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"R" claims to be "Great Ram" of Hindis people - BUT -

I remember JZ as "Ramtha" stating, "I am the great Ram of the
Hindis people." I was appalled by this, knowing the
roots of the Ramayana, the idea that "Ram" was the
incarnation of one of the Hindu trinity gods, "Vishnu" and
this incarnation was explained to be one of the "ideal man."
I just ran across something interesting since "Diwali" or
"Deepawali" is approaching (the celebration of good
conquering evil, in the story of Ram and Sita completing
their exile from the forest, and Ram taking his rightful
place on the throne as a just king. The followiing
IS from the Indian epic, "Ramayana" and NO, it is not
about JZ! (I'm not pushing any 'religion' here, just
wanted to bring attention to this.

'''' A superior being does not render evil for evil.
Never harm the wicked or the good or even criminals
meeting death. A noble soul is always compassionate,
even toward those who enjoy injuring others or who
are actually committing cruel deeds--for who is
without fault?


So he's the same guy, huh? Wait, it's not a guy, it's
JZ! She can't fool the entire world.

Borrow here, borrow there, add this, add that -