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CoCo is CooCoo & a LIAR

I just took the time to read through the posts at the following website:


A poster, CoCo, has posted there, overtly and unanimously bashing EMF.


Why would CoCo bash a forum, as a blanket statement when she doesn't even know each person/poster ? What does that say about her integrity, character and level of compassion and tolerance for diversity?

She speaks of hate, but she is the one who oozes vitriolic words toward the EMFers.

A tidbit of information as a blast from the past. We had a poster, CoCo, who posted on EMF. She LIED openly on this forum, and stated she was not a student. Her tone was one that I will describe as trying to restrain her venom. But, she was found out, and since she lived (probably still does) in the Yelm area, she was spoken to by an "EMFer", only to uncover her LIES on the EMF forum. She admitted that she IS a current student, in person.

I don't think I need to say more.

For those of you who post "responses" to that blog, you may want to ask about these issues. Or not.

SHE has been banned from posting here, because she was clearly out of bounds in disrespecting our POSTED guidelines.

Poor CoCo. I am so thankful I am not in her head. Her brains have been washed for her. Indoctrinated.

Re: CoCo is CooCoo & a LIAR

I read through the entire blog.
I waited several days to respond.
She sounded very angry.
and projected that on EMF'ers.
I think I spelled that out in my posts.
I think I have done it there, and also in support of Stephanie.

I think people are very blind.
Even with the written word.
Coco, nor Laura Mooney will deter me.
Their emotions (which they are taught to have none) come through LOUD and CLEAR.

Re: CoCo is CooCoo & a LIAR

Poor coco es loco! There are some very serious issues there, and I wonder if she is involved in substance abuse--either the alcohol or perhaps too much Prozac (or having been on it and abruptly stopping it).

How miserable she must feel, with all of that within. I wonder how many other currents just want to SCREAM? Because that's what I see "Coco" doing, of course, she's unaware of it, imo. Something here threatened her RSE "safety nest" and she's acting out.

God - whatever your form - help her.

Re: CoCo is CooCoo & a LIAR

"Their emotions (which they are taught to have none) come through LOUD and CLEAR."

You hit the nail directly on the head, Tree.

According to the teachings, "you are addicted to your emotions" (said the "big guy.")

I imagine this is why some, such as this, have not yet graduated.

WAKE UP, RSE STUDENTS - if you believe the teachings, then you know the LAST thing the "big guy" wanted was for people to follow! The only place to go is within yourself, find your truth, acquire compassion, and become noble and tolerant to your fellow humans. I don't think the spaceship is coming to save you, no matter what you're told. People here, from what I see, wish you no harm, but express concern for you and others for we now "see" with blinders removed, what IS, and helping anyone to not go through the "withdrawal of RSE addiction" is a noble act, particularly those who made this forum possible.

The "metaphysical" experiences are not due to "Ramtha (TM)." What you experience is because of you and who you are. We all have abilities to be developed - the teachings are "borrowed" - read the books for yourselves, and yes, know that you and all of us are God. God is within everyone and everything. Is it really news to hear this? Maybe in the western world, but far east - perhaps infrastructure is behind, but the understanding of the ALL is old news, not new "teachings."

You are your own best "teacher" because you will know without any "niggling" thoughts when you find your truth. (RSE students - isn't this a teaching also? It's "the big guy's story" and not yours. What you experience is yours, but the experience is NOT Ramtha's(TM). When something is yours, why say it belongs to another?

Coco, I feel for you.