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JZ and her "annointed teachers"

Take a look at the front page of the Ramtha website and you see an absurdly air brushed, electronically sculpted image of JZ Knight urging you in her best porn star gaze to "Become a Remarkable Life"

Not only has she never looked like that and certainly in her vastly altered state doesn't look like that picture now, but what is really interesting about it is that there is very little sense of "Ramtha" in the photo. It is very feminine very much a lady, not a trace of a 35,000 year old male warrior.

Is she kidding with this crap? If only she were. No it seems clear from her itinerary that she plans on spreading her special brand of joy all around the globe but

but she doesn't even guarentee the presence of "Ramtha" at any of these beginners events. Instead you will get one of the "appointed teachers"

Guess JZ has decided to leave the old "ball and chain" at home.

Does JZ's business plan involve eventually dumping the old guy all together? She seems very intent on positioning herself as some kind of spirtual visionary all on her own.

Anyone have any idea what the agenda of these "appointed teachers" might be? I wonder how much she pays them, how she treats them?

Are they just drones? She must watch them like a hawk that they don't outshine her.

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

how do you hit the nail everytime on the head?

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

" I wonder how much she pays them, how she treats them?"

You mean how they treat her?
They all kiss her backside, and then some.
And she insists on constant feed back from them during the events.
(how would Tree know that and not be a green lead. hmmmm.... I have no clue.)
ooh-! ding! ding! ding!
"how best to control a group."

You would be appalled at what she pays them. Although once in a while, they get a nice bonus when they are in her favor.

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

Tree and Ex

I bet they have draconian contracts with her that pretty much restrict them from teaching on their own or breaking away from her and teaching etc.

Not that any of that would hold up in court.

Tree, I know you aren't able to discuss this stuff because you signed something but yeah, I bet I would be shocked at what she pays them.

I am shocked that she parades them out as substitutes for "ramtha" Lotta nerve that woman has

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

I am completely outside of the RSE scene, and was never in it...though I did consider it, but, have done my homework...I believe that her teachers are actually an example of her business acumen, and each has some area of actual expertise, whether in physics, spirituality or, as has often been suggested here, "crowd control" and public relations. Take them outside the school, for a moment, and plonk them down in another school...they may actually have certain abilities as teachers. I leave it to the veterans to correct me on this.

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

Mitja who is now an appointed teacher started at the first beggining event I attended, I think it was in '96. Several events later he expressed to JZ/R that he desired to become a part of the inner sactum ie: he wanted to get on board with the comrades/ red guards and JZ/R said okay. He personally told me this.

His personality changed from an ok average guy to a complete control freak, power tripping, elitist, bullying and domineering enlightened staff member. No qualifications needed, just make sure your good at some a** slurping.

Perhaps JZ recruited him to appeal to the younger audience and potential market as a teacher, as he still has some hair on his head. To be part ofthe "inner circle" and JZ thinks you got what it takes all you have to do is ask.

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

"Take them outside the school, for a moment, and plonk them down in another school...they may actually have certain abilities as teachers. "

I don't agree with this at all.
Mike Wright was a pilot.
Greg has always been a marketing guy.
Audrey totally sucked at being a teacher
(she is NOT a people person).
Joe Dispenza speaks for his self.
The ONLY one that I know that has ANY teaching credentials is Red Guard/ now Green lead Laura. She taught undergrads in college. She is very good, and highly effective as a speaker .
The rest are just spouting what they have been brainwashed with.

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

"I bet they have draconian contracts with her that pretty much restrict them from teaching on their own or breaking away from her and teaching etc"

She does not appear to like that other people get a wee bit more popular.
Like, the sandbox isn't big enough?
Except when it is endorsed by her e. g.
Mr. Simmons.

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

as a teacher jzr sucks.the presentation is very bad.but the masterhirophant sets the uper standart[which is only explainabel that the purpous is not edjucation its brainwash]if a teacher gets more popular he gets fired or kiked against the leg.the teachingqualification is only measured how much they suck up to jzr.since the true purpouse is holding people in rse to exploit them true teachers or true edjucation r not realy desired.now my question do they work on a need to know base or r they filled in how rse works.i think they r filled in and basicly riding the powertrain for their own benefits.having no control over the train doesent excuse theire actions and chouises.

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"


"Does JZ's business plan involve eventually dumping the old guy all together?"

Below is an excerdpt from thed conference she is speaking at in la in nov.

"Through HER profound teachings SHE has led thousands of people out of mundane lives and led them into remarkable ones. This bringer of Truth minces no words when it comes to teaching humanity how to shift realities, and SHE makes no secret about it. "

All emphasis is mine.

I definately think this is the way she is going to go, she has been setting it up. I am only wondering when she will find a good way to have the big guy go by the wayside...perhaps he will have to go off to another universe where he is needed more.....wait a min, I think I might need to copywrite that!

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

I am with you two
this has been in the e-mailings for such a long time
Axis II takeover.

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

I rembember reading years ago that Ramtha said that he was leaving and when he did he would take JZ and James with him because she has given up so much of her life channeling him. Where are they going...France? I hope all of the legal papers are in order so the kids don't have trouble with the"Estate". Just think of the life insurance problems......I wonder if "ascension" is covered?

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

I remember hearing RamThis'nThat say this, too. The words were something like, "when I am done I will take this body with me" - no mention of James at the time.
So do you think she'll "live stream" it for whatever the live stream fee is these days?

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

Fortunately the French don't take kindly to those kinds of groups.
Good luck if she moves there.
Her fanatical followers will be relentless.

Unless she comes up with some HUGE dramatic exit, barring death.

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"


Could she run from the truth and hide out in Asia ? I don't know what the laws are there.

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"

She'd better buy a big "burqa" and be certain to darken her hair (and maybe her Jesus 'beard" would come in handy). Trust me, being blond over there draws attention almost like a tsunami. Combine this with her claiming to be the "Great Ram" of the Hindus, and being a woman. India, Nepal, Pakistan- would have a field day - of protests. Maybe a Himalayan hideaway would work, but she'd then be out of the public eye - not something a megalomaniac/narcissist aspires to. Then there's China - not too big on religion/organized groups/gatherings - would she hold her teachings on a one to one basis? Man, they messed up internet traffic so their people couldn't gather news on the Dalai Lama's US visit and meeting with the pres. I guess she could always carve out a cave - decorated in "Scalamandre" fabrics. That would be something to see in "Luxurious Homes!"

Re: JZ and her "annointed teachers"


I just have to say LOL !!!

Sorry to anyone who may be annoyed by this "chiming in" type post, but a sense of humor is good, too.