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of cogwebs and neuronuts in yelm

Remarkable weekend in Yelm, especially the public meeting at the middle school Saturday evening. I applaud everyone that participated and spoke up.

There was some dispute whether to allow Greg Simmons of RSE to speak, but I encouraged "us" to allow it, and he did.
In my experience in court and at public meetings when members of 'closed system groups' witness or speak out, they generally hang themselves with their own words. GS proved my case. His grandiose promotion of RSE and its "50-75 thousand" [or something like that] students that "went through the school" with no protest swerved into a simplistic diatribe against the Catholic Church as "the worst cult". He by self-admission did this for my benefit. This very same tiresome tactic has been used by any number of cultists I met throughout the past decades.

To me it demonstrates a lack of education and clear thinking. The cultist's brain or frontal lobe has formed rigid cogwebs [cognitive neuro-connections or pathways]that are used over and over again to bypass criticism. Critical thought or the "stop and think" mechanism as in a healthy mind thus has no chance to work. Greg demonstrated why there is a need for exit counselors. I should thank him for the promotional material---we got him on tape!

When I've had time to digest the events and reactions I'll write more about it.
Good seeing david, tree, journey, littlewiseone and so many others.


Re: of cogwebs and neuronuts in yelm


I am happily exhausted;
There is so much I would like to share with everyone,
I just need a few days for reflection and to gather my thoughts.
We did have our wee DV camera rolling..
So..as soon as possible, I will make it available on our EMF Google video, even Greg's five minutes!
Joe.. that was good advice..
& Just like Watcha said…
“THANK YOU to everyone involved. LOTS of people put effort into making this event happen. Some on the front lines, so to speak, and others worked quietly behind the scenes.”

Joe..Robert and Alexandra, Karri, Andrew, Jeff Adams,Watcha….RF..Margaret,
J&S and many others whose support and encouragement made it possible..

An extraordinary weekend…

wanna buy a nice five acres in the Bald Hills..?

Dark Chuckle


Re: of cogwebs and neuronuts in yelm

here is the latest cogweb of diversionary tactics being employed by RSE.
When asked by the Nisqually Valley News about their reactions to the weekend, Greg Simmons and Mike Wright's responses only focused on my little portion of the conf.
Then, to my amazement, the head Red Guard e-mailed a statement to the Nisqually Valley News that he did in fact, recall the evening in 1997 , but that I flirted with him in the food court yard, held hands, played touchy feely, and that I enjoyed the entire incident.
Only to be followed up by a former friend of mine, a single mother, who is an undocumented alien in this country (who was taking welfare handouts from both New Zealand AND the USA simultaneously-but NZ caught up to her in th 90's-she's owes back welfare up to $24 K and she is still living in US sponsored housing in Yelm)
she wrote to the Nisqually Valley News that I had been contemplating sleeping with a man for several months, and that I spent the entire evening with him and enjoyed it very much.

Now how is THAT for a nice diversionary tactic on RSE's part???
Sweet. Only to be displayed in this week's edition of the Nisqually Valley news.

1) The amount of psychological and emotional pain coming out of such a group is enormous.
2) Now I have to fight was every other woman fights with in regards to non-consensual acts of sex.
This is absolutely crazy.
Finger pointing to David's tax status and now the rape as diversionary tactics
to not focus on what actually goes on
at the Ranch.

Re: of cogwebs and neuronuts in yelm

That is appalling, Tree. The red guard's statement is somewhat incriminating though, his take on that night is similar to what most rapists would contend: 'she asked for it'; 'you know she wanted it'; 'she liked it'; 'I was only giving her what she really needed', etc, etc. Unfortunately for him, this doesn't look very good. I'm sorry that this has to be so public for you. The character assassination is a sign of how desperate they are and how little solid ground they've really got to stand on.

Joe- good points. It occurred to me today about Greg's speech that he's trying to campaign for free religious expression by tearing down the catholic church....? yeah, that makes sense, lol. What ever happened to 'do unto others...' which, by the way although it is clearly a verse of bible origin, is one of the mandates of rse. Religion, Jesus, the bible is all used conveniently by JZ/rse only to be re-interpreted to suit the agenda.

Great weekend, thanks to everyone!!

Re: of cogwebs and neuronuts in yelm

Hi - This is mostly to Tree...
I have been reading these posts for awhile but rarely write mostly because I don't have the time! However if I think it might help someone I have been compeled to reach out and make a difference -
Your experience sounds so sad mostly for the ongoing aspect of it!
Briefly - I was in the school for about 20 years...never a staff member (other than cleaning toilets) however I was involved in 2 relationships with very high profile guys from the inner circle, had many personal experiences with JZ, witnessed too many controversial/hypocritical instances/teachings to count...
Now after almost 6 years away I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel leading to a life free of the effects of RSE. Also with something quite valuble called "hindsight'. Thank ME that I made it out while my son was a toddler and he is growing up free of that and is becoming such a brilliant and amazing person...blessed with a Mom who truly wants a "remarkable" life for him above all...I would rather take what was of value from my experience with RSE ( there was a little of that ) than to dwell in the negative...As I truly believe that JZ is a fraud at best and a spiritual predator at worst...I have to refuse to continue to be a victim of her!
There is such a great big beautiful awe inspiring World out here to live in!
My thought to you Tree is if you could make a break from there (yelm, and this site even!) I think it would be so worth it! I would gladly talk to you personally as you might say easy for you to say but if you know who I am you might see. I tried to stay in that town because my son's Dad was there but I know I had a better chance free of the stigma and yours sounds worse...
Do it for your sons benefit! Maybe he wants to stay there cause he has friends there but he is young and there is a whole world of adventure waiting...for both of you...anyhow contact me and we will talk and anyone else that this reaches out to...and I don't mean to be secret and covert I just do not have the energy on this to be so public nor do I have any desire to fuel emotions of regret, resentment, blame, etc...mine or others. That wouldn't serve any purpose in my "free" life out here...

Re: of cogwebs and neuronuts in yelm

After participating in an event like LARSE 2 it stirs up emotions on every side of this issue. Journalists need to be careful -- at least their editors are a "stop and think" mechanism that helps bring more sobriety and accuracy to a story. Before anyone posts here re the LARSE 2, I suggest being your own editor--let a response sit a while and try not to merely react to RSE "slings and arrows". No one has to defend themselves immediately.

A Santa Clara Pueblo Indian 'medicine man'/shaman once told me he usually waited three days to give advice or to answer a difficult or "urgent" question. Often he found that the answer came to the client anyway by that time, or the client no longer had to speak about it, or the person had new information that gave the shaman an opportunity to give better advice.

In one movie, W C Fields stopped a boy from throwing rocks at the other kids. Fields told him to count to ten first, then throw. "Your aim will be better."


Re: of cogwebs and neuronuts in yelm

Huge thanks for LARSE 2 and everyone's blood, sweat and tears.

Special thanks to David, an unsung hero if ever there was one.

Joe, thanks for your clarity and fantastic insight.

Tree, thanks for your courage and genuine righteousness.

Thanks to Robert and Alexandra (father and daughter) for deepening the meaning of the word family.

And sincere gratitude to the EMF poster who created the "Cults in Our Neighborhood?" artwork. Truly meaningful!

But then, when one breaks free from the invisible clutches of a cult everything becomes meaningful.

And that is really worth sharing. Thanks to everyone, near and far, who has ever participated in "Life After RSE."

Re: of cogwebs and neuronuts in yelm

magic#2488 - did we know each other...? I'm Alexandra Menna, I was going out with Jim/Jimmy C. at the time, he later worked in the audio dept. I'm in CA now with a daughter of my own. If you remember me, feel free to email me. My email is below my username.

Re: of cogwebs and neuronuts in yelm

magic #2488:
my e-mail is above
I would like to correspond with you