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What I have gain uptil now from leaving RSE


I wanted to post here just a thought. I think I mainly do it for myself as a kind of postview on the last months, but maybe it can help somebody.

I have gained: more time for myself and my friends and family. I call them more, spend more time with them, I don´t have to hurry and do my disciplines and I´m more relaxed.

I have also gained more time and increased interest in reading literature, learning about History, I´m more interested about listening to the news and know what is happening in our world. A world I love.

And I feel so free of not having to be a god anymore, just a human beeing.

Re: What I have gain uptil now from leaving RSE

You broke out of the mindtrap! YES!
I'm so relieved and happy to hear people regaining themselves.
Doing disciplines all day and having a family certainly don't go hand in hand.
Celebrate your life in your own way! YES!

Re: What I have gain uptil now from leaving RSE

yes...no more "Ramtha" induced pressure to be god.
Just be.
and I don't need some bogus ascended being telling me I am already god.
I am what I am.