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Tonight @ Yelm Middle school

Tonight @ Yelm Middle school,


Well done,
I appreciate so much all you have done. please pass on my thanks and regards to Joe, Robert, Alexandra and guest speakers.

for me, I see how much you have accomlished.......It has helped me so much since leaving the RSE Organisation

Any way....@ yelm tonight..I would like to let you know that beyond the guest speakers ..Tree took the stage, the Microphone...... she expressed on the most difficult of subject......

thanks again Tree....
to continue...... not Greg, M-WIGHT, Debbie, Mitcha showed any inclination to address the topic...

I want to pay tribute again to Tree.

So Be IT

Re: Tonight @ Yelm Middle school

a very humble thank you

Re: Tonight @ Yelm Middle school

somone there asked:is the intend of emf to bring jz and rse down? i had to think about this.i wanna see the truth.i am aware that there is no untainted purly good religion or buisness [whatever].and if uncovering the whole of rse brings it down than that is an outcome which would astonish me.i never saw a religion eh buisness going realy down.jz will pull her money in the right moment out if her buisness fails.most of the controversial cults and religions r still existing.but you as a customer or peorson should know what you have to deal with.thats why i apreciate this board and share my opinion.