.

VR said, “as a beginning..
Honesty, ethics and always cleansing the own house.”

Response: Agreed. A fair statement that applies to ALL.

VR said, “And please get rid of those emotions promoted here as there are: hate, malicious glee, anger and so on.”

Response: Disagree. This statement is a common whining from a pro-RSE person. I do not know one person on this forum who has left RSE or has concern over someone else who is in RSE, that wishes malice toward another. There are some who have expressed annoyance, disgust, anger. To try to take that from your view, to the level of hate and malice, is simply not true, though you may need to believe it. We’d all like to see the cult stop, and those trapped in it, freed. We may get annoyed at the same rantings of those that make such statements as you did. I don’t hate anyone. I don’t wish malice upon anyone. I have been angry at times, upon realization that I lost time, wasted money, and did so in sincerity. I should be angry about THAT. It’s justified. It’s a healthy reaction. Your perception of what emotions are “promoted” here, are not what you call them.

VR said, “There is no success or evolvement on this emotional level.”

Response: I disagree. There can be evolvement from any emotional level. Contractive emotions do not equate stagnation, VR.

VR stated, “Try it with allowance and humor beyond teasing.
Be open and encouraging! Never act as a policeforce.”

Response: Here again, you use exaggeration, to serve your personal needs instead of seeing a broader view. There has been much allowance on this forum. Act as a police force ? Sorry but that just doesn’t hold water. When, as Joe commented about, and we’ve said before but will say again, pro-RSE people have NO business posting on this forum. The rules are stated. If you choose to stick your neck out, don’t act like we are not “open and encouraging” when you’re not allowed to be special and break the rules. We stated we may well delete such posts, AND to do so without notice. This forum is intended to offer support and information to those who are NOT pro-RSE. If you are pro-RSE, go sign up for the next event. We’ve allowed posts here to remain, when we are pretty sure that they are pro-RSE supporters. We try to be patient and wait until their true colors come shining through. Those who are not pro-RSE have a right to post here and feel comfortable doing so – not having to consider that they may be bashed in any way by a pro-RSE person. That’s why we have guidelines. Don’t complain or call names when those guidelines are upheld and you are banned or deleted. I know it probably angers you that you can’t control EMF, and you may well wish malice toward us. One example of that “sharin’ the love from ya’ll” is exemplified in the over threat to David that you will send him a runner about immigration. Where was the open, encouraging approach in that comment, from a clearly pro-RSE person ? There have been many such posts from pro-RSE persons. You all need to look at YOUR emotions. We’re real clear on ours.

VR stated, “The focus should be in the present not in the past.”

Disagree. In order to grow and evolve, we need to understand history, as well as plan for our future. You’ve actually pointed out another discrepancy in Ramtha’s teachings, VR. He says, on one hand, stay focused only in the present. At other times, he admonishes students because they don’t like history and he wants to share more about history, and that it’s important, but he knows he can’t because he’ll lose his audience. Now, how about that for open mindedness ? One can choose the focus of their present, to be history ! One flaw I saw in RSE, was the duality it projected. Saying one thing, then saying the opposite, then doing yet something else. Then students will do just what they criticize in Christians. They will cite certain things Ramtha said, as “gospel”. When in fact, the chances are that at some point, he’s said just the opposite. I was in audience not long ago, when he actually did a “teaching” on just that issue. He acknowledged it. Also, as usual, he took no responsibility for really explaining his own contradictions, but he blamed the students for not being able to wrap their wits around it. Cult doublespeak. Intended to confuse. If you read about mind control, YOU will understand the “games” that Ramtha plays. Those of us who have left, and have educated ourselves further, now DO understand the “mysteries” of “Why did Ramtha say that? What did he mean?”

VR said, “Then there has to be knowledge..
It should be presented in some honorable way.
Better small steps than opinions, bias, slander, bashing.”

You probably won’t hear what I’m about to say, but I’m going to say it anyway. Perhaps it will help someone, if not you. If you haven’t read this entire webiste’s message forum posts, you should. There is a LOT of educational information about cults on here. Lots, lots, lots. In between the postings with KNOWLEDGE, done in an honorable, sincere way by sharing the information with anyone who is ready to read it, there is something else. What is that ? There are the posts that contain more personalized commentary, also. People have talked about their experiences in RSE. Many have said that at times, they had good experiences, too. But, they are clear on something – those good experiences are not due to Ramtha. They are due to the person’s own journey. An important point that Ramtha FOLLOWERS fail to understand. In the lingo, it would be the difference between TRULY honoring the God within you, instead of the God outside of you (Ramtha). Ramtha has spoken about his parlays with others from the universe. He’s spoken of how 1) he dominates the conversation because he sees to it that when he speaks, nobody else DARES to speak (hmmmm…red flag), and 2) that “they” do not agree on everything.

What you call “slander, bias, opinions and bashing”, speaking for myself, I would disagree with. We are entitled and protected such that we have every right to speak about our opinions and experiences, VR. If those are such that they happen to cast shame upon RSE, then that’s unfortunate for RSE, but that’s not our problem. Bias ? We are biased AS ARE pro-RSE students. We don’t claim not to be biased. Neither are you unbiased. Slander? No. You confuse stating experiences and opinions about those experiences as slander. It is not.
Bashing ? I will agree that some posters have vented and expressed disgust and annoyance, and I’d also say they are human and justified in those emotions. They do not post as a matter of course, with those emotions. Further, it ALMOST makes me laugh to hear you comment on bashing – when I can think of numerous wine ceremonies where Ramtha has emotionally, physically and spiritually, overtly bashed students in front of an entire audience, on camera, and in front of children. That may be alright and justifiable to YOU, because you are under the cult influence and aren’t using critical thinking. However, I would say that if your “standards” of what’s progressive on this forum apply in life, then the difference between you and I, is that I hold Ramtha to those same standards. I do not see Ramtha as “better” or “superior” to myself. I’m also NOT saying I think Ramtha exists. I’m saying this in a manner that I know you can relate to, because I’m respecting that YOU believe he exists. I believe you are brainwashed and in a destructive cult – and that’s NOT a bashing comment; it’s the truth. I wish you would become one of the ex-students who could see the truth in what I’m telling you.

VR stated, “It has to be an open process where self is included in evolving and learning.”

Response: Agreed. But the “open process” does not equate having to do so by Ramtha’s standards – or by yours. Or by mine. It’s individual, and it’s for those who care to pursue it.

VR stated, “Don’t encourage people to be superficial and followers of other peoples opinion.
Don’t make fun of dissident posters!
Learn from them, they are your loved ones.”

Response: This comment is a show stopper. Seriously. This is an example of how people can see 180 degrees apart. If you’re serious in making that comment, and I’m going to assume that you are, I can only question if you are able to see the double standard ? You need to understand, instead of ignoring the fact that this forum is not intended to argue with pro-RSE people. There is plenty of agreeing to disagree on here, even amidst ex-students. We’ve offered a variety of opinions and ideas to those asking genuine questions. We don’t have canned answers. There is no following of ex-student opinions, though when one educates themselves about cults, some viewpoints do become similar.

As for dissident posters, the guidelines are posted. That’s real simple. Dissident posters are our loved ones ? That does not ring true. The same loved ones that threaten Tree, and threaten David with immigration ? Sounds like the love bombing techniques that are used in cults, VR. What pro-RSE people “love” is those that agree with their worldview. They BASH everyone outside of it and Ramtha promotes that. I’ve heard it many times, so no need to deny it. The things you speak of that we should do on this forum are things that your teacher does not exemplify. That is, a hypocrisy and double standard. It is not acting like we are all the equals that we supposedly are.

VR states, “The echoes you get is showing you if you are on the right path!”

Response: This is 100% Ramthaspeak. The “echoes” that I have gotten, have clearly shown me I AM on the right path. No worries there, VR. I dare say that you have a huge echo resounding in your face, called EMF. But, since you are not frequency specific ENOUGH with it, you are not “getting the truth” of it.

VR states, “ The present state of the behaviour in this forum is far below human capabilities,
and so you do attract specific entities.”

Response: The present situation includes infiltration, as Christel calls it, by angry pro-RSE people, because they are lashing out due to the recent, SUCCESSFUL, LARSE2 gathering. It was a well attended event, which gained newspaper publicity, and is connected to future media coverage that is in the works. We are not surprised about the recent flurry of hate posts by pro-RSE people. Or the attacks of “love and encouragement” by those who made statements to the press against Tree and David.

VR states, “There may be some points we all can learn from, but now I don’t see any fruitful support or evolvement.”

Response: Look harder. It’s there if you can see it. I see it. Others see it.

VR states, “It’s not an easy task, and I would not take it, but if you want this forum –
do it righteously, or don’t do it at all!”

Response: With all due respect, thank you for your opinion, but we do want this forum, we’ve said we’re not perfect, but we ARE doing a righteous job at it, and if we don’t do it to your pro-RSE standards, it doesn’t mean we won’t do it at all, but we won’t do it to your liking. Then again, be reminded, it was never designed for your liking. It was designed to open a door of communication for those who have been silenced at RSE. They do not allow “dissident posters” on the Masters Connection, or any form of dissidence in RSE. Those people may not pass, who dare to criticize. Some have been physically escorted, or tossed out of the premises. And you criticize us for upholding stated policies ? My, my, my. Good Day, VR.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

A case of identity theft?

"VirtualReality," you need to come up with your own name and not hijack mine. I have started threads on this forum dated Oct 1, Aug 27, June 28, June 17, June 13, May 29, May 22.

You are posting under someone else's name. I hope that the moderators will consider deleting all of the posts fraudulently made under another poster's name.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

virtual reality...
I was just lampooned with a name like mine...not as bad as what happened to you.
So now we know, one method of infiltration...
Should we question posts from people we think we know now?
Or is the use of a similar name just a sorry coincidence?

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

To the REAL Virtual Reality:

Smile... The moderators weren't born yesterday.

As always, we're on the job and YOUR voice matters.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

Lost In Space,

A while ago, there was a "hijack" post that said it was from Whatcha. It wasn't me. I quietly watched and didn't tell anyone about it, except hubby.

The pro-RSE folks keep showing their true colors. There is much to be learned from their actions. EMF IS having impact. Their CLOSED SYSTEM, LOL, is failing. Not because of EMF, but because the truth is bearing itself out, all the way around.

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"Has anyone other than myself heard "Ramtha" talk about the Aryan race ? I recall that, just a few years ago, and s/he said that they really are superior. Commented on how it wouldn't be "correct" to speak that, but s/he did speak it, anyway."

I know that the "old, original Ramtha™" was clearly against any form of racism and that god is within everybody. He criticized the hypocrisy of people that go to a tanning booth and then hate people with black skin. He said that he himself has darker skin just like "his people" (the lemur Lemurians).

But yes, since the teachings took a radical shift to cold, materialistic explanations that it's all about the brain, all about quantum physics and all about the genes, it would not wonder me if he said that it's important to keep "enlightened" genes/bloodlines pure.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

You will find MANY similarities between JZ's hilarious charade and a certain short man with a toothbrush moustache who lived about 70 years ago. One preached "Superior race"....the other preaches "The Army of the Ram". They both use specifically choreographed music with Wagneresque themes in order to numb their audiences. They both make outrageous claims and predictions and promise "redemption" for their followers. To state just a few....

Then there are the other blatant dead give-aways. Purposefully choosing the names "Red Guard" and "Comrades" as part of her psuedo-heirarchy. She stole THAT PAGE directly from old Uncle Joe Stalin himself.
The REAL Red Guard was responsible for the out-and-out murder of millions of innocent people. Why does JZ pattern the pageantry of her so-called "school" after two of the worst mass-murderers in human history?

Even the terms she insults her students with are dead giveaways. She calls them "Master" to their faces and "peasants in hovels" behind their backs. Sound familiar? This is a CLASSIC EXAMPLE of her bourgeouis-elitist attitude that completely mimics Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.
I guess the only real question is why JZ doesn't use more Mao Tse Tung in her pageantry. It's the only mass murderer she doesn't appear to be completely enamored with.

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Holy cow! The more I read these posts the happier I am that I got out. My timing was perfect. I got in, got the experience and got out. That's it.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.


"I guess the only real question is why JZ doesn't use more Mao Tse Tung in her pageantry. It's the only mass murderer she doesn't appear to be completely enamored with."

How about "the great hall" ??

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

Wait a minute, wait a minute, she borrows heavily from Mao - it is called brainwashing and originated in China.

By the way, JZasRamtha often has said, "Confession is good for the soul." That line comes straight out of the movie "Stalin" and yes, Joe apparently said it himself.

JZasRamtha has always said, "My daughter loves history." Yeah, right. RSE gives new life to some of history's darker moments.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

I stand corrected.

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I read through this thread and I an amazed at the depth of the nonsense speak of the pjf (plastic judy face/ramtha)troops. My wife had brought home a video of one of the get together's. In it was a Chiropractor who was lecturing on the "brain". He had some terms on the board behind him that were spankfire new to me. He also said we only used 10% of our brain. This peaked my interest so I picked up my K&S Principles of Neuroscience and proceeded to search out these "teachings". Come to find out that the words describing cells on the board were not in the book! What's more I read that over 95% of the brains usage was taken up by a process called "proprioception". Next I read, if a cell goes unfired it will go through a process of Wallerian degeneration and ultimately fire one last time and poof! it's gone! That would be hard to handle if we didn't use 90%.
Not being one to climb my horse and ride it hard I sent off an email to this Chiropractor. In a nutshell what he said was that the things in question were contrary to current science but were told to him by pjf/ramtha and pjf/ramtha was his teacher so that's how it is!
Now I've got some scientist kinda friends that look for truth in terms of probabilities and possibilities. They use a set of rules called the scientific method. The MOST they end up with is a probability. The guys that wrote principles of Neuroscience are like that.
It does not sit well to think that while some people struggle to find answers, that pjf/ramtha makes stuff up and then you guys argue about it! You will have to excuse me but it's like my kids debating the existence of Santa Claus.
Hat's off to pjf/ramtha for this scam but hellsbells she is cherry-picking parts of quantum physics and neurscience and then making other stuff up, resulting in bovine excrement.
You pjs/ramtha fans have a duty to your own self to do your homework. Her teachings fly in the face of science and logic and you guys eat it up like candy and (be truthful) don't KNOW what the hell your talking about. It's like the little ducks who pick a mom and follow along.
Jesus didn't have to wear clothes?? Christ-on-roller-skates!
Here's a clue for you...........
Life is meaningless, except for the meaning we put in it.
You have been given a gift. You have an obligation to be yourself. You cannot be yourself buying this nonsense as a total package. No one has all the answers, no one ever had, and no one ever will.
There is no roadmap..your on your own.
Woman up, man up. Get busy, life is short.

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Sweet....this man and I could have a beer together. He said it perfectly. Ramtha caters to the ignorant and uneducated. Those who are neither see through the charade.

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JTR writes: "I guess the only real question is why JZ doesn't use more Mao Tse Tung in her pageantry. It's the only mass murderer she doesn't appear to be completely enamored with."

""How about "the great hall" ??""

LOL! That is too funny! (In JZR's case, I guess we could also call it "The Great Haul!"

I wanted to respond, too, as an "exer" - there are numerous well-educated people who attend RSE; that's NOT to say they aren't "ignorant" of what is taking place before their eyes. We all wore the blindfold for awhile, well, most of us. I was stunned - doctors, engineers, teachers, magaziine editors, you-name-it. In fact, that was yet another reason I fell for the "brainwash." Here were these articulate, educated people, and a priest - we, I thought, were FINALLY learning the truths that had been "hidden" from mankind through the ages, and which were only "given" to those who were in the ancient "mystery" schools.

JTR - I can just envision JZK as a big egg sitting on the Great Wall, for the fall is "indeed" coming!

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Oh - when the head honcho egg falls, I shudder to think of what will occur with the students when their "cosmic eggshell" cracks and their minds are even more scrambled. Reminds me of the old TV ad about drugs - "this is your mind--this is your mind on drugs." I can see a healthy brain, and the one drawn by "R" - This is your mind - this is your mind after the "wind" has blown through!- for awhile, a big hollow nothing. There is healing in sharing.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.


"JTR - I can just envision JZK as a big egg sitting on the Great Wall, for the fall is "indeed" coming!"

I have posted this before, but in case you have missed it, this is an appropriate link!


Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

WaW! Who layed THAT? (Perhaps she actually IS a chicken - otherwise ought she not be speaking for herself instead of sending her puppets out and about?

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

"Life is meaningless, except for the meaning we put in it.

You have been given a gift. You have an obligation to be yourself.

No one has all the answers, no one ever had, and no one ever will.

There is no roadmap..your on your own.

Woman up, man up. Get busy, life is short."

Say this to yourself ten times before you go to bed each night.

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

Man, that was the biggest laugh I've had in a long time! Who would have thought someone would carve JZ Knight on an EMU egg! It's just so funny!!! An Emu egg!

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

Tyger and Bud, I never attended RSE but I know someone who did so I am familiar with some of the dominant spin doctors. I would love, I mean LLLOOOOOVVVVEEEE to be a litte mouse in the corner of a room with you two and Greg Simmons, the KING of SLEEZE!!!!

Re: Sound familiar?? this thread open for debate.

If Greg Simmons is Judy-Is-The-Lie's new Squire, I'm sure I'll have a tilt or two with him in the near future.

I think I've met him before, but apparently he didn't leave a very lasting impression.

Lemonade pie maybe? (LOL!!!)