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I am a newcomer to Yelm. I've only been here about 4 1/2 months now. I found out about JZ Knight and Ramtha when I was handing out gospel tracks inside of the JZ Rose store. Glory be to God that you all were able to get out of that occultic experience! I was talking with the pastor today at the Lutheran Church and was asking how could we reach more people with the gospel over there. Some of them have no idea what they are into and what the effects are. My prayers and hearts go out to them. I am looking forward to learning about how I can warn others about this occultic school. Thank you for setting up a public awareness of this woman and her school. God willing I will be there. In Christ, --Mrs. Stephanie Deyo

Re: Awesome!

What does occultic mean?

Why don;t you worry more about fixing yourself, instead of trying to save everyone else.


Re: Awesome!

Hey Steph,
"Some of them have no idea what they are into and what the effects are' ? Good One.
I feel the same about People who go around door to door preaching the gospel. (And dropping acid, and eating anything with olestra in it)
Posts like this make me want to go back to the Ranch. Yeesh.

Re: Awesome!

now, now - we are to play nice on this forum. You just never know whose heart or prayer will make a difference. Mrs. D clearly knows how to spread the word!

It is amazing how many people in rse have come from deep religious backgrounds, trading in their faith for this new age deadend road. An amazing number of ex-mormons, catholics & jews have been pulled into the school. who knows? maybe strong religion is what it takes to back that car right out of that place...

Faith abandoned is one of the core of our times - faith in oneself, faith in a higher intelligence and even the faith that this Cult can be beat!

IMO, emf needs everyone UNITED in the yelm community to put pressure on elected officials, sheriff's office, police, IRS, Thurston Co., Christine Gregoire - whatever it takes to put the old silver sword into the heart of the beast.. The whole ill journey of JzR began with Holy Rolling, it could be Big Religion which ends it.

This dragon WILL be slayed.

Re: Awesome!


For many on the EMF board, trust in any organized religion has been utterly shattered,
RSE is spiritual rape, designed to divide and conquer lest she "JZ Knight" be undone by the very God she claim’s is his true voice and instruction.
I too have met Pastor Jerry of the Yelm Lutheran church, such kind man,
His sincerity …. and willingness to help is at the very elegance and heart of Christianity,
something Joe Szimhart has touched upon.
There was not a hint of judgment or suggestion to turn to Christ or Christianity.
I have also met with most of the Yelm Pastors this year, including Pastor Russ Blake of the Yelm Crossroads Community Church; again such sincerity to understand and help, but a bewilderment on just what action to take.
Am I advocating Christianity?
Of course not,
But if a Christian, Buddhist or Muslim reached for my hand in sincerity, brotherhood and understanding, particularly in these troubled RSE waters…

I will take it…



Re: Awesome!

Lol, Leafinthewind!!!

Seriously though, well said David.

Re: Awesome!

point of info - Stephanie is not from Emanuel Lutheran, but I suspect, Our Redeemer Lutheran - of the conservative branch of Lutherans-- NOT Pastor Jerry's church.
And yes, there are more people praying for all those involved in Judy's world than is suspected - and we may never know what difference they've made or not. Religion - organized or otherwise - is not the enemy. Men, as in men, as well as all human beings have done terrible things in the name of religion - as does Judy in the name of enlightenment. As Joe Szimhart points out - look to the heart essence of the spiritual traditions/the true Sacred teachings. Each of the Traditions have a mystical component from which judy has stolen, and twisted.... Just because the grocery store sells food that is radiated or chemicalized or tainted in some way doesn't mean all food is bad and to be avoided. It's that critical thinking thing again.
Time and again Emanuel has offered free meeting space - it's a building - yet there is a refusal to use it because judy has ****ed all religions and Ramsters past and present have accepted her limited view and continue to cut off their noses to spite their brainwashed faces.
Whether or not we agree with Stephanie's behavior - she is sincerely caring - she's not out to make a profit - she offers what to her is a gift. Just because we may not agree with her, doesn't mean she is an enemy.
Instead of bashing Stephanie and all Christianity and all religion - why not share with her what would be helpful - what would have made a difference to you when you were a Ramster; what would make a difference to you now.??

Re: Awesome!

Stephanie writes in with such sincerity and she gets bashed.
so what if her gig is handing out pamphlets?
She is endeavoring to understand what effects RSE had on people and how we, as a whole can unite.

Re: Awesome!

organized religion failed to develop the spiritualaty in peopel.one reason why people flock to scamers like jzr.but from a gospel point of view i turned away from the church bonded with the devil and looked through his game too .i need nobody to save me.never back to a herd.no offence stephany you seem a nice peorson.but when the bibel get waved towards people its downhill for them from this point forward[see the indiantribs of south america as a newest exampel]

Re: Awesome!

"I need nobody to save me.never back to a herd." Ironically, ex, that is exactly the Gospel message in a nut shell.

Re: Awesome!

"I wish you peace, in the Radiance of the One to Whose Heart there are Many Paths." Fred LaMotte
If 'Greeners' can see a multiplicity of perspectives, and US soldiers, why can't Ramsters past or present....

Re: Awesome!

well graced but it sounds awful close to :the core of the teachings are good.i dont want followers.geuss were i heard this.i dont now the gospels very well.but the last time i looked into them i recocniced that there r lots of different sounding parts.there r very metaphisical parts and there r just uptide rulebook parts.have funn.i know i am agressive and nagging that doesent mean i dont apreciate more peacefull people.i also apreciate every kind of help as long the price is not: beeing converted..

Re: Awesome!

"i also apreciate every kind of help as long the price is not: beeing converted.. "

<---------- yeah...what ex said

Re: Awesome!

Stephanie - thank you for your caring and your post. We're all at different stages of recovery here, and I hope you do not feel "bashed." In my own heart, I feel your sincerity. The school invades the spirituality of one piece by piece. Some people turned to these crazy 'alternatives' when they felt the God of the scriptures was a cold and uncaring entity. I was raised in a very strict religion, and would shudder that I was going straight to hell for even "thinking" certain thoughts, not obsessing over them, but merely a passing thought. My awakening came when I began reading and reading as much as I could about other religions of the world and experiencing the people of such firsthand. These people of other religions and belief systems - so many have beautiful hearts and are trying to attain what others are.

I was happy and relieved when I began reading the eastern teachings, because God was a loving being, and not a punishing, killing being. God was/is love, and in those belief systems, loves us without condition - no fire and brimstone -(which btw, is what RSE happens to be teaching, imo!) The worst thing is "separation from God," in those belief systems (not including Islam/Judaism) and I suspect RSE students, full of questions, were reaching for more. I know I was. Reading the books and listening to CD's, there seemed to be an "ancient wisdom" - an answer to the questions. RSE took that innocence and preyed upon it, leaving so many spiritually destitute, so in essence, there was a first feeling of betrayal by the organized religions, and then another betrayal by RSE, so there is fragility and hurting, and various stages of recovery. I know there is deep love in Christianity, and I thank you and the community for your concern and anything you do to help. Just trying to help you understand what I feel is going on, and others have their own opinions.

Love, true love, is always welcome, and even though I do not live in Yelm, I am relieved to see there are those who do care about the RSE students. There might be many roads to the "city," but RSE is DEFINITELY A WRONG TURN.

I agree with the posters who recognize your sincerity - something RSE people haven't seen a whole lot of with the exception of those attempting to help them once they leave. Maybe that's all it is - love and sincerity toward one another-regardless of their belief system. If we were all on the same road to the same city, there wouldn't be enough room, but we at least will respect and love one another, and wish each other well, and assist in compassion and love when needed. This is what I believe you have offered, and it is beautiful to see one reach out.

Re: Awesome!

personally, I have no problem with organized religion, but I am strongly opposed to anyone trying to convert or recruit anyone into almost anything, Christianity being one of the worst offenders.

if Ramsters move from one cult to a huge religion, but it was by peer pressure and tracks, then I don't see why that would be any better for them than Ramtha.