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Did anybody got any results at Ramtha School?

I was given the Ramtha white book and I found it interesting. I ordered some cd's and the quality of the sound was very poor and disappointing the quality of the materials, considering the fees they charge to attend their seminars and the years they have been in business. After listening to couple of cd’s I understood why so many people will be trapped in this school, so many things sound amazing. I noticed a lot of attention to the development of the brain and the seals. Did anyone have any results or changes, any advance, any development? Thank you.

Re: Did anybody got any results at Ramtha School?

None whatsoever - I get more results doing my daily yoga and medtation and daily swims.

It is all crap.................things taken from other disciplines and made up by JZ - don't waste your money nor your time - the hooks are that you feel you know it is true because perhaps you have read the information elsewhere - don't get hooked - it is a scammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Re: Did anybody got any results at Ramtha School?

My results? Despite extreme focus on "radiant health," I went home repeatedly with a sore throat, fever, then bronchitis, chills - and so did many others. "A fever is good according to Ramtha (TM) the school said, since 'fevers burn up your karma.' (leads me to wonder how childrens' fevers are dealt with)

Other results: detachment from my loved ones during my RSE involvement

Healing? Another very close to me passed away.

Focus? I could that prior to RSE. Afterall, in college total focus on notes was necessary for the "all night cramming" for exams and subsequent recall of the pages.

I did not receive the "goods" for which I attended. Instead, I resulted in what is more likely a "spiritual rape."

Enough for now, only that any results the school would like to claim are due to you, the person, doing what you are capable of. Onstage example of healing testamonials according to a student: "I was studying the night sky when the spaceship beings came and took me into their ship and did surgery on my intestines and now I'm well."

Not a question in the filled, astro-turfed-no seat arena. "oh, that's our "runner" (a supposed "person" or "event" to help one along the way.

What do YOU think? (You're allowed to on this forum!)

Re: Did anybody got any results at Ramtha School?

after years of having attended (18), my attention span is very limited.
I can only read 15 minutes at the max, my balance is WAYY off ( I was a collegiate athelete), I think I drink too much, and I have severe panic attacks if I see someone who attends RSE, or if I hear any music associated with RSE, or if I hear a "teaching" in my head.

While I was in, I thought my focus was superb ( I now realize I was not present in day to day activites), I thought I "manifested" things quite easily, and I could "achieve" more than an average amount of "the disciplines".

No, I don't see what advances RSE gave me.

Re: Did anybody got any results at Ramtha School?

Thank you all for your answers. I had already two “close encounters” with two different groups (sects). I was invited to a series of meetings when I was 14 or 15 years old, my parents allowed, because it seemed quite inoffensive, until one day I came home with couple of books and one of them talked about raising the kundalini energy and talking about sex, my parents got very concerned (catholic family) they had a talk with me and gave me to choose; leave the group or I was going to a military school far away from them. So after a lot of crying I left the group. I promised myself that later when I was an adult I will look for the group. In the mean time I enjoyed my youth, with friends, dancing and with all the school issues.
Then I went to a big city to start university and one day I remembered the group ( the Gnostics) and I started going to their meetings, once a week, they were very nice and we had trips to very interesting sites that were fun, informative and very pleasant.
But there were several things that bothered me about the group, Since the first time I heard about the leader of the group he was addressed with names and special denominations and the people close to him used to refer to him as he has a God, I met the leader (Samael) and I was told that he was an angel in the same category as the archangel Michael. I thought it was so ridiculous. After a year I left the group. Years later I went back for some meetings and I saw people being abused (working there for nothing) and in general I was disappointed and after 2 or 3 meetings I left to never go back.
Few years later on my way to work I will pass a building where the words Dianetics were displayed (same as scientology). One day I was invited to some presentation and I was offered to read a book, which I found interesting and I registered for some courses. Right away, when I was in the office area I noticed that all the people there looked as zombies, all dressed in the same navy blue rain coat when leaving the office. Then my first lesson: I was taken to the floor where the session will take place. All looked full of dust, old, falling apart, and a lady was there reading a big thick book and she was dressed almost in rags, felt like she did not notice anything around her, looked like she needed a shower and the general feeling was not pleasant. I started the lessons (reading) and at some point I was asked to sit down and stand up hundreds and hundreds of times I did not liked the exercise and when I asked for an explanation of the reason to do something like that I was told to just do it and I will understand later, because my reactive mind needed that and that I needed to work very hard to become better. When there was a time for the lunch break one of the people there went with me down to the cafeteria, sitting at the bar having a sandwich, I notice the way the man serving there looked at me. He wanted to tell me something and I could see it in his eyes, at some point he put a napkin next to my plate and looked at me in special way. I took the napkin and put in my pocket. I returned to the class and when the day was over I went home and in my way home I pull the napkin out of my pocket and it was written “do not join them they are not good please do not say anything of this to them”. I got very scared and I did not go back, and the people in the navy blue rain coats called, left messages, came to my house door several times and I was very scared I no even want to go to ask for my money back. And that was my second sect experience.
After that and specially in the last 2 years I have been reading Wayne Dyer, Neal Donald Walsch, Esther and Gerry Hicks, Lynn Brabhorn, a course in miracles, Depraa Chopra, Maryann Williamson, and I attended a weekend seminar with Peak Potentials of Harv T. Eker, the secrets of the millionaire mind, where the 3 days seminar was excellent, (first time no charge, second time $99 for materials), and that is a seminar that I will recommend to everybody, because is very dynamic, all day for 3 days we have exercise after exercise, is focused toward the concepts we have about money, but a lot of exercises helped a lot in all type of emotional issues that we carry for all our life. After the intensive weekend seminar they offer other seminars and they are much more expensive, I have not attended any of them but I will be interested one day to do it.
So when I got the white book I though that it talks about the same things as the other authors, but was interesting that Ramtha was expanding towards the use of our brain, glands and energy centers, which I thought it made sense, since the ancient religions mentioned about cultivating our energy in order to be able to do amazing things.
This is the first time I share with someone my experience with the Dianetics group, I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I never talked about that, I forgot about it and only remembered when I saw in the news that several celebrities (Tom Cruise and John Travolta) belong to that group.
I wish that KZ is personally sued and I wish all of you are returned of at least all the money you invested there, plus compensation for all the harm caused.
I wish that she is stopped and no more people are deceived and harmed.
I want to tank you for this place of warning for so many people who sincerely are looking for answers.
I wish to all of you well-being and may your lives be filled with peace, joy and health.

Ps. I will forward your site to puja broadcast, - http://www.worldpuja.org/home.php - since they promote Ramtha there. They should be aware of what is really happening with KZ.

Re: Did anybody got any results at Ramtha School?

i had a great kundalinyexpirience through c&e.but i altered the breath a littel bit that it happened.it also happened in the beginning[after 1350$]the rest of the money i spend at rse was not worth doing so.it paid jzrs bills that she can keep up her lifestile and party with her friends.all my spiritual expiriences happened before or outside of school.

Re: Did anybody got any results at Ramtha School?

Yes I did. Many "results". Positive and really amazing. The way I figure is that I was ready to accept a level of expanding my "brain potential"...and for whatever reasons, chose RSE to further learning, and "jumpstart", in what I have called a "crash course", in developing my other senses. My overall personal history explains more, but one small thing is how I had already initiated "amazing" things to happen in my life, and yes they evolved from scenarios where there was sensory/material depravation[extreem wilderness living arrangements]..etc....so when I found cards on the field, made it to the tank in one straight line of walking, , speed healed a horses leg, etc...I see it as simply the fact that I applied my mind more than I would have if the school did not push it. Like the same scenario if I go to ANY structured school, take "classes", get Tested, graded etc. Self motivation vs. having a boss to get you to work....So I never felt I wasted my money at RSE.
I know many posters here will deny me here, and say it wasnt what I think it was, but hey Ramtha told me that too one day after I found a card. I walked up to "him" and said.
"I just found this card while my monkey mind was going 90 miles an hour. I was mentally raging at my boyfriend the whole way. So whats up with that?"
I was telling him that his insistance we had to only focus on the card, wasnt necessarily true.

He launched into a diatribe that went way over my head, but also, seemed to be telling me I was intrepreting my experience Wrong. I still disagree with whatever he said, becasue after all that, I have many times where I "manifest" very quickly while in a state of high emotion, mental thoughts going on, etc... Healings as well....and I cant prove things, like with the horse, but there were amazed witnesses...and also, I COMBINED C and E style with my own color usage, mentally, as well as emotionality, during that and other "focuses".
But even after all that, I think people can learn all this stuff without going to RSE, and no I no longer recommend going there to anyone, although in those old days..I thought it was a big deal too and yes I also had many friends think I was nuts to be there, and were glad when I left.
So I have my theories why some people didnt get positive results, but I also have to be honest here with this question posted.
Ill never know how things would have gone if I hadnt gone thru all that. But i did have a few people comment on my personality changing for the better...which I think referred to my sense of strength and self confidence...not to mention my left brain more able to process intellectually..having a real Interest in subjects I previously had not.
I had NEVER joined any other "spiritual" groups, and didnt even like group meditations before RSE!
I was also not a "seeker" for a guru..I came to the school becasue after listening to certain tapes, I finally becasme inspired to make certain changes, Such as quitting smoking pot. That meant alot to me that RSE inspired me in positive ways to do things I was having a hard time with before.
But I know everybody is different. I didnt sign a contract, and I ALways left the scene if I was unconfortable. I left there in 94, before the wine and all

Re: Did anybody got any results at Ramtha School?

I can appreciate your viewpoint.
I have never said I came away with nothing.
I DO think much of the material presented 1)has been around for eons 2) has been plagiarized from somewhere else-with a twist.
I had a very amazing experience on the very first focus beach (consciously going in and and out of my body on command).
I had an aweseome Tahumo experience with the first small group that was introduced to it.
I actually manifest the things on my cards quite well, as well as finding my card with regularity. But my father taught me that as a child.
etc etc
I do know my personality changed for the WORSE while I was there.
Was argumentative, confrontational...but I think these were by products of thought reform.
Thank goodness those parts of me are exiting in recovery.
I just have not seen the overall good of having attended for all those years.
I was already an accomplished athlete, musician, have a college degree...
In the light of my whole life, I think the last 18 years have been stagnant.
But I can see, from your point of view, the pot thing, the self esteem thing....

Re: Did anybody got any results at Ramtha School?

Thanks Tree
it ****** me off that someone would take good things and pollute them with thier agendas [the seamy underside of most spiritual guru types.]. I can see how being in there, 18 years, and being so intrenched, hooked you psychologically for a ride...I remember one retreat I worked as parking/garbage staff, in exhange for the fee...we had a job of loading these mountains [I mean 6 ft stacks she must have collected over the years] of catalogues from the carport behind the bullpen, to the dump...I realized just a little of how fanatic JZ was..I wondered if indeed she "gave up her life" to do the Ram...and I still wonder if shes jsut so taken over by WHATEVER the "school" is about, that theres no hope for reform unless the student body just abandons her, or this group causes legal trouble enough. I can even see why she wont ever let it go either, becasue its not hard to claim that the Ram does "more good than harm" in the world, acording to the stats anyway.
I intrepreted my "leaving" as a sign I got what I needed, and that "Ram" was not a localized energy, and would certainly blow in the wind with me on my way to the waterless, feared desert, where I wondered if Id die in the earth changes..which I didnt. How rediculous to think this area was "the safest"...yet, duh, I can see how alot of water around isnt a bad thing either...but I also had to work out alot of fear I had about leaving, and it took a few months of not listening to any tapes or anything Ramtha, just to feel what "my god" is like by itself. And I spoke to people using Ramtha ideas, but never saying "Ramtha said bla bla", becasue they were wisdoms that were also commonsense learnings, and it didnt matter where they came from, as long as applied, they helped out. I knew if I said ramthas name I wouldnt get listened to either. So it was wierd to come back here after 6 years away and hear these long time students still giving Ramtha all the credit for ideas. I asked one friend in the car one day if could she please tell me her experience without going "Ramtha said...", and she got offended becasue I guess she thought I didnt respect Him or something [gees, sounds like the Churchs god] ,..then after that every time we were in a dialogue I saw she tried leaving his name out for my sake...but soon, she distanced me anyway, as if I was some enemy of the teachings. And her kid in CSE, finding cards so easily, and her arrogance that he was such a good master...all this as if in a state of competition about everything....reptilian brain style...
And it appears the New Ramtha instigates people to these directions..I wonder why more old timers dont just get tired of the dogma and leave!!
I guess some peopel are more group oriented than I am, becasue I never felt like the school was "home" for me, nor did I at the Rainbow gatherings...same mind control feeling that you had to get intrenched in the group consciousness OR ELSE!!!
I wish I could have hung out at Lloyd Hopkins Mind Sight School. I met him once in Olympia. Im always glad to see regular humans doing big stuff.
Oh also, have you heard of Greta Woodrew??????
She wrote a book called "Memories of tomorrow"
I found her book in 1998 or so, and you just have to get it and read it, becasue that story of hers really made me see JZ was not telling the truth.
Thanks to many postings here I realize even more how JZ took stuff from others, and convinced the ignorant that she was number one. Like American Idol. Yuk!


Tree, and others. Is it a possibility to sue? I mean, you were made promises that couldn't be met. Could you take a group action? The things you are suffering now could be proven to be directly linked to the school, especially psychological damages. Any thoughts on that?

I only went to one beginners retreat and even I experience mild levels of anxiety when I hear the teachings or anything to do with Ramtha. My partner went to what he could afford and got every available cd. He talked about it everyday and did his disciplines, so for a fews years I lived the school through him. I hate it! There's an illogical, egotisistical, stupid answer to justify everything -any question and any scientific objection. The school hijacked his mind. Results: his already heavy ego expanded to planetary proportions! We divorced.