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EMFers on Dave Ross


here was the schedule for today: October 26..
It was a great show, esp with Joe on.
I don't think you can get today's program archive until tomorrow.
littewiseone,journeythroughramthaland, and David.....very articulate.
well done.

Re: EMFers on Dave Ross

Thanks Tree

Here's the direct link to the audio file of the show. You have to scroll forward about 5-10 minutes to get to our part of the segment:


Re: EMFers on Dave Ross

Smile and LOL

Leave Your Dead Muels Behind..

Boy do I remember that.

Re: EMFers on Dave Ross

This is a great interview David.

The problem is just like the young girl said, you slowly are changed into that way of thinking.

Catholic Priest / ect... these things lend validity to the group.

...." It is brain washing, but also, the TV and Radio, and News, and church are all brain washing."

This was a statement made to me that keep me in these types of groups for a very long time. Our logical brain understands it and justifies staying in it.

Re: EMFers on Dave Ross

Her boyfriend DIE of Cancer and up to the last moment thought he would be healed.

Sort of reminds me of Jeff Knight... I always thought if Jeff was not healed after the years he was with the Ram right there.. then there is no truth to the claims.

It also reminds me of many of the people I knew who stayed with Mafu for years and years.. and still to this day can not financially suppor themself... or they FEED off the weakness of others selling their snake oil Herbs and Oils or SPECIAL Medications and Prayers... mean while many who have left those groups... still live off of their family and friends who continue to work for a living.

I know one girl who to this day, is waiting to be called back to the Ranch. Living off her family.
....and they call that Manifesting.

There are so many HOOKS in these types group... and the DREAM that is presented to the Frogs is a BEAUTIFUL DREAM... one day you grow up and be King... and beautiful... and get everything you want.

I watched in the beginning days of Mafu promot Immortality... I was told by Mafu this was my last Life Time... in a Private Interview..

..and then after 8 years... the message to the groups was the promotion and seeding of DEATH and Illlumination in another life time.. but you will be a great teacher in the next life...

Wow.... In the mean time... after 25 years... can anyone NAME ONE PERSON who has truly ATTITNED any lever of Beyond the Human Potential... in truth?

Not the FAKE CLAMES but truly INSTANT ON DEMAND Manifestation Beyond the human?