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"Ramtha" copyrighted

"Ramtha" is a copyrighted being. . In effect J Z Knight has the sole proprietary rights to "Ramtha."

The way I see it this would mean that in effect J.Z. Knight from a lawful standpoint could actually be held accountable for all the actions of "Ramtha" upon the audience.

Some judge was stupid enough to give JZ the sole rights to an intangible, unproved, invisible being. As Ms. Knight considers it is a religion (at least on paper) it is as I see it the equivalent of copyrighting god.

JZ feigns ignorance of what "Ramtha" does as she is out of the body. (such as in that court case involving the young woman who was raped ) and denies she is accountable for his actions when she is "out of the body."

What "Ramtha" is cannot be conclusively proven by anyone but "his" actions upon the audience can. As she has the sole rights to "Ramtha" then I would conclude she can also be held lawfully accountable for "his" actions.

Re: "Ramtha" copyrighted

This was something I was curious about. She knows this copyrighted "being" is telling people certain things "after the fact," and these things have caused harm in some cases - then why does she continue to allow herself to be "used" in this way? She ought refuse to "channel." Period. (Not that I believe it). Or, be financially responsible for ALL OF THOSE enticed/brainwashed to move to Yelm - since "it's the only safe place on the planet" in the "days to come." Pfui, again!

Very good point, Christel.

Re: "Ramtha" copyrighted

Ramtha is a copyrighted and thus a subjugated entity at best under the dominion of JZ Knight who lawfully owns "him."

It is quite apparent that there is a deficiency of observable evidence that "Ramtha" has power.

If "he" is a master of the material world and RSE is "his" school, as he used to state on a regular basis, then it is apparent he is at the mercy of the RSE administrative procedures which was already corrupt in the early years.

If it was "his" school he would have cleaned the act of the organization up long ago. It does not operate like a business with integrity and a conscience about what it does.

The observable actions of JZ Knight is that she zealously pursues the control of other people and likewise for members of her admin.

She subjugates some with the legal system and beguiles others with her smile.

Did Jesus have an attorney?

Re: "Ramtha" copyrighted

christel good to see you wielding your sword eh pen again.i wonder about this aspect too.in every cult there r good statments good leadership and then there is the corupt crew which messes it up?i never bought this.if you have honest leader delegating to an honest competent crew that should manifest a prospering healthy comumity which tacels ods coming along the way in a good maner.i only saw this in smal buisnesses yet.i also belive that an employer buisnessowner is responsible for the actions on his behalf from his staff.of course he is not responsible for choises his staffmembers are making but they schould be edujucated enough to fill their position and follow the buisnessguidelines.he she schould at least state if they r in line with his buisnessconduct.the set up ramtha doesent know what jz does and jz doesent know what ramtha does is a real carneval setting.too convinient too much excuse.i forgot you as an uneducated student r resposible for the failure of the real masterhyrophant.if this isent a zenriddel is it a scam?

Re: "Ramtha" copyrighted

just for fun:people who hear voices,having acces to only for them metaphysical wisdom claiming they r god or napoleon get loked away as "insane"they have theire place in society as "village idiots curioseties saints...."but they r traditionaly not allowed to run a buisness.because they cant be held acountable.well done jzr."*"sorry for not knowing the political correct words"