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I Love my Life

I only recently found out about this group and this website and decided to see for myself. I have been amazed by what I have read and only want to make a few comments. I can appreciate that the School did not work out for you all for whatever reasons and I know it is not a good thing or experience for everyone. Thats OK and I will call no one a victim or a failure because I don't believe that is fair.

What had me feeling uncomfortable was the fact that you seem to be saying that the School is bad even for those who like it and are helped by their participation. You talk about how it ruined your lives your relationships, your families etc.. and I have seen that happen to people. But to suggest that it WILL happen to everyone and the only way to prevent this is to get out seems kind of wrong.

I have been in School for a while now and my life is better for it. I have everything you say that the School destroys. I make more money than ever before, I love my job, I have a great marriage, I have a better relationship with my family than before (none of them are in School) I have close friendships with people who are not in School, I am a better parent, my spiritual life is rich and satisfying and I am a very happy, active healthy and well adjusted person. And I do know others like me. So thats all I wanted to say. RSE is not bad for everyone in fact it gave me the tools to create a great life.

I am not intending to proselytize for RSE. Only for myself

I won't be around to read your response if any because I'm off to my event.

Peace to you all


Re: I Love my Life

We will see?

Master Tashio…
EMF is very much about the truth of what has taken place at RSE and the destruction it has wreaked upon people’s lives, including the families of loved ones.
You may well accept the notion that we all create our reality, and thus, the accountability of our actions and those of others is a mute point to you.
You have great life you say?..good for you..
But a great life is not what the RSE spin machine claims will be achieved by attending RSE…How about a remarkable life..in just one week!
We are talking about goods and services offered by a for profit corporation..
Do you have a remarkable life Tashio? How so?
Now if you wish to backup the RSE claims with evidence…how about demonstrating even a modicum of remarkability?..
I will gladly video tape this feat and post it on EMF Google video.
I’m not asking for proof of your sincerity…
Let’s see what the RSE graduating numbers are since the “schools” inception,
Christ beings produced since 1998 = Zero
Remarkable beings with superhuman powers = Zero
Yelm..the new Shangri-La center of the world... Nope.

Keep your feet dry and happy transmutations…Tashio,

Oh’ and by the way..
If you see a little old lady with silver hair wandering around..
Make sure she stays warm…!


Re: I Love my Life

"I am a better parent, my spiritual life is rich and satisfying and I am a very happy, active healthy and well adjusted person. And I do know others like me. So thats all I wanted to say. RSE is not bad for everyone in fact it gave me the tools to create a great life."

I felt that way once as well,
Good luck to you on your path.
Maybe drop a line in about 10 years.

Re: I Love my Life

David -- thank you!

Re: I Love my Life

For me, that Big "I" was a great creator for me long before Ramtha or Mafu... or The Secret.

In fact, I would say that to go to any of these groups, all people involved would need to have created some comfortable levels of wealth becuase they are not cheap gatherings.

For me, personally, I had a lot of issues with being used, not saying NO and playing the victim role very well. Yes, somewhere in the past that is how i received attention.

The channelings did help me have an awakening about my self-responsibility in my life.

I think what I gained could have been gained with a good shrink. It did make me stand back and take a closer look at who I am, and my own personal actions.... and choices.

I certainly have had my up's and down's over the years.

But today, I do not belive that "i" the small ego is truly in charge here.

I surrender the details of my life to the higher self or higher power within... it seems to always work for me.

I am making more money today than I ever had... in the process of opening 2 more nursing schools.

I live on the Gulf of Mexico in a beautiful home, own two homes.

I work 3 days a week for 3 hrs and tend to gross 7 to 9 thousand a week. Not braging but, "i" have nothing to do with it at all. Money simply comes to me easily...

It seems for me, the less I work physically, the more I make. Perhaps that is one belief I have, but it does work that way for me. I have a lot of freedom.

I love teaching the young people to start on the path of nursing. It is very rewarding to help them start their career.

But, I also surrender daily to that great ALL PRESENCE POWER within all thigs.

I do not make anything happen. I do not have list... just passion by daily inspiration to move from point a to b daily.

I have had superior pass rate of my nursing students for the State Test too. I do NOT Pray for anyone to pass... I simply say "Thy Will be Done"... and I mind my own business.

In the profession of teaching the teacher comes 1/2 way the student is expected to also do their part. That part is out of my control.

I am not a Ritual person... no more Guru's to worship or the Faces of the past like Jesus, Buddha Krishna.

I talk to my self personally all the time. I feel driven and inspired daily... and happy.

I do NOT give creadit to Ramtha, The Secret or Mafu for anytinhg in my life.

If we are Self-Responsible for the Crap that happens then we must also be Self-Responsible for the Good stuff too. So in that regard I continue to just surrender everyting and live my life.

When all is said and done, it is ourself that we are accountable too.

The more I live the more I realize that "i" truly have NO CONTROL over anything... the only part I do have is the PASSION to Be The Best Teacher I can... and walk daily in that role. Follow the daily inspirations that tend to drive me to do things.

From that passion, all my life dreams seem happen constantly.

Life is good. Chop Wood Carry Water.

Re: I Love my Life

well i stated before if money is not an isue people hold out very long at rse.its a free country everybody can go to church were he wants.you might do buisness like jzr does and dont mind to pull people over the table.than its the right place and company.but anyway how do you cope with that your family might hold you back on your spiritual way?is rse your place of buisness?how do you cope with conflicting teachings?how do you stand to a place were abuse theft rape hapens?you just look the other way?or r you part of jzrs imagecleanupgroup? no answer says it too.your event is just a few days and i bet you dont ascend.love to get answers.

Re: I Love my Life

Well said, Liz, ex, David.
What kind of got me with this quote of Liz':
"I think what I gained could have been gained with a good shrink"

During my tenure in the "school", I happened upon the tool of counseling as my partner at the time was an alcoholic and entered the school at the time of the wine ceremonies(unfortunate timing for her).
I found counseling a very viable tool.

At any rate, several times during several wine ceremonies, JZR said:
"One wine ceremony is worth 7 years of therapy."
on another occasion:
"One wine ceremony is worth 11 years of therapy."

Well, hell! I thought. I believed "the big" guy. Therapy worked great, but go to every wine ceremony, and you will be healed in no time!
Except there was that little rape incident.
no more wine therapy for me!!!

Re: I Love my Life

It appears that Tashlo is in the perfect place.
"I love my life...I am a very happy, active healthy and well adjusted person."
Give me a break.....

I love ME [a channeler I met].
I am God [Course in Miracles].
I am perfection in action [I AM Activity].
I am perfect in the moment [est].

I am joe....

Re: I Love my Life

One Wine ceremony means you may need 7 years of thereapy, or is that 11? Who says they don't speak truth to you?

Re: I Love my Life

Tashlo, I'm curious... how long have you been in school? Also, would you say that you are one of those people who apply the teachings verbatim or do you think for yourself and take or leave what is being taught as it makes sense for your life?

I don't think it would be fair to take from you what you feel you have gained from the school. I do know other people who have left the school but still feel that their time in the school was a necessary and beneficial 'intervention' in their lives. I see nothing wrong with that and I don't feel it's appropriate for me to judge the accuracy of it.

As some other posters touched on, having the funds to attend events at your leisure takes the element of desperation out of the equation for you. You are not struggling every moment of your life to 'manifest' your next event and your salvation does not hinge on whether or not your manifestation comes to pass. Many people in school live this way.

As you acknowledged, you have seen some of the scenarios described by ex-students on this website for yourself in current students. Of course the argument can be made that the people who 'get lost' in the teachings are 'the fanatics' and from your post I am assuming that do not count yourself among those. I only encourage you to keep an open mind to wether you find that the teachings/Ramtha invite people to behave in those fanatical ways. You may say, that is a test but just keep an open mind to other possible answers, is all I'm saying.

I think your perspective is valuable on this site and the very fact that you approached your post with respect and that you posted at all warrants a genuine response. My questions to you are sincere and I look forward to your replies.

Re: I Love my Life

Dear Tashlo,

With all sincerity I suggest to you that you are attributing the "successes" in your life TO the RSE teachings. When, in fact, those "successes" would probably have unfolded in your life without them. You're making an assumption that will lead you to a false conclusion.

I consider my life "good", too. However, it was/is good based on my choices, luck, planning, etc. I have no proof that anything I ever heard at RSE, was responsible for any "good" in my life.

If it is true that we create our reality, then it would be true that we'd be creating it all along - with or without RSE. It's all just part of the HOOK, Tashlo.

Good luck to you. I hope you figure out just how conditional your Current Status is, at RSE. When you don't have the time, and/or the money, to attend a required event, you will be out the door. Period.

That means you are forced into holding time/money as priorities in your life, SO that you can attend required events. Hmmmm...I see a limitation in that for any student, not by their own choosing, but by the necessary ingredients for JZ to facilitate a "progressive school/teaching" that keeps YOU hooked into coming back over and over and over.

Re: I Love my Life

My questions is: what happen between the early years when he (JZ’s Ramtha) spoke with this Meek-Sweet-Elderly-Wise-Humorous-Old-Mans voice, to this Boisterous-Bombastic-Loud-Elizabethan-Swearing-Threatening tone of voice? Also, I notice how both Ramtha and Mafu, sound exactly alike. And why do channels seem to speak in this Elizabethan voice or, Indian-Hindu voice. I mean, is that the protocol.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and enjoy the history of Elizabeth the First, but I wonder if Gloriana likes the idea of these people (who call themselves channelers), misusing the tone of her voice. Why is Queen Elizabeth the First, tone-of-voice, used so often by channelers?

Also from my understanding, people go to the school to:

Make Known the Unknown
Become and Do the Remarkable (different then just living great)
Heighten and Enhance their Psychic Ability
Walk through Walls
Remote View
Become Wealthy
Reverse the Aging Process
Grow new Teeth and Limbs
Be Radiant Healthy (permanently)
Heal and/or Become Healers
Speak to a Love One or Friend (via thought) that can be miles away.
Jump Through Time and Make Changes
Reverse a Mistake
Become More Enlightened (even though that’s an individual journey)
Become Rich
Make more Money
Create your Day Instantly
Resolve Debt by Becoming a Master
Conquer Yourself
Live the Life You’ve always Dreamt
Have the Perfect Relationship

Has anyone, or do anyone here, know of anyone who has at least mastered 2 of these things, and can do it on a day-to-day regular basis?

Re: I Love my Life

Okay, let me simplify here about Becoming Wealthy (regarding my above post) while being at the school: Has anyone or do you know of anyone who has made it on ‘Forbes Top 400 Wealthiest People” list? Considering, this is what the school promises...right?

Re: I Love my Life

I love my life NOW better than when I was in RSE.
I have more money than the entire time I was in RSE, I have the greatest relationship, I am an awesome mother (but I have always been that- and not due to some neighborhood walk), I am happy,
ama free thinker, and have friends who actually care and DO things (not just wish you the best blue body thoughts via e-mail).
Life is grand on the "outside".
I just had to step away to be able to see

ha ha! to "I am Joe"

Re: I Love my Life

IUB - luv your list.. but now, the majority of ramsters are 'Blue College' which changes the prime goal to one thing: becoming a Christ. (all the wealth seekers are in Primary, or CSE maybe).

So, the manifestation criteria shrink substantially. A good thing too, that so many ramsters are in lack already; kinda helps with the decision of which group to be in. In poverty, you already have a head start being a Christ..

So, the Big Focus is on becoming a remarkable healer. And as you know, first step is: " Healer Heal Thyself." This is where most of Blue College styled Christs are getting stuck. Since no disciplines address Compassion, it is basically 'home study'. All other disciplines really for wealth seekers (like JayZee). Christs don't really care about themselves - you know - in the Service To God&Others. 'Self' actually can get in the way. Self is pesky (aging, health) and can REALLY derail a Christ student - self diligence is essential.. Intuition IS important when applied to OTHER's NEEDS, which requires getting SELF out-of-the-way. (Self: are you listening?) Levitating is needed - ONCE.

Walk through Walls only to impress other wannabes, but - oops! then you are a megalomanic not a Christ. If you are thinking about 'living your dream' or that 'soulmate relationship' you are in the WRONG Track.

Christs always know there are no mistakes, nothing to reverse. Enlightenment arises IF you have the 3 Attitudes of Ascension: Love, Gratitude and Surrender. (again, home study does not seem to be working.)

It is pretty easy to see why Blue College students have been at it for so long - home study is SO Neglected!!! JZ can't teach these subjects; she knows NOTHING about them!! (I don't know WHO is in charge of the RSE 5-year plan, but if everyone becomes BC..... what is JZramscam going to do - retire? move to France as long promised?!!

Re: I Love my Life

Good Post Agape,

Finially a little something I can relate to.

A Surrendered life. I learned long ago that all of those ACTIONS to manifest this or that... created tension.

In a place of surrender.... you are relaxed... and inspirtions comes upon you. I would say that is true Zero point. If you follow the inspiration then as you walk in the world, things just appear that you are wanting or desiring. There is no STRESS about it it just happens.

and from that place, things simply happen. Call it magic or what ever, but I have certainly had some amazing results. Remarkable life, not hardly. Just one step one moment.. one day at a time.

Clearly in surrender, you realize the human ego small "i" is only a vessel for that bigger part of self "I" to flow and use you as an insturment.

There are no chants, hand waving... list or MANIPULATIVE Actios to MAKE SOMETHING Happen. Now thaqt is stress.

You certanily live a much more relaxed life... in the flow. I am certainly not the the Forbes list. but you do not need millions of dollars SSTORED in your bank account to live a very nice life and have what you want and go where you want.

There is always a point where there is enough to live all your dreams. That is unless you get into the hording or accumulating thing.. and in that mind set, you will never have enough to be happy.

My greatest joy is just watching the tides go in and out on the Gulf, watching the sea life. The Birds, Pelecins, ect. Wathcing the kids play in the sand and run after the birds. It is natural and very simple. Uncomplicated.

After being in these types of groups for a long time I reqalized there seemed to be no true peace within most of the students. They were so focused in DONING SOMETHING... OUTSIDE of just BEING SELF... that it seems a whole world was being missed during that process.

There is a lot to be said for a very simply uncomplicated life. No longer striving for anyting really, just being day by day.

I own one of those Guy Coggins Living Aua Video cam Machines. It takes LIVE MOVING Pictures and Videos of the human aura.

A few times a a year, hubby and I take it out to those Body Mind Spirit Conventions in our area. You really can see a big difference in the AURA of people who are at peace within self... verses the peole who strive to BE or ATTAIN something.

In addition, what is interesting, I have filmed both the New Age type people who are stivingto ATTAIN something... Reiki Healers and Message Therapist... did you know that those AURA's tend to be very RED.. and DARK GREEN.... and brown... no WHITE in them... like children have.

When we were at the last BSM Convention many of the HEALERS came in to SEE their AURA... you would think there would be more WHITE ... or Gold... nope... was not the case... As I was scanning them... to my own amazement those SO CALLED HEALERS had terrrible Auras.

I would not want them to put their hands on me personally.

In addition, I took my equipment to both my Nursing School and another local college of Nursing... did you know most of the students going into nursing had Auras like Children... a lot of White and Gold. AMAZING.

I am doing some research on it. It is AMAZING to see the varriance in these Auras.

I wonder if anyone had taken that type of equipment to a Ramtha Event? It would make an interesting project.

Anywhat.. that is my two cents... I have enjoyed reading this thread... many good points.

Re: I Love my Life

"After being in these types of groups for a long time I reqalized there seemed to be no true peace within most of the students. They were so focused in DOING SOMETHING... OUTSIDE of just BEING SELF... that it seems a whole world was being missed during that process."

Utterly agreed. yet, the whole while in the group, thinking we were doing that.
I think it is not until one steps away that one actually has the ability to
actually BE...day to day.
An amazing eye opener, for sure.

Re: I Love my Life

The ‘tools’ and personality patterns/ issues we had when we entered into JZ’s world define the framework through which we experience being in, and leaving JZ’s world. Some of us remained ‘grounded’ in a world outside of judy’s; some of us had spiritual “tools”/ understandings, ‘practices’, ways of perceiving prior to our Ramtha journey – and were not, therefore, financially impoverished, or spiritually devastated upon ‘waking up’. Some of us, many if not most of us, had already experienced abuse in one form or another prior to Ramtha – from my perspective, we already had a ‘pattern’ of being abused. Our involvement with judy fed on that pattern, magnified it – and some of us finally screamed ENOUGH!.. Some of us left relationships, and some of us didn’t. Some of us left our homes and homeland, some of us didn’t. All of us came sincere – even if our intentions differed – Some came to be better enabled to help the world be a better place, to become the Christed Being they were meant to be; some came to gain ‘powers’/ psychic abilities; some came to learn how to be better tyrants. Most of us came and stayed because finally here was a place where we were made to believe we belonged – no matter our socio-economic status, education, nationality, job or career or religious background, we were all ‘out of the box’ thinkers. Most of us learned something, even to the point that I, for instance, consider some of my learnings as Great Gifts that continue to feed, encourage support enlighten me. Praise God, I say, if you are happy Tashlo, who am I to question that. At the same time, from one perspective, none of the above matters. Consider: a company sells tainted meat – some people eat it and their bodies handle it and they’re fine; some eat it and get sick, then better; some eat it and die a horrible painful death. Does it make it ok for the company to sell tainted meat because some people didn’t get sick, or die? Just because I learned something while participating in ramthaland doesn’t change the facts that we were served ‘tainted meat’. This message board more than adequately describes the out of control taint. Denotesmeaning has certainly provided eloquent summaries of the taint. Christel has more than adequately showed us the legal language of the tainted-ness. Those who established this message board believe that even one person getting sick, let alone one person dying from their ingesting JZK Inc.’s tainted food is too many; nor do they/I believe that the sick and dead “created it”, or deserved the consequences of their sincere belief that they were being fed holy food.