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IMPORTANT follow up on looking for any information

Well, following up on my previous request, I am just working to give to my daughter alternatives to RSE: she is totally immersed in it because of her mum that goes and has being always going to every single event at RSE with her (except BC because children are not allowed), has her house always filled only with people from RSE, lives very close to RSE, and brings our daughter to CSE, even if I do not agree with any of this (especially CSE). There are no other points of view and so no other choices for this 4yo child other than RSE's!....this is the minimum danger, and if I don't do something about this, it is going to remain like this at least until she is 18yo, at which point it may be too late...
I know there was at least one woman part of RSE who lost custody of her child because of being part of RSE. I unfortunately don't know her name to get more information about this: does anyone know her or knows a case similar to this?
This is to help a 4yo girl to have more freedom than what RSE offers (without considering all the other dangers and negative aspects...)

Re: IMPORTANT follow up on looking for any information

check the master's connection with the name Louise St'Onge.
Her husband had put in a request for his child not to attend. It was posted at the Ranch at one point in time.The boy was a bit older at the time (10) and still believed in Ramtha's ways.
It changes drastically as 13 to 14 year olds are concerned.
Very difficult situataion.

Re: IMPORTANT follow up on looking for any information

thanks, but I haven't found anything there with that name

Re: IMPORTANT follow up on looking for any information

Just some thoughts to consider--I do not know enough about your situation.....
Using being part of a "cult" as a reason for a custody battle will not work. Only individual behavior will. I've testified in several custody court cases in the past--it is not the cult that matters, it is the individual's behaviors that may be influenced by the cult that matters. All I could talk about was what I knew that the cult member does to comply with group "truth."

Keep in mind that most, if not almost all, kids that grow up in cults or with parents in cults like RSE generally dump the cult beliefs by the time they reach adult age ON THEIR OWN. There are a host of reasons for this, not the least of which a kid realizing how ridculous their parent is behaving----teenagers think [to some degree] that parents are "ridiculous" anyway---compound that with a bizarre cult behaviors and beliefs!
I suggest to sustain a healthy relationship with the child if you can. Unless you have evidence for egregious behavior on the part of the cult parent [making the kid eat a bad diet, avoid NECESSARY medical treatment, become overly paranoid (the sky is falling, the sky is falling--I can't go to school!), etc, you should not turn this into a "War of the Roses" [if you saw that movie]. The kid will suffer.


Re: IMPORTANT follow up on looking for any information

check this link out:

she WROTE the article

Re: IMPORTANT follow up on looking for any information

just a not, as it seems somebody doesn't know this, just as I didn't know when I was in RSE:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mice%C3%A1l_Ledwith (read at the bottom the Inquiry part)
or just google the name and the word "abuse"
do you understand better my concerns now?...
and there's also more to the story...

Re: IMPORTANT follow up on looking for any information

i knew of this.
and Miceal has been in a happy relationship with a woman for over the last 6 years.
In my experience, their has been one incident of a rape of a minor-and that was
several years ago during a wine ceremony, and NOT with a staff person.
The Ranch later kicked this guy out of school, never to return again.
I am not sure what they did for the teenage girl, but she never returned.
I have not see sexual abuse with minors as a pattern at RSE, esp not with the staff.
I would definitely be concerned about wine ceremonies with children on the premises.
Parents "take turns" watching several children at once in the "children;s tent" but that does not mean the parents are not
blotto. They all LOVE to drink with

Re: IMPORTANT follow up on looking for any information

i would be a conerned parent
1) about wine ceremonies. I would say a definite no.
2) no field work for children where Robert Jones is in charge. That dude is
verbally abusive to almost everybody, including children!
3) pray for them to become teenagers
and rebellious. The get it.