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The hook that gets you and the hook that keeps you in the RSE

Like all businesses [and by JZ Knight's own admission "this is a business"], the RSE has, as its number one agenda, the goal of creating the repeat customer.

It's a very simple process but in terms of buyer psychology it can be a very sticky one to sort.

Here is how JZ gets you, your trust, your devotion and your money in two easy steps.

1. The Lure, The Get:

"You are god" "You are an unlimited being whose word is law" "You are loved"

Well, great but someone who is loved, a god and unlimited doesn't really have to pay anyone to teach them anything do they? Let alone people so obviously incapable a crew as JZ Knight and her appointed "master teachers"

Not much money in teaching that you are an unlimited god whose word is law. There has to be a catch.


Here is how they keep you shelling out your hard earned dollars to learn nothing but endless variations on your own powerlesness and worthlesness:

"you are god but you are an incredibly f**ed up ingrate, dummy jerk masturbater, creep who has can't cross the street without making a mistake"


They tell you there is nothing wrong with you but they TREAT you like there is EVERYTHING wrong with you.

Think about it, if you are god and unlimited and your word is law, what single thought keeps you coming back to the RSE?

"There is something wrong with you"

As long as JZKinc. can keep you thinking that thought, she has you on the hook and if you start to stray, she can start predicting the end of the world or stuff about space people etc.

The promise of being god pulls you in, the consistent underlying message that the truth about you is that you are so screwed up that an "enlightened master" had to come down to earth to fix you.

Imagine that someone who doesn't know "what be a Safeway" is telling you there is something wrong with you and they are the ones to fix it.


Re: The hook that gets you and the hook that keeps you in the RSE

spot on! Denotes. It's called the cycle of abuse. The other "hook" is "the one more thing" - the next "Event" will teach the one more thing you need to know. I clearly remember the hook for the first Assay - oh,if only I had you for 10 straight days, your consciousness would be forever changed, Ramtha touted. So we came. I guess our consciousnesses were changed! We got hooked deeper - 'cause after all somehow we blew our opportunity for Christhood and needed to continue coming to Events,,,,,,,,

Re: The hook that gets you and the hook that keeps you in the RSE

That is very true Graced, the cycle of products that are like the carrot in front of the horse, forever compelling him to move forward without satisfaction.

The diet industry uses this same psychology. The "new" diet will allow you to finally lose weight.

People are addicted to dieting in the way they are addicted to Ramtha.

I really think it is an addiction, btw, meaning Ramtha.

Like all drugs the first few times you take them, they feel good and then you have to take more and more of the drug just to function.. then you take the drug just to stay alive.

SOunds like the RSE to me.

Re: The hook that gets you and the hook that keeps you in the RSE

The RSE experience is designed and intended to be addictive. A spiritual high is the addictive element and at RSE participants are led to believe that their spiritual experiences are RSE generated.

Not true. A person could have/would have had those same experiences on their own, given the right circumstances. But jz will never tell you that!

Buyer beware! You're purchasing an experience. Can you get it elsewhere? Yes. Can you get it cheaper? Yes. Just ask Santa Claus...

"The Addictive Personality" Understanding the Addictive Process and Compulsive Behavior by Craig Nakken is an excellent read which specifically describes the spiritual high of the trance state and how seductive it becomes.

The seduction of the trance state is one of jz's most compelling lures. I should know because I spent years enmeshed in Venus's flytrap.

Re: The hook that gets you and the hook that keeps you in the RSE

Sort of urges one to say "Jumanji!" (if only it were that simple.)

Re: The hook that gets you and the hook that keeps you in the RSE

Dangling the carrot before the horse? A parable I wrote for my boss...it may apply here:
You climb aboard your trusty donkey, and, with the aid of a carrot on the end of a stick, you carfully and skillful encourage your donkey to take you up the narrow winding path to the top of the mountain...and this works beautiful...until-
When you reach the top of the mountain, and see a hill thereupon with a beautiful temple on top, and you want to go up there, but your donkey will not go another step...it is very stubborn, and has done what all that it was asked to do, but has not received the carrot.
You are about to make a serious mistake.
You take up the stick, and beat the donkey, thinking that should make it take you up the hill...but the donkey has lost faith in you, and you may find your way down the mountain is precipitate and fatal.

Re: The hook that gets you and the hook that keeps you in the RSE

great parable, lost in space! I can't help but wonder why you wrote it for your boss though, lol! (no need to answer that)