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Why the disciplines don't deliver the promised results

My exposure to Ramtha ended in 1986/87 when I felt the teachings took a dark and contradictory turn from the earlier material.

I have no experience with the RSE although my memory is clear that the early version of "Ramtha" was very much against dogma and schools etc.

Having said that, I have read enough here and elsewhere to know that the RSE has a number of "disciplines" it teaches that are ON THE SURFACE of it are intende to teach skills like remote veiwing and pschic sight etc.

Just an observation here. It is very stressful on the areas of the human psyche that are alert to dangers to your own survival to be asked to learn a new task under harsh phsical conditions.

In other words, when the brain is engaged in survival, it doesn't give a sh** if you "find your card" or not. It is engaged in directing you to safety.

I am sure some people do manage to "find their cards" legitmately but that is IN SPITE of the teaching not BECAUSE of it.

But ask yourself why you are being asked to fly before you can even walk, in psy terms that is.

If you can't use the traditional techingues of metaphysics, self awareness and visualization to achieve minor or major traditional goals, isn't it asking a bit much to remote view and read other peoples minds?

Maybe thats the plan, create a cycle of failure and then encouraging self rejection [not rejection of the teaching method] in order to correct the problem.

There are many less harsh ways to explore psy phenomena that are 100% free, don't require a trip to Yelm and don't PUT YOUR WHOLE SYSTEM INTO SURVIVAL MODE.

You can't learn a new skill very effectively when you are in survival mode.

Why pay JZ Inc., something you can learn better and safer from a book you get at the library?



Re: Why the disciplines don't deliver the promised results


oddly enough, the "teachings", the environment at the ranch, your whole belief system is entrenched in survival.
Look at them all scurry now because the
s h * ^ is going to hit the fan in 2009.
One is in survival on the field, in the tank, in one's tent.
THEN, you get OUT of an event, and you are canning, storing, digging, oh, please help the CSE kids and the new politcal
runner and give them money, oops...more canning, oh, squeeze in a couple hours for
"disciplines" so you can survive the days to come.
It is endless.
And they will encounter 6 feet under, and their last thought was "I hope I got the right submersible marine door for the UG!"

Re: Why the disciplines don't deliver the promised results

I remember thinking after my beginner's event, how am I ever going to fit all these disciplines into a day? Wake up before dawn, grid, walk muttering to myself down the street, C&E for half an hour, all before the "real" day begins? Not to mention trying to practice "finding your card" somehow in one's home, backyard with trees, or for some people, an apartment. I can imagine people walking around in their blindfolds, bumping their head on an overhead shelf-and passing out! Then candle focus, trying to see through playing cards, and blue body-where does it end? It's crazy making! Doing disciplines, I was more out of touch with "me" than I'd ever been. They claim if you're "focused" you will not notice the physical around you-neither the mud nor bumping into others on the field. Well, then how can people in this mode be aware they found their card?! Crazy.

I noticed much more emphasis on seeing through cards the past few events I attended. My feelings were it was probably due to the two being tested by the NOETIC Institute, and another marketing tool for JR-the more students who could "acquire" this ability, then she could show her stats, gather more students, - by seeing through cards then hit the casinos and there you have it. Incredible wealth. That's the draw for some. I don't think many of those people stayed, would be my guess.

The whole thing is stated elsewhere in this forum. You can learn all you need elsewhere for free. A walk outside without muttering a memorized list is a lot more relaxing to me. How many of us made lists of things to do anyway prior to RSE? RSE promises the impossible.

JR is a for-profit group-a business-in her own attorney's words. Hm. Just slip in a subliminal in the "night chirping" or "twilight" music of: "It's a business."

I'm not going to pay for "doing my own thing."

Re: Why the disciplines don't deliver the promised results

Well, what is interesting, reading cards
was not her original idea. Nor did she
trade mark it. (thank god)
But, the whole point of the Story of Henry Sugar was to contribute to the W H O L E and elevate others, not self.
I think Ramsters forget this point.