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The things that attracted you to RSE are available at much lower cost elsewhere

Many people have written on this site about their desire to explore phenomena like remote viewing, psychic awareness and the like drew them to the Ramtha teachings.

Who can blame anyone for that, they are very exciting concepts. They may be controversial concepts but they are fascinating and many wise and intelligent people throughout the ages have invested in them.

The concept of self created reality also is intriguing and certainly can be fun to explore, test and see where it leads.

These concepts are very attractive and serve as bright lures in the water for those who have the kind of hunger to know themselves as fully as possible.

The problem with the RSE, in my view, is that these are just that: lures to get you closer.

A deal is struck: RSE says "you like the idea of being able to remote view, send thoughts etc., give us your time and money and we will teach you how"

But they don't. They can't. Because they don't know how themeselves

And they don't want to teach you those things. They want, in my view, your money and your power for their own deranged agendas.

If someone walks up to you on the street and tells you:

"move where I tell you to move, think what I tell you to think, fear me like the Isrealites feared God and subject yourself to abuse from me"

You would probalby laugh in their face, rightfully so.

But if they promise you enlightement and supernatural powers and freedom from an ordinary life IF you do as you are told, you might, if the presentation is good enough, listen long enough to get hooked.

It is called a"get" in con artist terms. The thing, the promise that distracts you from realizing that your wallet is being lifted.

The RSE makes claims and promises that it cannot understand let alone deliver.

Just look at the conduct and the DEMONSTRATED awareness of the leaders and appointed teachers.

They can't teach what they don't know. And what they don't know could fill lots of books.

I observe the hunger for power and [in JZ's case a kind of perverse revenge] is far greater in the leadership than the desire to explore the real potentials of the human being.

Nothing in the "lures" of the RSE is original to them.

Countless others have explored the idea of self created reality, psy phenomena etc and those materials are often availabe at no to low cost to anyone interested.

Further, there are plain old terrestrial people like Louise Hay who merge spiritual concepts with traditional psychology to help others discover their potential. A trip to the library or second hand book store or ebay can find you all the information you could possibly digest without the abuse, cost and psychological damgage of the RSE



Re: The things that attracted you to RSE are available at much lower cost elsewhere

I want to add to that last post the idea that the human being is so strong an animal that even in the midst of all of the manipulation and double speak of the RSE, I think it is possible that people DO learn something of the concepts of reality creation and psy phenomena.

I think it is possible to have a genuine mystical experience in the midst of a corrupt and manipulative organization.

But there is something different about those people. They often wise up at some point. Look around the RSE for long termers and see if you can find anyone demonstrating the promises of the school.

Those that have had legitimate experiences are more likely to leave at some point, than those who have not.


Re: The things that attracted you to RSE are available at much lower cost elsewhere

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/7153880.stm and even better [the part with the 10%]

Re: The things that attracted you to RSE are available at much lower cost elsewhere

"Finally, eating turkey - and the tryptophan amino acid it contains - does not make people especially drowsy. "

you mean to tell me that the stupid made up character's teachings about Thanksgiving were false?
And that stupid made up character knows everything and is an ascended master?

Re: The things that attracted you to RSE are available at much lower cost elsewhere

ye great big bbc chanelles knowledge which exceeds big jzrs enlighten hogwash.well i use all my brains what a relieve in rse i was only allowed for 10%.