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How To Bring A Knight To His Knees

When word of the LARSE event had spread throughout the land this Knight made ready his horse and began the journey. Before joining Arthur's Round Table Geraint had spent many years imprisoned in the mental dungeon of another Knight. This Knight was not of Arthur's Table but rather an imposter, a pretender, a betrayor of the truth. She held Geraint prisoner for a great length of time and in such a way that Geraint believed he was free when indeed, he was not. Geraint saw not the slimy, dank walls of the dungeon which held him but rather believed he was living within a glorious reality where all of his dreams could and would come true. Such was the madness in which he dwelt...

One day the dungeon guard failed to close the door of Geraint's cell and Geraint unknowingly wandered out of his "self created reality." The story of what befell him is yet to be told but for the purposes of this tale let it be known that he was lost for many a day in great confusion and profound distress. Where had his beautiful world disappeared to? His great riches? His youthful, strong body? His bountiful harvest and the comaraderie of Arthur's other Knights? All appeared to be lost and the comprehension of this brought Geraint to the edge of madness.

Merlin happened upon the confused and befuddled Geraint slowly guiding him back to mental stability. Over time Geraint regained his true sight and rode throughout the land in behalf of Arthur and the honor of the Round Table.

"Right must be defended against might and distress must be protected."

"Thou must know good from evil."

"It is a Knight's deed to assist another Knight when in danger."

One day Geraint heard word of the LARSE event and made the journey to town to participate. Much to his surprise and horror Geraint realized that although he had been freed of the evil Knight's control he had yet to understand it.

And not understanding it fueled the fear that perhaps he could unwittingly be taken prisoner again. Having to ride by the evil Knight's castle frightened him enough to keep him away. All of his warrior skills were not sufficient to overcome the fear born of lack of understanding.

How many other people were kept away by fear that day?

Re: How To Bring A Knight To His Knees

I think a few.
And still, many who did go had fear, but walked through the doors.
Fear took many years to attain, it is not going to go away overnight.
Same with the affects of PTSD.

Re: How To Bring A Knight To His Knees

Fearing the person whom claim to bring you the keys to unconditional joy, love, and wealth, is the first sign that you have no business being near such a person (being).

That is a BIG sign to vacate immediately, if you fear that person, place, thing. Also, don't let anyone intimidate you into thinking they've power over you. JZ and her staff has wheeled to much power over people already, and they know what scares them.

Makes you wonder if there are mics (imbedded on the floors) when people are told to turn to their neighbor and confess something very personl.

"Rubish, you have no power here! Be gone! Before someone drops a house on you too." Glinda the Good Witch of the North
"The Wizard of Oz"