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Psychic Attack

From the book A Secret Door To The Universe author Paul Fenton - Smith, Chapter 21 Psychic Attack:

"When new devotees joined his sect, this 'guru' encouraged them to link into him. Their desire to benefit from his spiritual understanding results in them sending their awareness out to him. He gathers this awareness and holds onto it. This is easily done, as he has convinced them that they can benefit greatly from his knowledge. As they are spiritually hungry, these energetic parts of them seek outside their spritual body for spritual nourishment. In effect, the devotees' awareness doesn't want to return to them, as it realises that there is no fulfilment to be found there. In this way those who follow the guru feel more whole when they are in his presence, simply because they are in touch with the part of themselves which he holds. They cannot leave, for to do so would seem as though they were abandoning a part of themselves. The devotees interpret this wholeness as a sign that they should indeed follow this guru...

His enerergy surrounded my client and it was difficult for me to push through it to reach her. Ego and money do not bode well for someone who claims to be spiritually advanced and a teacher for others. I saw that he had quietly put aside a seven-figure sum of money in a bank account in another country, and was planning to disappear one day and retire to a comfortable life.

In the meantime the unsuspecting gave him their trust,their money and themselves in the hope they might gain a speedy enlightenment. It only confirms to me that there are no short cuts to spiritual understanding.

This 'guru' also relies on the egos of those who follow him. According to him, those who have left the sect have 'failed and can't find the strength necessary to achieve spiritual completion this lifetime'. I believe that it is arrogance to think that anyone knows where others stand spiritually".

Alarm bells anybody??? Gee those Blue Stars may have been more of a link than we ever perceived.

Re: Psychic Attack

I am reminded of my Brother's yoga guru...brother was trying to stop smoking so much dope, and found that yoga helped...when he was on his own...and credited the guru with teaching him good thoughts and ideas, for enlightening him to some extent..but he broke with the guru, because, he said, the guy (who I don't suppose was actually evil, just pretentious)had way too much ego to really be an enlightened being. Sound like anybody?

Re: Psychic Attack

humingbird i wrote about the links to gurus before but that hits the nail thanks.the triangel in front of the diciplines is the dial up to rse.i heard that jzr made remarks about focusing on her eyes and she sold photos from herself[very traditional gurulink].all in the time when greg s runs around with a mala around his neck coming from india.any thoughts coming up about fieldwork?jzr always stats thats her field.so when 1000 people focus on faboules wealth to whom belongs the energie?are they just workerants?you have to give a guru permission to do so.if you consesly stand up and break this bond he cant leave with a part of you.the intresting thing is in india they r very aware of the teacher student conection and its very reglemented.like a guru doesent take any apling student he has to evaluate if he is abel to teach him something.some teacher even send theire students to other teachers for aspects they think their desiple has to learn.from the moment a student is accepted the teacher is responsible for his development.a thrue guru doesent take everybody in his inner circle because he knows that there is the posibility of getting haunted by someone who doesent make it.a student pais his teacher.that also concludes the buisness.so 75000souls-10000?souls.even 1% of 65000 would be too much for me jzr.maybe you should work something out with your lawyer or did i forget to read the smalprint?

Re: Psychic Attack

So reminds of the the 'USE MY MIND' Judith as JR pulled on the field.


No thanks. I like mine just fine. Judith can use hers, and I'll use mine.

Re: Psychic Attack

Ex, you are so right in saying the triangle at the start of the disciplines is the "dial up to rse".

It would seem that we could deduce that:

C + E = Energy Vampirism

After all we are speaking of someone that thrives from power! It would be very intersting to observe what happens on an energetic level at the ranch if you had your 3rd eye open to see it.

I was reminded of a clairvoyent I once saw who said to me that "Ramtha is not who he says he is".

Re: Psychic Attack

In "Ramthas"(TM) UFO Book edited by Judith Pope, 1991, the big "R" states the "sign of the triad" is the symbol of the extraterrestrials - his space brothers.

Yet in the school, we were told it was simply putting the brain on notice that "something serious was about to happen." I saw some staff do it before gridding, and others not. There's not consistency among staff at all. Pfui.

Re: Psychic Attack

Another point about Psychic Attacks.

I am partiularly sensative to ENERGY... I know for example..e that some way, don't know how it works, but if someone is talking about me I FEEL IT..

I am very sure many may people on this board have also had that exact knowing.

I also get very jettery if someone is talking/ gossiping about me in some negative way.

Again, don't know how we know it ... but we do.

I have verified it a few times in my life.

Also, when I was younger and sexually active ... smile.... I could FEEL the energy when any of my boyfrinds were thinking sexual thoughts about me.

For me, it simply happend and I have AWARENESS about it.

This is somethings that has been with me since I was a very young girl. It does teeder on intuition or physci abilities.... or simply energy awarness.

It seemed like I can SCAN energy or Read Energy easily, I know things and sometimes spirit reveals things to me...

Now I am NOT CRAZY... but I am sure I am not alone, I am most sure many many people on this board have these types of experiences.

For me, it was one of the REASONS I was WOW'ED about R in the early days, i was looking for a deeper understanind of who i was and these crazy things that happed to me that i did not understand.

This is why I have come to the conclusion the greatest PRAYER or Mediatation is "THY WILL BE DON".... that way,you I am NOT working to manipulate or control and distrupt the energy of someone else.

I love that old song... Let it Be... Let It Be.


Re: Psychic Attack

Liz said, "For me, it was one of the REASONS I was WOW'ED about R in the early days, i was looking for a deeper understanind of who i was and these crazy things that happed to me that i did not understand."

Yes, me too.
It was precisely because I DID have "intution" experiences in my life, that I was open minded to what JZ was CLAIMING she had to offer, via Ramtha. If she had been honest and delivered the goods, it would have been an answer to a prayer for me. I always wondered why I "had that" (strong intuition to this day). I wanted to understand and make the most of it for my personal life (not in any marketing sense).

The rest is history. While I had SOME good times in RSE, and I learned SOME things there that I feel are useful, I was lied to and duped. RSE does not deliver Godhood as it claims.