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War by Internet

I just posted a blog anout RSE on the following site.


I included a link back to EMF.

Re: War by Internet

Just looked at it,Very well done

Re: War by Internet

I apologize. It seems the owner of the site Mediumchannel.com removed my blog. Well, one can always try.

Re: War by Internet

Neenderli, why not post it here?

Re: War by Internet



"Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good."

Re: War by Internet

just read the site and saw the comments - everyone should leave a comment on that site - i will soon....

Re: War by Internet

i posted. Thanks Neenderli.
I borrowed one of *denotesmeaning's quotes from his new brochures

(just giving credit where dredit is due.)

Re: War by Internet

Thanks, I thought that the webmaster took my blog down but he as just adding a picture. That site will get alot of exposure because of the Medium Allison Dubois and Psychic Jill Dahne.

Re: War by Internet

i noticed that mediumchannel.com promtes Lee Carroll and his Kryon/Indigochild books also.

I read Kryon years ago-- two of the Carroll channeled books. Dull, sappy, and utterly wrongheaded stuff, but that's jusy my opinion.
Here's a bit last year from NY Times:


Re: War by Internet

cross posted:
"I do not understand why former RSE students have not sent anonymous complaints en masse to the Washington State Attorney General's office demanding an investigation into these occurences."

That is exactly why I posted on the political thread those contacts and addresses.
I sent mine in to the attorney general last week.
EVERYONE on this site ought to.


file a complaint.
file it all the way through.
If you say "war by internet", this is one way.
That, and the media.
Write to 20/20-ask for a follow-up.
Write to 60 minutes.
Write to Keri Brenner at the Olympian and tell her to finish the story.Tell her YOUR stories. Send them to her.
She knows about this site, but e-mail her a personal story. She might get the message.
kbrenner@the olympian.com

Re: War by Internet

Thanks Tree, I'll look at that thread and forward it to my friends in Washington . I live in Europe and have asked my cousin, a psychologist who lives in Paris to look into what governmental agency in France keeps an eye on cult activity. I know people make fun of France but they are tough cookies.
I have a friend who is a "jurist" in Germany and asked him to do the same. My husband,the lawyer, said if you really want to cause a shake-up, a just make a report to the U.S. immigration office concerning the illegal aliens who attend the school.

Re: War by Internet

my friend out East who is enraged about this whole RSE thing suggested that.
But as I told her, this , in effect, will have no effect of JZ.
Those people uprooted their lives once, they would be forced to again-with much more pscyhological damage. There are those foreigners here, in the woods, who still "believe".
Imagine being almost retiring age, working under the table just to survive, still believeing in the teachings, mental
distortions intact, and then deported.
What would they do upon re-entry?
No friends, little, if any family......
The great JZ has truly backed people into
a corner in body and mind.

Re: War by Internet

Yes, upon further reflection, you are right. Those poor people would be the ones to suffer. What JZ has done is just unbelievably inhumane. It just make me sick.My friend,the Canadian, was working with the "Senior" community to survive. I had a hard time keeping in touch with her because she moved so much. She was always saving for the next event. She complained about bad teeth and ill health... I don't wish ill on anyone but I fear that JZ may come to a bad end at the hand of a angry spouse or student who "snaps". She has created horrible "causes" the "effects" of said causes are in her life....part of her Karma so to speak. How can she live with herself?

Re: War by Internet

No one wishes to cause any further harm to these poor people.
One thing that this would help is to concentrate on the "new" people
planning to come in from outside the country and stay, only to repeat
what their predecessors are living. That is something that ought be brought
to the attention of Homeland Security. People coming in for JZR's retreats and not leaving - ought be investigated. I'd think HS would be very interested in that, since they most likely would view it as a "gap' in security. Just my opinion.
There are enough people suffering in Yelm as a result of this "holocaust of the mind and spirit."

Re: War by Internet

good point G2G

Re: War by Internet

g2g - love your spunk, but imo Homeland Insecurity is too busy with the threat of onboard shampoo, liquids and gels. . Did you see the news report that they missed like 60% of decoy bombs??? Besides they are too busy now trying to determine if Calif. fires were ALL arson.... do we have to guess the nationality of potential perpetrators...? remote view that one..

It is an unfortunate fact that for 60 minutes, fox news and all the rest to 'want a story' it has to be a huge tragedy, bizarre or involve a celebrity.. so unless you can get britney spears to sign up for a beginners.. she seems to do about anything to get attention, kinda like... j....z...!ribit ram-that

Re: War by Internet

Frog - David - Tree - etc.

Can you email me? I experienced something many years ago and it was none of these things. The local and national media would absolutely NOT let me and my family alone - hunger for "new" story, or a new angle on one. I'll share the rest in email, and tell you how attention was brought to the issue - and JZeek is a bigger "fish" in the water, especially with all the attention "Mr. and Mrs. Caroooose" have generated due to their affiliation with the big "S."

Yes, I agree about the shampoos, etc. They made me toss out the smallest amount of contact lens solution and my lenses were stuck to my eyes by the time my flight was over!

All it takes is ONE investigative reporter's interest. The Washington (DC) Post used to be very good in "taking off' on some local issues which had national impact. JZR has international impact, and is inviting people to move to Yelm ("since it's the only 'safe' place in the world"), and the people are coming and staying illegally - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how that could be abused by some who might wish to cause harm in other ways.

If enough people write, you will generate interest. The national media looks at local media for stories - this I know for certain, because it happened to me and mine. Ya don't have to be Britney! lol - you only need be persistent and truthful.

Tree's idea of contacting congresspeople, etc. is, I think, a very good one, because maybe this group and family members left in the lurch can call for congressional hearings on this and related matters (remembering JZR's attorney's words)

Just my experience, for what it's worth.