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Greg's book

I bought a copy of Greg Simmon's book back then, "These
things and Greater" (not sure if I got that right but
not going to dig in the boxes).

First, I didn't finish reading the book, because once I
came to where the write appeared, imo, so arrogant, I
no longer had a desire to read this crap.

He described his visits to India and how the 'gurus' and
'ashrams' were. What Greg doesn't realize is that
ASHRAM. In fact, some do this just to "escape" life -
a 'pseudo guru,' if you will. Then they are entitled to
free food, etc., from the people as such. It doesn't
imply they have any real teachings or knowledge. I'm
not saying NONE do, but you can go anywhere and there
isnt' a manner of checking 'credentials.' So I don't
know who Greg visited; I just remember his story.
I have to also add, I've met female sadhus in India
with great honor. They walk everywhere, do not marry,
devote their lives to teaching. I was so 'filled' with
love and compassion in their presence. All they asked
for was we send a photograph of the females present
with us to them at that address, since it is a regular
stop on their travels.

Greg described in his book a story about one of his
male acquaintances who fell asleep every night with the
television news on, hearing the events while he was
falling asleep. Greg then described how this person
was killed in a vehicular accident weeks later, and
attributed it to the man 'creating his reality' by being
influenced by the accidents etcetera reported on the
television news.

Absurd, imo.

Then the thing that really turned me off. Greg obviously prides
himself on bringing chipmunks back to life, making
yellowjacket nests disappear from his son's favorite
berry bush, and so on. Apparently, when Greg watched the
video of Kenny reading THROUGH the Bicycle cards,
Greg must have, well, pulled his remaining hair out.
He states that when seeing Kenny calling the cards, he (Greg)
thought, "here is this NOBODY" doing this. How DARE
he call anyone a NOBODY. Everyone is SOMEBODY.

The height of his arrogance.

Any nicety done is not due to inner love, but due to
a fear of the 'karmic law.' That's how I've seen many other
operate; they don't want to have the 'karma' associated
with them. Is it from the heart? Maybe for beginners and
some others. But imo, it's the exception rather than
the rule.

These things YOU at EMF have done, and will do greater!

It begins small, but that's always the way things are
in the beginning. Press/media kits? :)

Re: Greg's book

Greg said, "...here is this NOBODY..."

Aw, c'mon, G2G - isn't Greg making it clear that EVERYONE is a NOBODY in his world? Do we hear a touch of narcissism in that thought? After all, birds of a feather, flock together! And doesn't he call himself Dr. Greg having not graduated from anywhere with an MD or Phd?

Speaking of Indian gurus, one of the most notorius gurus to land in the US was Bhagwan Rajneesh. And he most certainly was a self appointed guru in the fashion which you describe.

"Bhagwan: The God That Failed" by Hugh Milner.

Re: Greg's book

Duh. How silly of me! Of course. "His will be done."
-trying to imitate David's dark chuckle-