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How far you have come

Wow Kerri or Tree, what an idiot you have become. I recently spoke to Kory he said (about you) "I think she's lost it" I think he's right. I always knew JZ should have fired your ass. I almost asked James to a few times. What a great future you have with your group of victims, whose whole point in life is to secretly watch everything going on at RSE and bash it to make yourself look even more stupid. Bravo

Blame how sweet it is

I agree with you Ryder.She is blaming Steve for raping her 10 years ago!!! c'mon. Move on with your life.

Re: How far you have come

I am quite surprised at how current RSE students have "manifested" this forum into their lives.

Get on with your disciplines; create a new timeline. The fact you are here implies, according to the teachings, you wish for this to be your reality.

Discrediting an individual who speaks out in Truth serves only to reinforce the desperation of those still in the mindtrap.

The fact you are posting here reinforces neither you nor JZ can manifest or "create" reality; for if you could, this forum would not be in your timeline, right?

That is, unless JZ "creates" to be a constant victim. We all create our own reality, correct?

To see this behavior in RSE students, where "impeccability" is to be held in high regard, is indicative that something is most definitely not working.
Obviously, you are current students, and to that effect, one would at least think you would focus on something other than Tree or this forum - a mighty, lofty thought reaching out to the world in all-encompassing love.

Most happy to be away; felt myself sinking into the vitriol which is presented in your posts.

Thank my higher self for having the knowingness to leave a depressive "frequency."

Re: How far you have come

Additional information for the obvious.

A woman NEVER forgets being raped.

Would YOU like being on the receiving end?
My heart goes out to you both. Your posts present such desperation and unhappiness.

"If we single-pointedly practice great compassion, then, with little effort, we will be able to gain all other virtues."

Re: How far you have come

The posts by Ryder and kosmos are actual proof for me that the practice of the RSE diciplines don't make one a better person. Rape is a horrible experience. To make light of it is arrogant,ignorant,and inhumane.

Re: How far you have come

If Tree were speaking Truth, this whole drama would not be taking place. From those that know her very well, this whole incidence is the biggest LIE ever told. The road to pity pays the ultimate price... to make oneself look great by becoming the ultimate victim, based upon the biggest lie. It is absurd. There is not one bit of truth in anything Tree has stated. If you believe it, then you are a FOOL! It is a shame that one can actually believe a lie when they know better. If this website were based upon Truth, it would not exist.

Re: How far you have come

LOL! Who's the one secretly watching everything that goes on at emf only so they can bash it and make themselves look even more stupid??? Lmao! Talk about projection.

Sorry, Tree, that you have endure this abuse - obviously you've struck a nerve.

Re: How far you have come

****If this website were based upon Truth, it would not exist.****

If what you are saying was based on truth this forum would not exist (for you) but thankfully that is not the case.

Re: How far you have come

Guest writes: " G2G....
(snip) " From those that know her very well, this whole incidence is the biggest LIE ever told. The road to pity pays the ultimate price... to make oneself look great by becoming the ultimate victim, based upon the biggest lie. It is absurd."

You DO mean Judith/JZ. The shoe fits perfectly.

Psssst - I just "remote viewed" the intent; and I know better.: ) For this is a gift my family has had for generations. There is truth within Tree. There is malice within what I "see" of your post. However, since you are an RSE student, I still have compassion for the state of desperation you are experiencing/creating.
Take a deep breath and walk out into the brisk night air, connecting with nature. Nature is Truth.

Re: How far you have come

I just had this strange feeling. Are you, in fact, JZ or one of her personas?
For it would appear you are speaking of yourself, projecting onto another what you, yourself indeed have done, and continue to do.
If you ARE JZ, I have a bone to pick with you. Your website is misleading and a typical bait and switch. I am NOT afraid of you. It appears, however, YOU are afraid of any type of criticism or former students shedding their truths of what occurs behind the big walls. Exactly what are you afraid of?

Re: How far you have come

Current students posting on EMF:

How far have YOU come ? Not very because you haven't mastered the disciplines. YOU are the victims. WE are free, living our lives, and making the most of "hertzian", instead of trying not to be in it because we're Above it.

Let's look at this whole Tree situation, from another angle. If Tree had never posted on here, RSE would still be under fire. Why ? Because RAMTHer has physically assaulted students, abused children by speaking in the most foul language in front of them for hours and hours and hours and hours...until the poor things have fallen asleep (that is considered abuse by the way), exposing children to sexually explicit talk, drunkenness, exposing adults to verbal and emotional abuse ... for their "own good" because s/he knows what's best for you, etc., etc.

All of this because YOU are too stupid to know the power is within you, and you are ADDICTED to a power outside of you - RAMTHer.


Go look in the mirror.

Now you'll also see that you have created EMF on YOUR timeline. You need to go do more fieldwork and stop reading this site.

And Judith needs to return her ill gained money to the students, for services NOT RENDERED.

You do realize that you are not supposed to be posting here. I'm not surprised that you are, because clearly you have not mastered your emotional bodies, and the most recent media coverage of EMF as well as the LARSE2 gathering, has pressed your buttons! AGain, go do more field work and change that about yourself or how will you ever ascend ??

And...while you're at it, why don't you call Judith's attorney and ask why it is that the legal response to the Attorney General states that the purpose of the school is only to help students feel better about themselves ???

Ask Judith about it, too. I'd be curious to hear your post about what excuse she has spun for THAT !

EMF Readers: As you can see by the posts of the current students, they are only capable of spewing the indoctrination that they've incurred as a response to anything. Can they prove Tree lied ? Did they see what happened ? Do they think there are incidents of rape that should not be discussed because someone's time limit has passed ? Maybe one of them will have a daughter who is raped and finally, their heart strings will really be touched. I Do Not wish that on ANYONE...I am making a point of how heartless they are..but..then again, we're talking about people who believe that those tsunami victims deserved their fate...

enough said.

They're also glossing over the fact that Tree was not the only victim of rape. And I myself heard RAMTHer talking, many times, about all of the babies that were born of the drunken sex between all sorts of people, that happened after wine ceremonies. A school of enlightenment promoting such acts ? WHY?

Oh, yes. For the EXPERIENCE! That's it. Well, ya'll have created EMF in your face.

And we're not going away.

Ryder, stand corrected: My whole point in life is NOT to watch RSE. But, it should be YOUR whole point in life, until you can figure out that you are in a cult.

Re: How far you have come

I came to this site, not knowing much about RSE, and considering joining, I was a prospect. viewed this site after the RSE one. Also, communicated directly with some current students on the MEDIUMCHANNEL postings, including COCO, who bungled her posting here, and then, verbally assaulted EMF, and me, who she believed to be an EMF member, there.
So, what made me choose to believe TREE?
The answer is in the above paragraph!!!!! and also, that, over the course of months and months, her aparent personality, ideas, and testimonials about her experiences have never been incongruent or inconsistent...So, yeah, I believe she was raped.

And, speaking as an unitiated person, you Ramsters sure talk funny...achieving greatness or appearing great by playing the victim???? what the **** is that??? No, victims are pitiable. One wishes (if one is not disconected from one's emotional wiring, and has a heart) to help them. One does not admire or envy their status as victims. I don't see any evidence, having some knowledge of psychology,that people in general wish to be seen as victims if they have not been victimized. Most people wish to be seen as coping, and be admired.

Re: How far you have come

I also believe it, because KOSMOS, you said it.

Re: How far you have come

The in-fighting going on between members and former members...getting ugly...and a caution to current Ramsters, you are in the public eye...
And, okay, there are haters here...why don't you find out why they hate you, and fix it!!!!!!??????

Re: How far you have come


This is such a typical example of hypocritical thinking on your part. But then "garbage in, garbage out " as they say.

" agree with you Ryder.She is blaming Steve for raping her 10 years ago!!! c'mon. Move on with your life."

WHy not ask yourself the question "How can I agree with steve and tell tree to move on with regard to her being raped, when R/JZ/Greg and the rest all go on and on about the catholic church and blame them for countless horiffic deeds?" (just to mention a few)

I suggest the answer is you both feel empowered by singling out tree.Attempting to hold her responsible but not your" teachers", boss, etc is the same dynamic that existed in Enron, Watergate, The Valerie Plame leak,

For me your fear of those over you is obvious and your inability to hold them accountable and ask them the hard questions ie; "where's the beef?" shows clearly you are not willing to consider the possibility that you have been conned.

Think for a moment. To whoms advantage is that that you are limited in your ability to hold them accountable? Perhaps you think it is your advantage because you have been told that holding them accountable = doubt and that will keep you from enlightenment.

In a way, I would agree with that, but the enlightenment you are being kept from in that case might just be the enlightenment of the limiting of your choices by being sold a bill of goods.

Follow the $'s

Re: How far you have come

"It is a shame that one can actually believe a lie when they know better."

Well spoken, guest.

And what of the predator who encourages the lie when she knows better?

Re: How far you have come

Well said.

And, since you are here, current students...another caution. Lay off the Catholic church...it is within their power, if they so choose, to squish you like a pesky bug.
Pick on somebody your own size.


there seems to be a lot of tension and arguments on this site. This is the first time I have heard someone say they think a woman is lying about being raped. that's pretty serious. I wonder if there are any other exit cult web sites where ex members and family relatives can seek community, but end up arguing with zealots?

I have known Kerri Konga for 6 years!

How long have you known her? If you have known her for very long you would know she is quick to anger, and when she is angry she lashes out a people without reason.
How long have you also known Steve. I have known him for about four years. He has always treated me with respect and watching him with his daughter Jayda you can tell they have a wonderful relationship. It is soooo absurd to accuse him of rape. Comparing the two of them it is so obvious that she is lying. Just ask people that know her very well. It is only the people that she has just met that are supporting her accusation.

Re: How far you have come

Oh, dear.

This thread is clearly devolving, which was probable right from the start with Ryder's attack on Tree.

You current students/staff KNOW you are not supposed to be posting here. Certainly not to bring your personal agenda against Tree on board.

So us mean moderators are locking this thread, and suggest that ya'll stop so we don't have to take the next step - and block your ability to post at all.

If you want to whine at the moderators, our contact email is listed at the top of the message board page.