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Media et.al.

Are the people who run World Puja Network affiliated with RSE or just buddy buddy with JZ?

Perhaps "new age" radio stations should be sent links to this site. What if no one will give her "air time". But, some may love the controversy....razor's edge......

Also, this site should be "optimized" so that when someone searches for "Ramtha", EMF would pop up on the same page breathing down RSE's neck....war by Google

Re: Media et.al.

Great ideas, Neederli.
If you or anyone else wants to work on the radio station project please contact me: IsThisForReallll@aol.com

What do you suggest for search engine optimization? You're right, it should come up everytime.

And does anyone happen to know of an accurate translator?

Re: Media et.al.

I wonder how that would come off.
Just as with Paula Gloria, all the new agers sound the same.
I tried to cross reference those associated with the Puja networks with the Rick Ross site, but
I only see RSE that comes up as a "cult".
I think when JZ and Greg talks with these
people, they are sold on the psycho-babble
and circle-esque dialogue for how one creates one's reality and how muhc physics plays a part.
Obviously, it will take someone who has the patience and vernacular to deal with
these people.
It won't be me!!! I will just tell them
what they can do with RSE!!!

Re: Media et.al.

I know of the usual tactics to get a site ranked on Google:
1.Articles - "key word" rich text to attract "web crawlers"

2.Link exchanges - this may be a little difficult as this is probably a unique site. It would take some research and communication with site owners but it is really powerful. One needs to install a Google Toolbar with "page ranks".

3.Affiliates - One can create a "bookstore" featuring relevant books. Amazon offers this. The proceeds from this could go to site maintenance or other needs.

I am not an expert at this but I know a little about it because a good friend is a designer. In fact, he is doing a site for Allison DuBois of "Medium" fame.

As far as translations are concerned, I really don't think computer translations are that good as they are done "word for word" but I have found that if one uses them, it can be cleaned up but a fluent speaker. I am a good German speaker. My husband is really fluent. We can try to help if that is what you are looking for. I know RSE has had events in Mexico,Italy, and Belgium (thank goodness the French are really tough on groups like RSE) so you'd need help with these languages. You are in Microsoft- land. There should be some "heavy hitters" there who are probably up to speed on the latest innovations.