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Psychological Assessment of Ramtha and RSE and students?

Hi it's me again,

I'm very curious. Has anybody got information or a weblink about a professional psychological assessment of Ramtha and RSE and students? Has someone done their university thesis on this before? Or written a chapter in a book? Magazine and newspaper articles? From a professional, academic perspective?

I hear lots of personal experiences and opinions which I'm learning a lot from, but I'd also like to read about what psychologists think of all this? Anyone?


Vegan Pride

Re: Psychological Assessment of Ramtha and RSE and students?

Dr. Peter Olssen, ph d from Harvard has written in the book: Malignant Pied Pipers of our time.
Case study of JZ in chapter 1.
The others covered in the book:
Jim Jones, David Koresh (Waco),Heaven's Gate, The Tokyo Subway Attack and Osama bin Laden.

Re: Psychological Assessment of Ramtha and RSE and students?

and check out Joe Sz's web site.
He has done a number of book reviews and written many papers about RSE.


Re: Psychological Assessment of Ramtha and RSE and students?

Hi Vegan,

Interestingly enough there was quite alot about the students who were tested psychological profiles in the "study" done that JZ refers to so much. i have a copy notated at home. I will post more on it if you are interested when I get back.

One of the things I remember clearly was the finding about the students ability to dissasociate. if I remember correctly it was 3 times that of the normal population. One effects of that state is the ability to "keep secrerts from self"

So much for the ability to make the unknown known!

Re: Psychological Assessment of Ramtha and RSE and students?

wow. I had no clue.
I would be interested to see that.

Re: Psychological Assessment of Ramtha and RSE and students?

I'd be extremely interested to see it, also. I remember reading some students were tested and scored high on the disassociative scale.

Tree - I know this is another link - thanks for the "God Shuffled His Feet" urls -
When I finally saw the video with the puppet, it was awesome and just a bit more of a nudge into the "backstage" imo of "Judy's Show."

Re: Psychological Assessment of Ramtha and RSE and students?

Anything I wrote ie ramtha is my 'studied'opinion only.
I know of no studies by psychologists or social scientists that have been peer-reviewed. Jim Melton wrote that apologetically inclined book "Finding Enlightenment" that I reviewed, the one Tree referred to:

Very few studies have been done on cultic groups that pass muster in social science and most were done on older large groups like the Hare Krishna, Moonies, or International Church of Christ.
www.csj.org has some studies but none on ramtha.

Part of the problem is access and cooperation: Devotees of eccentric groups with elitist agendas tend to be difficult to pin down, are phobic about outsiders seeing too much, and rarely trust science and tests that they cannot control in some way. Also, the cult leader would have to approve or tolerate such tests before followers would agree.

There is a valid reporting device in social science called "participant-observer". Ex-members with their narratives fulfill that role to a great extent, except that a clique of social scientists incl Melton do not accept the so-called "atrocity tales" of ex-members. His kind would rather believe the distorted self-reports coming from members.