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More From out Soothsayer Greg

wait...does that denote, he outdoes
Profits are being driven
by the single greatest economic sea change in human history:
Three billion human beings — nearly half of the world’s entire population in Asia’s emerging economies is marching steadily into the middle class.

The middle class requires appliances, computers, jewelry, dental care, and all the additional resources to which we have become accustomed. Oil and gold are rocketing to all-time highs. The U.S. dollar is falling. The mines cannot keep up with the demand.

All of this puts an enormous demand on gold and silver. Gold may reach four figures per ounce soon and silver has been undervalued for decades.

Greg Simmons

Mulai De Guise Publishing, LLC



Re: More From out Soothsayer Greg

Greg - you might wish to tell that to the Asian children in the street begging for food. I've been there and saw it with "mine own eyes," only we didn't walk on by thinking, oh wow, here's an investment opportunity for us-these kids will soon need a dishwasher-forget the fact they don't have enough food. Also, people in Asia cook a bit differently then we do here. They don't need "ovens," and appliances are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE, even something as simple as a microwave is more expensive than hiring three maids- three maids who count on the income to help feed THEIR families. Yes, there is infrastructure here and there in the cities, but what about the masses of people still using cow dung for fuel? I think electricity, water, sewerage are more important to the civil servants of those countries, at LEAST the ones I've been to. Those who are wealthy still don't use the same types of appliances for the most part due to voltage fluctuations in electricity. Let's not forget the earthquake zones as well. Oh, maybe this is for those "enlightened" ones who didn't vacation when the tsunami hit? (my whole family was flying OVER the area when it hit-does that make US enlightened since we were in the air?) But I digress. Most of those people would just as soon as see you put your thumb in a lightsocket and see your shiny head light up. That, they might find more realistic.

You look to these countries and see dollar signs. Others look and see human rights violations, toothless old men, women asking pennies to allow you on a scale to weigh yourselves -in order to survive; others lugging huge packs of freshly-harvested sugar-cane on their backs, and camels pulling carts through major city streets. More importantly, they see love for these fellow humans and not a way to make a quick stash of cash.