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it is SOOooo sad at the pond today..

In the space of deep compassion this day, I am at a loss to understand why SO MANY frogs in ramsterland left their ponds today, marching to the evil queen's Castle. Only to be pithed again, submerged in silage for several days, wallowing in concepts of her kingdom come, a vision turning frog life into something like that of a mole. Some of those I croak with - off to lose their identity, trade in truth for more make-believe.. Re-indoctrinated in the 'right' way to croak. Numbed, silencing the melodious swoons in the evening forest. Drawn to what they think is Light, the madness of the Queen will make them again fearful, occupied by new directives and able to only spout the queen's current dervish.

More than 1,800 frogs ribitted along 507 & 510 today, making quite a scene. More than $1 MILLION frog dollars was taken by the Queen's minions, presumably to make them BLUE..!! She reaped $250K just a week ago from 500 frogs, legless, but at least still green. Just voila! 1.25 mil from the poor frogs. The fish in the water don't seem to need to do this..guess its their oneness...

Yes, neuro-linquistic frog programming is big business here in the forest. So many legs & dollars for so little.

I was SO inspired by Tenzin Gayatso Frog and the Frog Congress who spoke so eloquently today...about making the frog world a better place, the plight of Tibetan frogs, and how frog environments have suffered so. You could taste the HOPE in the air - the whiff of frog peace and freedom to croak our truths everywhere.

But where were the ramland frogs? oblivious, out on the road, on their way to becoming deep fried frog legs for a crazy queen. so hard to understand.


Re: it is SOOooo sad at the pond today..

let it be known, frog prince, of the letters that I posted regarding the political arena, one representative called me today.
The Pond on 93rd is not looking so enticing
to the constituency of the area.
Please, croak up, everyone, in their own way. ribbit!

Re: it is SOOooo sad at the pond today..

"The swamps of sadness" a la Ende's "Neverending Story." Don't fall into the RSE swamp. Only the strongest make it out the door into the real world.

Re: it is SOOooo sad at the pond today..

Frog Prince, you are a whimsical poet...you have given me an idea...WHAT IF
Somebody of a literary bent were to write a bestseller, a fictitious account of somebody who joins a mystical school, and loses their magical abilities, and their voice, and their purse, and their magic beans to grow a beanstalk, but eventually, escapes from the illusion...and goes forth into the world, and gathers an army, not of soldiers, but of lawyers, accountants and medical doctors, and decent taxpaying holy skeptics, and marches on the school, causing it to need to be scrutinized and dismanteled, liberating all the students...and...and....and

Re: it is SOOooo sad at the pond today..

Lost in Space....and who is saying that what you wrote is only a fantasy ?

Re: it is SOOooo sad at the pond today..

wrong word...probably I would not be the author of that great work...I meant "fictionalized"...allegorical...art mirroring life. Hope it's a prophesy.

Re: it is SOOooo sad at the pond today..

And while we are at it somebody came up with the idea of turning the RSE property into a CULT EDUCATIONAL CENTER.

Just think of it...people can tour JZ's house which will be called the Museum of Opulent Ostentation. Then they walk across "Paradise Beach" (well, maybe it was for jz) and the "Field" to view the area where cult members lived in tents in snow, sleet and drought.

Ah, yes, notice the absence of amenities. Spartan, really, but then they say it was part of the cult indoctrination. "Doing without" destroys the "image" and brings one closer to the god within. The Museum of Opulent Ostentation suggests that jz had a special exemption from this.

Let's get back to the tour...here is a block of "Porta Potties." Apparently indoor plumbing has not yet arrived at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment
at least not for the cult members, er, I mean, "students." Ah, but there are 8 outdoor showers complete with breeze, spiders and sewer stench. Lovely.

Now, on to the arena, also known as the "Great Hall." What a charming name for a place with no seats. Astroturf to sit on and a huge sign which reads, JUST DO IT. What could that mean?

Another sign says, "maximum capacity 999" but that is confusing because by now we have reached the restrooms and there are only 9 stalls in the Ladies Room and 2 in the Mens Room. Where are the facilities?
So this is how cult members are treated? It's a great idea to turn this place into a CULT EDUCATIONAL CENTER.

Re: it is SOOooo sad at the pond today..

Cowboy...cool idea...one thought.
If instead of marrying somebody just like Mom, you marry somebody the complete opposite of your Mother, is your choice any less to do with your Mother? Are you breaking free?