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Handicap Poster of the Year

My heart is breaking and mascara is everywhere. It is just SO SAD to see that kind of disability of the mind. So little personal insight, amid all that bravado. It is enough to make even a mother lose her lunch. All that pathetic, sickening prattle. Are 8 year olds allowed to post on EMF? That poor child.

Did I miss the announcement about the 2007 RSE Poster Child of the Year? The award which goes to the ONE poster whose missives PROVE – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that something is wrong in Yelmland. That confused ‘product’ of said school whose cumulative posts unveil the mental wanderings of a handicapped current student. Someone who can really scare the new and uninformed.. in full naiveté... a hair away from full dissociation. A being totally unknown to their Self.

Is this contest an outcome of LARSE 2? Did someone say there would be more contestants soon? I’ll have to go buy some waterproof mascara. But I think that S could be at least a final runner up…

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Oh, c'mon, Tammy, my knowingness says the current poster child is just RSE staff under cover. They did not fare so well at the LARSE 2 event and it is called damage control.

PS Why don't RSE staff post as RSE staff? "Ramtha's" teaching is to "tell the truth!"

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

why don't they have their own message board?
this is for former students and affected family members.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

"PS Why don't RSE staff post as RSE staff? "

Because they will as stupid as Greg Simmons did at the LARSE gathering and his comments to the NVN.
"There is a cult in town- called the Catholic Church".

as if Opus Dei were operating on 1st street.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

speaking of the Catholic Church.....
I was driving around town yesterday when a current student follows me to the women's gym (this person is a guy,so I know he is not going to work out).
After being cordial for a bit, he asks why I wrote a letter to the editor concerning a Ramster running for public office.
First , he is incredulous because it is
Billy's mother.
I say, who is Billy? thinking it is a kid.
"you know...Billy/aka William" (inner circle)
ah... I say.
"Because I don't think anyone from a fanatical group should be running for a political office."
his reply:
"Well, the christians are in office."

Same answer from the current student who called me to have a discourse.
"The Christians are in office."

So, let's see....the channel is obviously teaching an anti-christian message, because three people in one week blatantly "turn to your neighbor and tell them what you have learned."

I do hope there is some feedback from the Christian community this week.
RSE...slamming all Christians.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

next, it will be the Muslims, then the Jews, (this has been taught in the past as well, Where Angels Fear to Tread video-and then some....)

RSE will **** off an extremist and soon they might hit a time tile of a suicide bomber during a very large event.

They are really off the mark slamming religions as a whole.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

"Jehovah is a war God"???

So, what is Ramtha? An ex war God, who got smarter?
And if Christianity is so reviled at the ranch, why do they offer to make people Christs???
I have Christians in my family, Catholic and Protestant...Jews too. And, guess what, none of us have a big problem with that. At my work (yes, I am a poor slave, I have a job) there are Christians, Jews, Budhists, Hindus and Moslems...nobody seems to have a problem with that. Stop telling us to dislike each other, okay???? And every argument to be made for or against the "big fish" in religious waters, could also be made for or against the little old folks at the little old ranch.
On another topic, why is physics such a focus at the ranch???why not biology, nature studies, ecology, geology...having now read some of the teachings (which I thought sounded good - not convinced that they are practiced as written)is it not so, that Ramtha's enlightenment occured from a study of nature????
And if the truth of the past is buried under mountains of, um, mountains, why don't they become archaeologists, and dig it up>>>>

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

ok now tree, don't be derailing my thread. This is for contestant nominations and wannabe self-write-in candidates for the Award. Anybody from earlier in the year that somebody wants to nominate?

So tree nominated 'Billy's mom' JC in absentia, cause she will be posting stuff all over the county on lawns & street corners, so she's in.

Cowboy - anyone you think should be considered for the award?

Sadism, any stump speeches you wanna make to respond to your nomination? it's ok if it is just more gobbley -gook. Samhain celebrations allow it if you want to keep being spooky, scaring ye olde spirits away.

ex and wolfie - you are always keen in your observations. who would your nominations be? G2G? any quesses on what moniker the blonde tramp was using?

we certainly would NOT want to forget any of those devout Ramthat brides... ... standing by their man..

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Tammy Faye, are u certain you want to discourage all students or staff from visiting and posting here? They should just be aware they are here on suffrance, and also, ask themselves, what are you about? If you want to clean up the school's reputation, this is hardly the place - like sweeping a beach with brooms. If you want to understand where ex-ramthers are coming from, and remain respectful of the fact that some of them see you as the enemy, and you are willing to keep reading anyway, this could be an appropriate place for you.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

"ok now tree, don't be derailing my thread. This is for contestant nominations and wannabe self-write-in candidates for the Award. "

pretty funny Tammy.
I like the part about posting all over the county.

let me think......(taps foot)....

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Huh? I'm so confused. Is Tammy Fay stating I am using a moniker and am a dumb blonde (scratching my head)?

RSE not only blindfolds the eyes, but the brain as well.

The hypocrisies are innumerable. They use "Yeshua ben Joseph" in their teachings, yet hat-man Greg gives discourses at public forums bashing it. Why, I would think he's beginning to sound as a hate-monger, wishing to stir trouble among those of different faiths of this world.

Talk about monkey mind. A monkey can be taught to do many things - were we all simply Judith's monkeys?

Perhaps it's bananas and coconuts that will fall from the heavens onto the main field, since the Toyotas didn't make it!

Humming "banans in pajamas"

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

"Any guesses on what moniker the blonde tramp was using?" Did it look like this?

LOL, Too funny, Tammy - I guess your time at the Hotel Graybar was well spent after all. You didn't run into a few blonde tramps there, did you?

Having put A LOT of thought into it, my nomination goes to Right Mike.

Just the "right" mix of psychobabble and quantum confusion.

May the best man, or is that woman? or whatever...win. As we all know so well by now, the official line is that it is all about mind. (Or is that mine??)

Oh, gosh, I didn't mean mine, I meant hers...

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

The thing I like most about my time at RSE is the fact that I can laugh about it.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

****The thing I like most about my time at RSE is the fact that I can laugh about it.****

I'm with you! That's why I like this forum, we can laugh together. Who else can comprehend this craziness?

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

so sorry sweet G2G - I didn't in ANY way mean to confuse vis-a-vis my 'waning moon' humor.. jayzee would be the Blonde Tramp, as thru her addiction,fickleness & f* ya'all attitude towards the prostituted minds of followers. Dragged thru maya like that as 'brides' of RamTHAT (men & women) as they are subjegated, under His dominion, miming His every word, fearing His rod, forsaking all other. I believe BT has posted - her narcissism would not have allowed otherwise.

And 'Lost' you confuse me... 'the awards' are meant only to make light of posters who 'create their reality' inclusive of EMF. Celebrating their non-sensical posts as they show themselves to rant strangely, use 'coded' language and go off onto into bongo-land. Recent case in point being the Saxon Saxim. All but drooling all over the board, poor thing. As Joe Sz said, setting himself up to be criticized. So instead of YARDS of posts retorting him, i thought, let's try the 'BRING IT ON' approach.. works for George Dubya.

Laughter is healthy and when I discovered this website, I was just tickled. One year anniversary soon! Celebrate ALL who contribute, even those too delusional to know to that they ARE supporting the **greater** cause.

P.S. Cowboy, Hotel LeFIT Graybar just may be BT's next retreat 'hotspot'.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Be still my beating heart, that we may encounter such great good fortune...

Here's to you, Tammy!

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Uh, okay. Duh. Must have been the pollution over in Jersey, since I don't drink.
Just ignore my previous post, Tammy. I don't know people here personally since I'd been an RSE-error for about a year; even less, so many sarcasms and jokes go right over. Whoosh. Swimming in unknown waters, I am. But hey, at least I'm swimming and not wading through mud.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

tammy wait awail after the next week we get more sophisticated rse brainwash.all the students will be instructed from the big cahuna how to handel emf or critisisem.i am waiting for some pearls.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Lost In Space posted, "So, what is Ramtha? An ex war God, who got smarter?"

The story goes like this:
Ramtha left here upon his ascension and went to a space ship, but it was the dark side of the force. He was there for a loooong time in No Time, until he escaped them and defected for the good.

Do you think I'm joking ? Listen to the April/May audio tapes from 1991. Ramther talks about it somewhere on there. Through the years, s/he has talked about aspects of it, too.

Uh oh ! Discrepancy time ! If Ramthina defected for the good, why then, did s/he say only a couple of years ago, in a big, booming voice, "You're lucky that I like this planet because I am known upon other planets as a Dark Lord, indeed."

S/he then went on to brag about how rough s/he makes things there. But alas, we're spared. We only have to deal with the b.s. of RSE. A small hemorrhoid upon one's **** compared to a global one. 'Ceptin that the school has been going more global since attendance in Yelm isn't what it used to be.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

"all the students will be instructed from the big cahuna how to handel emf or critisisem"

so far from the actions, they follow EMFers around Yelm, and they make blankets, retarded comments about the cult
called Christianity.
I, too, an waiting for the more creative gems.
They are acting like high schoolers in the cafeteria gossiping about so and so.
Don't they have anything better to do?
Guess they are endeavoring to create their reality
in this fashion.
That is so old school....er.....high school.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

i didn't mean they made blankets and quilts for the holiday bizarre/bazaar....
I meant they made blanket,retarded statements.

And speaking of bazaars...I don't think they understand one iota about
charities. Too much surrounds self, as in self serving.
now THAT is bizarre!!

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I have another nomination.
I nominate Steve Klein for his
keen (ahem!!), closed minded insights
regarding the local pastor Jeff Adams.


The reason Steve wrote this is because Paster Jeff wanted to moderate a debate with Steve Klein and the new mayor prior to the elections.
Steve wanted it on HIS terms and declined a neutral terms debate via the radio.
Paster Jeff ended up interviewing the incumbant mayor all by himself.
So now Steve is throwing a tantrum.
Imagine if Steve Klein were mayor of Yelm(ack!!!!).
Eeh gad, investigating every EMFer, every person who is not in agreement with RSE.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

What? Ramtha(TM) found himself on a "darkside spaceship" after he ascended? Wow. Makes ascension much less appealing.

So how did he become the "wind" for two centuries?

(How many versions of the story are there?!)

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Spaceships control our weather, don't you know??

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year


I'm sure there are many shades of color to the story of his ascension. ...rolling eyes...

How about the one that it is just all bologna ?

Tammy Faye...speaking of 8 yr olds being allowed to post on EMF...I deleted an entire thread yesterday. The poster was using the same computer to post, under at least four different identities, slamming EMF/Tree. I would agree that emotionally, they are 2 year olds, having tantrums. I hope they aren't doing it on company time !!! LOL

Ya'll current angry students, need to go make a card on your FOURTH SEAL, and allowing others their truth, because you're hypocrits.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Gosh, what a relief – I didn’t know how we were going to chose from all those handicapped souls. So, from where I sit (yea, you guessed it, ‘Plane of Bliss’ – goin’ thru old archives) saxim/kosmos/ryder is one twisted adolescent soul trying to act like a sage. Really not getting it about the earth plane teachings with all that vitriol. Perhaps she is trying to generate a cancerous body, with all that anger, hatefulness and control… that’s how it works. Nothing plastic surgery can do for 'The Body’ then..

To recap then (and stay on thread…) current 2007 nominees are:

1. Saxim (don’t need to say more about this sad one, God Rest Her Soul…)

2. Opus Dei (Tree, did you say the O.D. Monk’s name was Greg? I think that’s how NLN works right – they are doing the opposite of what they say..?)

3. Billy’s Mom (for her work in handing out cult literature to elected officials & yard postings.

4. Jehovah – (Lost in Space – did you really mean to nominate him? I can’t find his posts. Are you thinking he’s Dubya, from the other White House entrenched in no-good?)

5. The Kleinheim (I guess his blog site counts as posting. But, technically, it is really more like STUMPING for the Blonde Tramp...)

I thought someone nominated NoT Right ENOUGH, but can’t find it. Maybe he deleted himself in his future reality. He seems to be a voyeur, hiding behind that MASK, not POSTING. An Autistic among the gestapo team, hiding behind mother's skirts, mimicking the wishes of others. Oh well, maybe next lifetime.

Final week to get those nominations in…

As above, so below, yours truly,

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

tammy, was nominating the person who said Jehovah was a war God, not Jehovah! (u know who)

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

yeah- I know Mike So Right was nominated somewhere, for his comments to the NVN news regarding how weary Judith and company are of people speaking out, because you KNOW, a little teeny district court found her not guilty of leading a cult (what professionals did she use again? $$$$$$$????)

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Tough call...I'm stuck in a tie between Kleinex and Saxim's Ryder. Oh, wait. We're not voting yet.

If Kleinex can be nominated due to the blog, then I'd like to nominate Ms. Judith for her website. IMO it proves something's wrong in Yelmland, because the service For Sale is not delivered - no God Realized beings have graduated.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

when do we vote?
btw...I think Solarnix does not really count.
They were as geunine as could be, considering the circumstances.
Ryder and his buddy are just 2 yr old tantrum throwers who try to follow me around town. They are lame. SO I X them.
I think it is between Kleinex and Mike So Wright and dr (NOT) Greg.
Jz is too chicken to speak, except through her mouthpieces of Greg and the graphics dept.
Except for the fact of her lame prediction on the Dave Ross show, uh...but wait, she backed herself up and said:"I have been wrong before".
She picked Hillary and Biden.
Biden said NO FRIGGING WAY today.
So, according to the time tile theory, other HUMANS had more impact.
no gods in political land JZ??
So there is my 2 cents.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

"Did I miss the announcement about the 2007 RSE Poster Child of the Year? The award which goes to the ONE poster whose missives PROVE – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that something is wrong in Yelmland. That confused ‘product’ of said school whose cumulative posts unveil the mental wanderings of a handicapped current student. Someone who can really scare the new and uninformed.. in full naiveté... a hair away from full dissociation. A being totally unknown to their Self."

so...there we have the criteria.
I stick with my three nominees.
Maybe and honorable mention for Billy's mum posting words all over the 'new neighborhood'.
She means well....but REALLY....sending literature to other representatives who are running?
If the Christian delegates did the same thing, WWJD (what would judy do?)
And her followers....
they would denounce, in no uncertain terms, that church PLUS state is not an acceptable platform.
Do as I say.....not as I do.....

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I would like to add a bit about
"something wrong in Yelmland."

I find it interesting in Ryder's attack towards me "I should have told James to fire your ass".
Oddly enough, Ryder is one of James' Flick's best friends, whom, I had the pleasure of working with him in building JZ's green house.
Ryder (Hank Bonsing) had never worked with a woman previously. He is a master with stone and concrete work.
(And I don't mean master in RSE terms.)
He was very hesitant.
I can't tell you the number of times he would ask for me , personally, as an assistant, not wanting the other slackers who worked there.
I was punctual, very attentive, and was very aware of what he needed at all times,
as far as materials, etc.
When the cement guys came to do the pour,I wrote out the checks, without judging Ryder, because he has some form of dyslexia.
He was very gentlemanly at all times, often paying for my lunch.
This same poster worked on a pour for a UG a little over 2 weeks ago.
My son was on that same job.
My son has never said to anyone, "my mom is out there".
I try very hard to keep him out of this mess as his other "parent" ( I use that term loosely) is still highly entrenched in the group.
He has his own opinions of RSE (as do most of the kids as offspring of RSE parents), which are not favorable, but he is very allowing of what anyone wants to believe.
When the other parent brings something up about RSE or EMF, he just tells her "talk to the hand". Stop, right there.
I chat with him several times a week and just tell him I am going to the gym, eating well, seeing the therapist, etc....so he knows his mom is on the mend.
I do that for his benefit.
Everyone wants to know their mom is ok.
Which is I how and why I feel for the poster Marie.
oh...just a side note.
Ryder was posting from one of the Ranch computers

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

ALSO CRITIERIA: 'Someone who can really scare the new and uninformed.. in full naiveté... a hair away from full dissociation. A being totally unknown to their Self.'

Tree - Your top 3 candidates are not fully dissociated - they are making good money as employees of JZK,Inc. and are NOT naive in use of 'The Work' - they use it to their own gains. IMO, NLP practitioners in their own (w)right..(ha, ha)

The Handicap Poster Child contest winner (e.g., RSE current student whiner) has to be someone who:

1) Posts to the emf forum to be disruptive,
judgemental, be agitated themselves.

2) Babbles in Ram-speak (thinking they are
profound, of course) to a level that could be
defined as 'crazy'

3) Their POST CLEARLY provides substantive
evidence that they are not well, not advancing,
but in fact appear to be seriously impaired due
to clouded ignornance, titanic ego, and/or
dulling of brain grey matter, attributed to
some school teaching.

This 1-2-3 combination can do a superb job of convincing a newbe of finding ANOTHER new age venue for those 'enlightenment' dollars. Sincere 'shock & awe' posts from compassionate ex-members.. and then here is the babble from the current freaks.

How sad sack - here they are, out of bounds, 'helping' the empire, attacking bloggers, letting the world see their pitiful indoctrination, shrunken world view, & lack of compassion. Truly proving why emf even exists..

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Tammy Faye -- I'd love to play / nominate -- but everyone who fits your description is either blocked from posting on this board, or their posts have been removed!!... [ahem].... My thin disguise at voicing my gentle alarm and concern and protest [and suggestion to EMF's moderators!]that in order for logic or "truth" to "shake out" there needs to be less censorship of posts... How can one determine logic / sanity / truth if there is nothing to compare it to?? Because "we" said so??..... That's a little too close to JZ/r's version of reality for me. ..

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year


I understand your concerns..

Insulting and diversionary RSE supporters do indeed reveal the very need for EMF to exist,
To allow these posters a "full voice" undermines the very purpose EMF.
Yet..the EMF moderators do not remove sincere RSE supporters post's and threads.
Consider ..
For many EMF posters it takes great courage and soul searching just to even post here,
and for them to wade through more Ramspeak is incredibly distressing to say the least.

Perhaps an EMF “toxic & quarantine ” folder is the answer..

And watch out for Judith’s “divide and conquer” strategy…
EMF is not about us and them…


Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I like the idea of a 'toxic & quarantine' folder.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

David, I appreciate your reply.

What that says to me though, is this a board that supports feelings rather than facts.... If I want accurate information, I should look elsewhere?

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year


In what way does David's reply state that the forum supports feelings over facts ? Could you give examples ?

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I don't mean to get off track here. I'm simply at a loss for words that "Ryder" is an adult and not a "teenager" trying to get in some kicks. Yet, for his words to flow from an RSE computer? It's sad to observe the lengths others go to in order to discredit another. Obviously, the teachings of RSE hold no water since each time they "focus" on EMF or Tree, David, Joe, etc., they simply create more of living in EMF timeline.

Marie - I'm going to go "out on a limb" here and state my feelings, which are the posts which are vitriolic and hateful are those removed. RSE has their entire "school" to enamor their beginners. This is an EMF forum, and the moderators have set the guidelines. Divide and conquer is an age-old method of which JZ is certainly aware. (How is your mom since she's been back?) I wish the very, very best to you.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

More -- maybe the sticking point is the "gray" areas... I say "po-tah-to"... you say "po-tay-to"....When current RSE students post, it is THEIR truth, as they currently know it -- and I think we all know that -- ... this issue, RSE-to-be-or-not-to-be-that-is-the-question, is one in which both sides of the fence have strong opinions... The trick is to allow both sides, opinions, to come through, without censorship... It is MY opinion that the censorship on the board is a little heavy handed -- Take for instance, the silly post from Babylove... It WAS silly.... Please credit me with the brains to figure that out on my own!..

I understand what you are saying about not leaving ex students open to attacks by current students... but sometimes part of the healing process is knowing you can protect YOURSELF... People will post when they are comfortable doing so... Current Ramsters posting on this board in a hostile manner would, I expect, have an impact on that decision for some... I imagine many more people have no intention of ever posting on this board, they prefer to just watch and read... and this would go unchanged whether current students are posting or not.... People are sometimes stronger than we give them credit for.

Something else to consider -- the bully usually gets a charge out of knowing his attacks have hit home.. and finds someone else to pick on when his/her attempts at reactions go ignored....

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Also -- If I felt this were a somewhat "closed system"... I would likely vacate... since that is the very thing this board is supposedly against... Isn't that what RSE encourages?? Closed system, no questioning... nothing should ruffle the beliefs of those at the head of the table??..

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

>> The trick is to allow both sides, opinions, to come through, without censorship... <<

I do NOT mean that this board should be an open debate about the merits or cons of RSE... Only that ALL should have a voice... If some person wants to post their favorite recipe, well they can post it, but it will go ignored, because that is not what most people are here for!...

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

IMO -- this board would have the greatest impact on the greatest number of people, the less censorship it involves... Otherwise, you end up with a small community of roughly the same members coming and going who all agree with each other.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Dear Marie:

Having no idea what you are referring to, still, I am sometimes suprised when things I have posted that seemed to be off the wall, were accepted here...and, the fact that Ryder's thread was allowed to open at all (cause, he, a current ramster, started that thread) shows me that current students are allowed to post here as long as they are respectful, and that we are allowed to argue with each other as long as we are not abusive...so, having no clue, still, it makes me sad to think that you were made to feel bad when you are clearly one of the people this site was designed to support. sending a hug.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Lost -- I don't feel "bad"... I am just stating my thoughts... on censorship on the board... FYI - Ryder's post has since been "locked"...meaning no more posts allowed on that thread...

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Marie -

That particular thread had degenerated into character assassination and was not, imo, heading in a direction to do nothing more than "assassinate" some more. It wasn't, imo, a constructive debate. How long, in your opinion, ought a thread of this nature continue? At some point, one must make a decision.

Attacking an EMF poster due to their speaking Truth, is this constructive debate? The remarks about rape - "get over it," do you feel this was constructive or lack of compassion? -remembering RSE believes "we create our own reality." In one session where JZ taught "in the flesh," she stated about "women who were raped," "one must think what their fantasies were." That blames the person raped.

No, I don't think those types of posts add to the type of discussions we are attempting to have here. My opinion, of course. Otherwise, let Greg and Mike just run EMF! (not)

I hope you're doing well, and I hope your mom made it back in good health.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Oh my - yes, David.

JZ's "divide and conquer." Cause problems at EMF, get off-topic and begin "in-fighting," letting her and RSE off the hook?

Please, let's not allow such a think to happen. One must be ever vigilant. She is intelligent; however, many others are as well and are not out to scam in the name of "Scalamandre's Luxurious Homes."

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

David have a great point (divide an conquer)if this site is left wide open,that exately what going to happen,JZ will have this site flooded by current followers.
I think the monitors have been doing a great job,and it should be left to them.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Marie -
I know it's locked, but it is still accessible to anyone who visits here...(gross gibes, ignorance and all (not saying those were all meted out by Ryder) - if it were censored, it would be floating around, invisible and inacsessible, in the ether of cyberspace.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

G -- The insanity of Ryder's post was not lost on me -- that is exactly my point.. Let others see that point as well!... People can choose which posts they want to read and which they want to ignore... Moderators don't need to make that choice for them... If the nasty posts are ignored, meaning not responded to, they lose their flame.... I like the freedom of speech concept...

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Marie, I do agree with your point regarding the freedom of speech aspect. I don't think the moderators were censoring by locking the 'ryder' thread however. Ryder (et al) is what you would call a 'troll' and the best approach is to 'not feed the troll' which can definitely be accomplished by just letting the thread fizzle out.

From the very first post there was inflammatory language and personal attacks which are against the user agreement of this forum whether it's coming from a current or ex-ramster.
I was actually surprised it took so long to shut down. As it is, the thread can still be viewed, which is educational and definitely is appropriate for anyone looking for more info on rse. The posts have not been deleted and apparently the posters have not even been banned. I don't see that as censorship but rather the moderators 'moderating'.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Marie, I am in a similar position to you, my partner follows the teachings, I definitely do not! I understand how you feel with regards to the postings, I would be comfortable and would welcome non-censorship too, but is that because you and I aren't ex-RSE members? Its easier for us to read the posts by current Ramsters because we are getting the information we want to help our loved ones (lunatic ravings etc) but for the people looking to this forum for support while they are getting over the insanity of JZ it might be more difficult.

I have found with this forum that you do need to be particularly sensitive to those who are recovering from the deception, you and I are wanting as much information as possible to help our loved ones, I know sometimes my words have been misinterpreted through my desire to know everything about this distructive cult.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

You may be right aussiegirl about ex-ramsters having more of an 'open wound' when it comes to these kinds of posts/threads. I am actually totally for what you and marie are saying, maybe one way to make this a safe place for everybody would be to have different 'rooms' or 'sections' to post different topics in, debate threads, etc. I think this has been discussed before and I know the moderators have their hands full already so it may be slow in development.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Understood. However, do you honestly believe JZR will simply stop having GS, MW et al posting here? The intent is to take the focus off of RSE's scam and create a "Great Divide" among posters. This forum, with the intention of helping former RSE students and their loved ones "recover and heal" from their experience, has then lost any meaning.

JZ has a fortune at stake - much of it due to the poor folks in the woods - yes, they do exist.

I'm sensing something here. I know your mom just returned not too long ago from RSE, where the "kid glove" treatment was provided to BC (certainly not during the abusive verbally profane language with children in attendance, and certainly not in the running down the muddy field to "greet" her-as-him). EMF has made a mark, caused a stir. So smart woman that she is, she's going to perhaps be a little, uh, nicer right now? Let's see how long this lasts. I do not believe for one moment that if she ever channeled "Ramtha (TM), that "he" is still with her. Current RSE students do, and that would be their truth, and they are free to express it throughout their lives and all over Yelm, etc. On the other hand, we former RSE students, witnessing inconsistency after inconsistency, verbal and sometimes physical abuse (was your family present at the July 2006 nine day beginners?) I was. The appearance of "Ramtha" (TM) on Saturday night was not something any child ought be subject to. JZ as "R" came into the doors, first greeting children which was very nice. She then began kissing women on the lips, as they lined up. It was a drunken mess, and was not a one-time deal. But you've read all of this before.

I'm sensing you talked to your mom about some of this, and perhaps there's been some "ramspeak" involved. That's okay. You need to hear both sides, but always remember where the money is going. (I have the pictures).

As for ignoring "bullies," from 1998 until 2003, I was harassed online and fought it. AOL refused our subpeona, and we had private investigators and attorneys involved. Everyone said ignore it, it will stop. I ignored it and stopped doing anything in that area. Did the "bully" stop? No, just more and more personal and financial information about us appearing. The more I ignored, the more we learned was put online, even regarding our kids. Then it took a turn into real life, with letters being written, etc., someone "faking" a move to my area and when I could not find my child to pick her up after school once, I went hysterical. So ignoring does not always work. How did our situation end? My husband faxed copies of the documents to the husband of the woman harassing us, and threatened lawsuit, and we were certainly prepared to do it.
Sorry to go off track, but in a way, it is an example of "ignoring" or "not responding" does not always help. In fact, it would fly in the face of this forum to allow continuous attacks, since we who have left RSE are attempting to recover and others are helping the same. These posters do not serve, in any way, to accomplish this. They just wish to "light a fire." I do not believe in censorship, but when an area has its purpose clearly stated, to disregard it and post contrary to the "agreement" is lack of conscious, lack of compassion for others attempting to move on and assist others from making the same mistake.

All here can take what they wish. I know one thing, I sure as heck am not planning on ascending into a "dark lord" spaceship! (keep in mind, I'm not from RSE years ago - I'm from RSE THIS YEAR.

The Divine within me honors the Divine within you.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I agree with much of what everyone has said...
Wanted to add though, that permitting current students to post here could also serve the same purpose as letting MW speak at the most recent meeting...it reminds ex students of why they left, and can solidify their conviction that they did the right thing!
But if posters cross the line, and their goal appears to be a destructive urge, they should be strongly discouraged from doing so again.
So, maybe, I am saying, there should be a line beyond which posters are not allowed to go.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

"Marie, I am in a similar position to you, my partner follows the teachings, I definitely do not! I understand how you feel with regards to the postings, I would be comfortable and would welcome non-censorship too, but is that because you and I aren't ex-RSE members? Its easier for us to read the posts by current Ramsters "

you got it aussiegirl.

Try being ME after all those mudslinging via EMF, in the NVN, in Safeway, followed by Ramsters in the parking lot, and NOT responding to them.

David asked me if I was too sensitive and did I wish they take the entire thread off.
I agreed for them to keep it, it made them look like a$$es, but enough is enough.
And then they try bringing my son into it.

Conquer and divide is JZ's method.This is not an us vs them. We are just trying to point out inconcsistancies and if they speak, let them hang themselves with their words.

Moderators have their job, and they are doing it quite well.

Try being raw and still in recovery and having to deal with these mindless 5 year old tantrums.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

"Tree - Your top 3 candidates are not fully dissociated "

ALL people who go there are in total disassocitaion-they just are not aware of it. Once one is out, this is made very clear.
They are just mimicking the old goat.
They spout off the same things as the goat,some just say it more eloquently in

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Letting ALL people post is not synonymous with condoning or agreeing with what they say - there seems to be some confusion that because I feel a fairly wide berth should be given to all opinions that I somehow condone those opinions or feel sympathetic to their cause or position...

G2, I'm not sure what you're "feeling" but it's not any conversations I've had with my mother regarding her recent event...I did not respond to your questions above about her because I did not feel it was appropriate on this thread... I find it a little disconcerting that you would think I am so easily swayed... and somehow, THAT suggestion made it a little personal toward me and I felt a bit attacked... maybe we should delete your post to me??....

I'm not sure what the solution is -- I just know that everytime I see a locked post, or posts suddenly disappear, it just dilutes the quality and credibilty of this board for me...and leaves me feeling uncomfortable... Maybe Aussiegirl and I have a better eye for this by nature of having NOT been in RSE ourselves?.. ie, that because we are not as sensitive, maybe some more thought should be given to what we say in terms of balance?

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Might as well thrdough my 2,3 cents in:

I heard where you are coming from Marie. I think if most of this is about the thread that Ryder started, then, as the other posters have mentioned, it was allowed until too much was too much and then it was not deleted but left. I think that is an accountable action. In otherwords, it speaks for itself.

I do see an area that could develop and be difficult to manage. While the board is primarily here for the x members and current and x family members. I am sure there is a 'twighlight zone' so to speak where someone may be tuning in and tests the waters in what ever way they feel safe. In some cases it is bound to be "a defense of their belief, life choices etc. It is sort of hard to determine when someone might be allowed to bring that into the mix of things.

I feel that the price of being a relativly open forum, will be to have things like this occur. I for one am not aware of the amount of censoring that has occured. I would think a small percentage would be assumable but perhaps the moderators would be better prepared to estimate that figure.

I admit to being a Net- challange entity, but perhaps there is a way to send warnings? or to save all the deleted (non-personal) postings in a seperate file and let them out on halloween or april fools day or something?? I don't know. Perhaps the point counter point opened up. I just don't know what is involved.

As x members, how would you have viewed this board and would you have posted with an open mind at first??

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I have been endeavoring to thank you for your kind gift of the tree...but honestly, my mental state has been for crap for two days.
and now I see two people, who have never been involved with RSE...vying for posters rights.
I wish you had a DVD cam in my house, so you could actually SEE what I go through on a daily basis.

I cannot even write amy more.

In fact, this is nauseating.
count my vote and null and void.

I quit, with this kind of backlash.
It is even worse coming from non

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I also feel I need to make clear that in no way am I advocating or encouraging current students to post -- I think I'm pretty clear on that this is a board for EX students... I am only saying that when there is the renegade post, that perhaps it would be best to just leave it alone... Give it the only attention it deserves... None....

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year


Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Thank you David and whatcha...
you have been a grand entry into this web world and have been a sweet ground for former students to gather.
You have given me much.
I humbly bow out.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Hey Tree it was you I had most in my thoughts when I posted the message. I think you have been amazingly brave with the crap that you have had thrown at you in person and online. It is a credit to your phenomenal inner strength.

Please see that I wasn't advocating allowing current RSE members to post, I was trying to explain to Marie that our opinion is so different from those of you are recovering from such a painful experience.

My feeling is that you have to consider the most vulnerable posters not the strongest when you make decisions about who can post and what can be said. I think that is what the moderators are doing. Whilst it's easy for Marie and I to read anything current Ramsters write, and we both want that information, this is really at odds with the support this forum is bringing to ex-members.

Tree, because you starting posting when you were at the very beginning of the recovery process, your journey is of such enormous value to everyone. And you have been brave, you have not hidden your identity, you are still living in Ramtha territory, you are really leading the fight for sanity and would be an inspiration for many many people.

I imagine that there are a lot more people reading this forum than ever post, many who are effected by your journey. They need you, and it was you that made me come back and post when I had decided not to, you should not underestimate your impact.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Just want you to know I get where your at(to the extent anyone can understand another's journey) If I wanted to write you privately, I would send this to watcha to email you, but want it public. I've only been posting a short time, but felt that people who were never in the school getting so deeply involved in this website is disturbing. I don't understand it, and I asked denotesmeaning why he was so into posting considering he was never at school. Same with a few others on here. Why are you here? Don't even tell me it cause you sympathize- Go find a 911 NYC survivors website if you really want to spout off on...
Tree, it is hard to move on. The best thing I ever did was get out of Yelm. Seriously, once you leave, you will wonder why you were ever there. As one former RSE student to another, get out of yelm and stay of the internet. There is a beautiful new life with your name on it out there. Go find it, claim it, make it shine. Love, Leaf

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

LeafintheWind - some of us, myself, Marie and others post here because we have family members in RSE. Where else do you suggest we go for support? It's not much help us starting our own forum, whilst we could support each other, we need some understanding of the school from people who have been and left (they are the only ones who can see both sides).

We try really hard not to upset those of you recovering from your experience as the information and support you offer is invaluable to us, however hard we try we are not always successful.

How elitist do you want this forum to be? Do you want to close it off to anyone except ex-RSE members? Would they need to provide proof? Would they have to have attended the school in Yelm? You mention *denotesmeaning but my understanding is that he/she did follow the teachings for a number of years, just never attended the actual school. Does this makes his opinion invalid?

Most of you are out of the school and on your way to recovery but for Marie and I and others we are still involved through our partners/family. We are looking to get RSE out of our lives too, can't you see how much this forum has to offer us in terms of support and advise?

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

In my experience and opinion Ramtha's School of Enlightenment is a cult masquerading as a "school of ancient wisdom." It's a fraud, through and through, but superficially there is a glitter to it which attracts naive and credulous people who seek meaning in their lives. The cult leader capitalizes on and takes advantage of this innocence and further exploits it using techniques of Ericksonian hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming.

The forum of EnlightenMeFree.com exists so that people can exchange ideas about what is going on there and hopefully gain insight into the deception occurring. This certainly includes the friends and family of current and former cult members. Friends and family want to understand something they do not have access to. They care and want to know how to help people they love. This is noble behavior.

And what about the contribution of *denotesmeaning? S/he claims to have not been involved in RSE but I didn't buy that for a minute. S/he understands it too well to have never been involved but s/he might have a reason to protect his/her identity and I respect that.

It's not about anyone's relationship to RSE, it's about their level of sincerity and desire to understand and share. The deception and fraud of RSE must be revealed but that will only happen as the result of sincere people talking about what they know and have experienced. Those who ask questions are stimulating the discussion which furthers the cause.

All who care about the debacle known as RSE are welcome and their contributions appreciated. Thanks for caring...

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Why am I here?

Because someone I love is in that school.
Not prepared to discuss that person, so did not say that.
Also, believe that some people who did not attend the school, nor have family or friends in it, could still be moved by some emotion other than ambulance chasing - like, say, a wish to see justice done - empathy - indignation at what is happening to fellow humans.
I almost joined the school. It is thanks to this site that I did not.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I hear you. And I understand your situation. If I was involved with someone in the school, well, I would um, run the other way.
My posting here is because of direct personal experience, not conjecture, second hand information and debating the "reality" of the school with people who were never there. I have issues with the school, but loved quite a bit of my time there, and mostly good memories of the people I knew there, and in fact would welcome them in my life regardless of being in or out current or not, as long as they didn't try to bore me to death with "ram said" babble.
And yes, I probably do want this forum to be more elitist. I don't understand why anyone who has never been to the school wastes time here posting. Seriously, I don't go posting on websites for ex-mormons,trekkies,etc.
The obsession with JZ, the threads that ramble on forever about her questionable taste in decorating, facelifts or whatever demean the real issues behind what the school was and is. They coarsen the discourse and give former students who are new to this site a terrible impression.
Not all of us who post here think it was all 100% bad at RSE. I don't agree with other former students assessment that it was a fraud. They don't have to agree with me either. I don't even think of the school as a cult- It was my choice to be there- fanatical as I was, it was my choice. Nobody ever made me do anything I didn't want to do at RSE. If I put up with a lot of goofy Sh*t, it was by choice, no put a gun to my head. Fieldwork, the tank, all of it, I had a blast. When I was done, I left.
You all take care. Bye.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I am here because someone I love is in that school. Not prepared to discuss that person, so did not say that.
There may be other "outsiders" in the same boat.
I posted this before, but it did not show up...appologies if it appears twice.
Also, I think that people who don't know anybody who is current, or who is a past student, may be here for reasons other than ambulance chasing - like empathy - like, indignation at what is happening to fellow humans - anger at injustice - or a wish to understand and help.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Leafinthewind you say…

"I don't understand why anyone who has never been to the school wastes time here posting."

What about the families of RSE members whose lives have been devastated by the so called "school"....
Do they not belong posting on EMF?

How about Joe Szimhart?
Do you think he is wasting his time posting here?

You say...
"I had a blast. When I was done, I left.

Perhaps... RSE was good for you?
at what cost… has your blast been to others?

Nothing good grows in a garden of deception.


Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Marie posted,
“Let others see that point as well!...
People can choose which posts they want to read and which they want to ignore...”

Really ?
The recently removed posts cited several names and were inclusive of a child.
Is that acceptable to you in the name of freedom of speech ?

Marie posted,
“Moderators don't need to make that choice for them... If the nasty posts are ignored, meaning not responded to, they lose their flame....
I like the freedom of speech concept... “

Another viewpoint:
Moderators DO need to make that choice. Why? Because we have high integrity and take our job seriously along that line.
Because we have clearly stated the intent and purpose of this message forum and those that disagree with it have the option of not posting.

Words. The suggestion is that words can be left as posted because they can be ignored and fizzle out. We suggest that lives have been devastated by RSE, at least in part, because of words.

G2G, right on;
Posters need to respect what was posted as the intent of the forum, which is primarily offering information about the experiences of ex-students and family/friends of those who are ex-students or current students, as well as support.

When pro-RSE posters start posting here, including vitriolic posts, they are going outside of the boundaries. Freedom of speech is one thing; vitriol is quite another. This site was not arbitrarily designed. Make no mistake; protecting the guidelines of the forum, is not about censorship. It's about holding integrity for what was designed.

We get lots of private posts about opinions; some feel we are doing a fine job as it is, others think we're not heavy handed enough, and you feel that we may be too heavy handed.

Further, we did leave room for "debates". On the preface page to the actual board, it states: "Topic threads that welcome debates need to be stated as such when begun, not afterwards. All other threads will be specifically and only for support and sharing experiences and opinions."

Debates, done maturely, do not include vitriol.

At best, we uphold the guidelines of this forum. At worst, people can cry "censorship" when they don't agree with the moderator's decisions.

With all due respect, there is presumption going on, IF one thinks that the moderators take any of these actions less than seriously. There are many posts on this forum that fit into "gray areas", that have remained intact.

Perhaps instead of citing censorship due to a locked post, one could ask for the reasoning behind it before drawing conclusions.

The Moderators.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Hey well,I think it is working (devide and conquer)
Look what one post did to us,Now Tree wont post anymore,Assigril and Marie,are very frustraded.
Please guys,let this be a lesson and learn from it.
Marie, Assigril,and Tree I think your contribution to this forum is Very Very valuable to us and I read evrything you guys write,lot of great post you all have contribuated.
I say Let the Moderators do there work,they have showed great Jugement in keeping this site honest.
We need to go back to what this sit is all about,HELPING EACH OTHER

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Oldone...I believe you are correct....

What just happened here?? This is exactly what RSE/JZ/R wants...lets not go down that hole.

I have never been to the school...I have family that does....I have chosen not to even attempt the school because of the posts I have read on EMF. BRAVO EMF...I believe you have done a wonderful job in providing a place for ex members/others to retell their truth to the world.

This site is needed...it does a great service to those who are questioning/searching for answers as to the WHYS and HOW COMES...

THANK YOU for the opportunity to be apart of the waking up of those who have realized that there is more to life than following a lady with a "Christ Complex"...

Tree you are an amazing person...and your strength has given me strength..I hope you understand what I mean there...I have never met you..but feel I know you thru your words here...you have helped others more than I think you know. Please do not allow the words/actions of others define how you live the rest of your life...however, if you feel that your time here is over..I can accept that...as others should as well.

Respect is a great word....that is what everyone needs to remind themselves about...RESPECT EACH OTHER....

Now lets pick ourselves up and continue to bring truth to light....

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I think that the one who post here that have Family member still in RSE have a lot to contribute to this site, and also are facing problems on there own.
I am sure by now that David and the moderators are working a solution to this problems.
it look like everyone are cooling off,that good

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I agree with the above poster, "what just happened here?"

Divide and conquer.

Everyone has valuable input. Tree has made an enormous impact and her continuing to grow and become more than she is, is thought and word in action, with immense courage. I know how small Yelm is, and I cannot imagine living in such an environment after coming forward the way Tree did.

Marie, I apologize if I posted that which was personal to you. You are in a situation I imagine my family would have endured had I remained in RSE. If the moderators feel any posts are attacking others in nature, then by all means, remove them including mine.

I was a moderator on a message board on an online service. We had to determine which posts were related to the subject matter, and which posts were attacks on the people. The rule was, you could "discuss" the idea without attacking or vitriol toward the poster. If not, I removed it and the removed posts were not forever deleted, but were in a folder I could pull up anytime. I don't know if that is possible here, but those posting ought know the guidelines. The post by "Ryder" and the other were obviously attacking Tree. How does that help anyone?

I find it "enlightened" of the moderators to have kept the posts up, and lock it up. I posted in that thread.

I do agree some of us who are in recovery are in a much different place than those who have family involved. We have gone through the "Great Scam" and are trying to regain our footing, spirituality, individualism, along with dealing with other occurrences in our lives. We struggle with questions like (I, for one, after several family disasters) "how do I pray after RSE?" "Is faith to look within only, or is the higher source caring as well?"

So I ask anyone who feels all posts ought be allowed, of what value does Ryder's post have to those who are in recovery from RSE, and ask to try and place yourself in Tree's position - or any of us. Those who speak out with their identities have been "investigated" by "the lady in the big house" - and then to have to deal with posts obviously intended to stir trouble among this forum (thereby taking emphasis away from the real issues), - well, "divide and conquer" is alive and well.

Don't allow this to occur. If you feel you need to hear more, maybe talking or emailing Joe or an exit counselor who has been in a cult or dangerous group can offer more to you.

I know it's difficult to fully grasp what occurred without having been there. One of the Fireside series books that I found irritating was, "Crossing the River." I was surprised at "Ramtha's(TM) tone toward "his/her" people after I had read the White Book, which was so loving. Maybe watching some of the DVD's where "Ramtha(TM) slips in and out of accent and reprimands the people - would help. I do remember having one but will need to go through them---ugh, not easy - but it might help to demonstrate the "confusion" that occurs just within one afternoon.

Stand tall, stand firm. We all have more to offer than JZR, since we are speaking TRUTH and not asking for $$$, or instructing others to drink sea water or invest in "omega" scams. These are some of the real issues, not attacking one another here.

Let's wipe the smirks off of GS and MW's faces - you shall not pass. Go find another timeline, or web a chipmunk. (yes, he said he brought a dead chipmunk back to life-but who was there to see it?)

Hang tough - but with understanding. I'm trying to understand those who would post from an RSE computer such vitriol - and I just continue to see a huge

Marie, again, apologies. I can only say I know it's not easy. {Marie}
And Tree - your experiences and courage are invaluable. There is no one else who can do what you are doing. {Tree}

Peace out.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

G2 -- thank you for your graciousness... No apologies needed, really, but kindly accepted... You spoke your opinion and I value your honest feelings...as I hope mine are as well...

As has been stated here before, communication between us all gets tricky sometimes, so much goes into the mix... most of it known only to ourselves... For me personally, it is an important part of who I am, that I am honest, or as honest as I can be, in my communications with other people... You don't know who you are if you can't be honest with yourself and others...I am not trying to step on others' toes or feelings as much as I am just being who I am... . Sometimes that gets me feedback I don't like.... .... But then, that's my responsibility to deal with, hopefully with graciousness as well....

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

tammy faye...

Since you started this dark humored thread..

Please tell us a little about your personal experiences and time in RSE?

I ask this because your posts are somewhat ambiguous to say the least!


Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Tree - just wanted to say, don't let 'them' win! If you don't post here anymore they will have accomplished what they came here for: shutting you up. You are obviously a threat to the status quo at rse -and I mean that as a compliment. That said, I can only imagine how hard it is to be in your shoes right now and I can totally understand if you feel you need a break. I don't mean to put any pressure on you, just want you to know that you'll be missed.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I did not mean to be author of thread that brought out what is perceived as dark humor. Or worse, drag in ‘them vs. us’ thinking, a.k.a. ‘divide & conquer.’ Playing with an idea appears to have turned into matches; bursting into flames & all.

From sassiness to somberness. But did the light outshine the darkness? Was cooperation present? Were obstacles removed & understanding heightened thru discussion, re: emf purpose, moderation wisdom, needs of all members? did people say and do what needed to be? IMO, lively forum.

Ambiguous? I try to get us to laugh, get over ourselves a bit. (guess maybe not..) I have done my time as ‘ramster’, Spent maybe 8-9 thousand enlightenment dollars there. Although time has passed, nlp trigger sensitivity still surprises me occasionally. The physical nausea I felt after reading ryder/kosmos was a surprise. That’s the difference between having been there and being ‘related’ to the school thru another. And, I have learned to see the wisdom in moderator intervention.

So much for spoofs. No crying over spilt milk though

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

The internet can be a strange place. (The ranch IS a strange place)!

We don't hear vocal inflection. We only see the black words on the white screen - no grays within the words - and that can be a problem with anything. (unless a site allows changing colors, etc.)

I love sarcasm, and a dry sense of humour. The best we can do in the here and now is use those "emoticons." Tammy, your sense of humour has not gone unnoticed. (Although I initially didn't "get it" myself!)

Yes, the internet is a strange-and wonderful-"place." Interesting when one asks, "where does it exist?"

Off to my Monty Python DVD's.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year


nudge nudge wink wink...say no more ...say no more..

Have a wonderful weekend everyone....keep it light...and stay safe one and all..

spam...spam spam...spam...

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year


Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

This website is infiltrated at present. There are insincere postings from a number of "writers."

Under these conditions I am not interested in participating.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Christel - the "spam - a -lot" is in reference to a Broadway show about Monty Python. That's what I was referring to.

I believe the site is infiltrated with RSE's as well. The moderators, I'm sure, have a grasp on what's going on.


Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Hi G2G, My comment had nothing to do with anything you wrote whatsoever as I know from your writings you are most sincere to the best of your ability as are many other posters.

I was referring to posts that are insincere as nonsensical such as the one that initiated this thread.

Tammy Faye stated at the biginning fo this thread that her heart is breaking and mascara is running everywhere. Whom do you know that wears a lot of mascara?

Could it be the best way to hide is to reveal yourself in plain view?

There are other nonsensical looking posts on this site that have double meanings.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Christel – its called double entendre, is a figure of speech similar to the pun, in which a spoken phrase can be understood in either of two ways. This can be as simple as a phrase which has two mutually exclusive meanings, and is thus a clever play on words.

And no, TF is not Judy-in-disguise w/diamonds. Sorry. The two are similar as religious corporation ‘babes’ proselytizing their version of gospel (teachings) and then all flagrant wealth & consumption. And of course, the serious mis-use of mascara. As a female figurehead of the Christian Right for so many years, she ended up in prison and now, dead. (will similarities continue?)

TF is a symbol of the craziness of Belief Systems, Inc. where people’s money is captured by high flyers that cast a net on the hopeful. Whether redemption, salvation or enlightenment, religion and spirituality is big business and always has been.

I looked back on posts from the first 6 months of 07 –, humor, puns, sarcasm, clever word plays – had me howling. And let me tell you, I needed to laugh then, as I went thru my ‘graduation’ One particularly hilarious post finally gave me the gumption to post, after months of peering in.

Given that speakers of ramthese take themselves SO seriously, ridicule seems a well targeted approach to ending flamer bull****. (1 flamer didn't like it.)

Double meanings express a quality of relating, accepting the multiple layers of understanding & the unfathomable which exist in world without walls. Rigorous disciplines, misguided breathing techniques, Mind on automatic – can make one ‘not see’ the playfulness of entendre, due to hardening of the ventricles. smile. Anyway, play on words, symbols, meaning truly not meant to be insincere, only to flame the flamers. BTW, I have always enjoyed your posts, and don’t want to make EMF feel unsafe. Sincerely, TF.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Tammy Faye posted, "I looked back on posts from the first 6 months of 07 –, humor, puns, sarcasm, clever word plays – had me howling. And let me tell you, I needed to laugh then, as I went thru my ‘graduation’ One particularly hilarious post finally gave me the gumption to post, after months of peering in."

I can relate to that. I've said it before...I read FACTNet for a long time, and made contacts with Real People via that forum - well before I ever started to post. Gee, now I can't be quiet ! LOL

THANK YOU for your clarification post, TF. I know it helped a number of people - maybe more than you realize.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Tammy Faye states it in Black and White who she really is:

"TF is a symbol of the craziness of Belief Systems, Inc. where people’s money is captured by high flyers that cast a net on the hopeful."

TM is a frequently used symbol that is indicative of the craziness of RSE. Tammy Faye (TF) states she is the symbol of the craziness. It can be easily concluded she is the one that uses the symbol for maximum advantage to the point its usage is CRAZY.

The rest speaks for itself. I have no delusions about the identity of Ms. Tammy Faye whatsoever.

Fanciful definitons more plainly put could be defined as speaking with a forked tongue.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

The original Tammy Faye was the wife of a hugely popular tele-evangelist...who was massively disgraced and booted out of his own organization...did not know she was dead. Yeah, the mascara was very overdone. Always felt badly for her, that she was the primary victim of that 'church', and she was way more loveable than her husband, and sincere in her dupedness. I don't know who Christel thinks the current 'TF' is...

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year


Our ability to trust anyone or anything outside of RSE is a major hurdle in our recovery process,
Building trust on EMF and in the “outside world” is vital in our recovery process.
It also doesn’t help that our social skills to handle even small disagreements without blowing them into a major conflict is also a result of Judith's RSE brainwashing.

Those pesky Infill traitors …
They will come and go on EMF, but they cannot succeed if our bridges of trust and truth are built stronger than the poison of the RSE betrayal.


Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Christel, you have an issue with trust. You didn't trust me either and I know I am sincere and exactly who I claim to be. I believe the poster TF is also sincere. Everyone isn't a member of RSE out to infiltrate EMF.

I understand how difficult it is to trust when your trust has been so abused but you only harm yourself when you approach honest caring sincere people with feelings of distrust. Perhaps part of your healing process is to learn to trust again and not see Ramsters behind every post.

And no I haven't had direct experience of the lies and deception of RSE but I have had my trust in people severely tested so I can relate to your experience in that way.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

This is a link on Tammy Faye Baker Messner - and a photograph - for those who might not be aware of her past history (it describes a bit of it.)


I thought it might be helpful for those who are not in the US and might not be aware of exactly "TF" was, as well as the scandal back when.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

So what can I say, Doll, that would convince you that I am not who you think I am?

My options today were:

1. do: nothing: always a good choice.

2. say: I’m bonafide: D knows who I am.

3. make: a new nomination for Handicap Poster Child of the Year, cause you are being judgmental, self-agitating. Fear IS interfering with the ability to analyze this stuf.

4. ask you to think about it: WHY would JZ compare herself to someone who went to prison for misconduct, while spewing rhetoric & getting rich? Who might actually have been your idol? (when destitute, abused & a fearful child?) And, then, call yourself a tramp? hummmmm...

So just for the record, I am not a flamer. I responded with sensitivity. I apologized if I made anyone feel unsafe. (Flamers don’t apologize.)

If the rse prez is reading, Tammy Faye hits home...causes a deep, involuntary shutter. TF was on Larry King the night before she died, all skin & bones, with big hair & mascara. YEA – who does that remind you of?

So maybe, hon, you sensed the closeness of the comparison & just got scared too. But some posts might not be for you. They may be for someone looking thru the looking glass...

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I don't support pro RSE commentary and Tammy Faye has plainly written a statement to indicate she is the head of the RSE corporation.....without the diamonds of course.

I personally am unaware if JZ wears diamonds. I have never encountered it.

Clearly Ramtha does not write on the internet. So the statement that "TF is the symbol of RSE" can well be concluded to mean JZ Knight.

The negation that Tammy Faye is not JZ in fact just states it is not she with the diamonds. It does not state it is not she without them.

JZ is the entertainer of the ages and wears a very thick mask of pretentiouness. She lives a luxurious lifestyle on the purses of others.

Based on past performance do you think it is likely at some point JZ might infiltrate this website and if so what sort of job do you think she might do of it given her background of experience?

I have no interest in "trusting" people who's dialogue indicates they support criminal activities.

To save the tedium of the response that in fact there has not yet been sufficient evidence to convict Ms.Knight I will just say, "How long does it take to bring a criminal to justice and just how many people are going to ardently defend their belief system tied up with that criminal until conviction actually occurs?"

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Tammey Faye is posting with a great modicum
of innuendo and humor.
Sorry to think you think it is J Zed.
She would NEVER be so open.

Greg and Mike are her mouthpieces.
I am so sorry you miss the humor in all of this.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Christel you are way off the mark. Don't you understand Tammy Faye's humour? Take a step back and read again.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Christel - I actually don't think JZ is clever enough to manage to masquerade on this forum and not blow her own cover. How much credit are you giving her...? Plus, maybe she has learned some internet etiquette in the last few years but if anyone recalls, she used to make a point of spelling all her posts IN CAPS on the old rse forum. Even if she's dropped that very annoying habit, her way with words would be easy to pick. Hm, now I'm getting suspicious of TF's 'doll' reference...

You are obviously entitled to your opinion and suspicions but from this angle it does look like a bit of paranoia. Then again, in theory you may be right... who knows, we have been fooled before...

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year


I have met our mysterious poster "tammy faye".
I can assure you she is not an RSE infiltrator,
infact she has been very supportive of EMF.


Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Tammy Faye Rocks!!!!!

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Thanks for clearing that up David, I think I was starting to doubt my own arguments, lol!

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

My feel is that JRZ is so ticked off at this forum, she would in no manner be able to contain herself and would be exhibiting a hissy fit worthy of an academy award. Even if she posted after a teaquila or two, one would think she'd be even angrier.
I don't think she is typing - yet. She's either got MW or GS or some of the others she's recruiting to post the off-topic and attacking posts.

She's also probably spitting nails - the ones she chew off.

Just my opinion. One has to wonder if MW and GS are accurately feeding her the info as written, since GS has once before admitted not being honest with her since she had much to "deal with."

Does anyone think she'd be able to keep her cool, right here among us? Her pronunciation is off from what I'm accustomed to as well, and I'm willing to venture her spelling skills are not right on. I'm not saying she's stupid; obviously, she's quite intelligent - but is indeed emotional. Just my opinion again.

(maybe could float an iceburg down that way by focusing - just to cool off)

okay, apologies for the attempted humor.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

JZ's spelling isn't stellar. Not a criticism, just stating what's been said, and seen. Curiously, Ramthimher also said s/he couldn't spell, so wouldn't write when doing a teaching via the white board.

However, having said that, if she wanted to post directly, she could always use a spell checker.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

It appears that David has evidence that Tammy Faye is not JZ thus I apologize for unjust accusations as I have no interest in supporting any sort of injustice whatsoever.

There is also nothing that would surprise me about the lengths RSE would go to to protect their interests.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Thanks for the info G2G.... I have never heard of the other Tammy Faye thus what others perceive as humour is lost on me for that reason alone.

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

Christel - I was looking for a "skit" a long-running comedy show, "Saturday Night Live" did on the Tammy Faye/James Baker scandal, under their segments of "church chat" with "church lady"/comedian Dana Carvey. No disrespect to the now deceased Tammy Faye, but the skit was really humourous. The cast involved was Dana Carvey, Jan Hooks, and Phil Hartman, and Jan Hooks as "Tammy Faye" gushed mascara-tinted tears while they blamed "satan" for all that took place.

It's got to be online somewhere. I have it in my old SNL archives, but it's copyrighted so I can't youtube or googlevideo the thing. It would give you a perspective of the news of that day, and what the posting "Tammy Faye" is referring to.

It's so nice we can all communicate across the oceans - sometimes the events in our own countries and jokes in accordance just don't cross the seas with our intent. I remember calling someone from another culture, (didn't know their name) "Hey, Buddy?" and they were deeply offended, when I intended to be friendly.

Then I bought the book, "Don't touch the Monkeys."

Very informative! (for me)

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

(I know this is a bit off-topic, but in relation to explaining who the real-life Tammy Faye was, this is the Saturday Night Live skit I was searching for)

For those who haven't seen it, I finally found the old "Saturday Night Live" skit of the late Tammy Faye Baker Messner, with Dana Carvey in the skit, "Church Chat." It's a collection of skits online, begins with a Jimmy Swaggart impersonation, then Tammy Faye and James Baker (Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman) interviewed by Dana Carvey (as the "Church Lady." It begins at around marker 5:06 or so.
Tammy and her famous mascara and tears - may she rest in peace - or continue to evolve.


Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

I know it is "off topic" but I just have to pass on this joke:

Question: Do you know where they found Jimmy Hoffa's body?

Answer:It was under Tammy Baker's makeup!

Re: Handicap Poster of the Year

G2G - I used to watch SNL just to see Dana Carvey do all his skits, esp. 'Church Lady.' And to think he was able to have that sarcasm on national TV in the late 80s-90s? wow. Thanks for 'bringing it down from the Mind of God'- reinvented as a way of sharing context, understanding re: TF to our emfers around the globe.

And N - the Hoffa joke - too much, and very sick Americana humor. Quite enthno-centric - try explaining that one to Christel!