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a political endorsement

what an agenda...to have a Ramster in the
state senate!! (where is the barf icon?)

Endorsement: I am honored to pass the following information received from JeanMarie Christenson. She is
a Master student making a different in the political world. I remember the first talk she gave at the Blue
Bottle when she first 'threw her hat' into the ring for a political office. She is emerging victorious from
that first small step.

Her actions have created a respect for RSE students and the school in many quarters. On her own she
purchased copies of the classic I Am Ramtha book and gave them away to Thurston County Democratic
leaders to let them know what we are all about. She shocked the Democratic Party when she ran
against Jim McCune last year for State Representative and she was leading for a short while and lost by
a small number. She did what many did not think she could do.

Now this beautiful entity is throwing her hat into the ring again for State Representative and I urge each
student to back her. If you havn't registered to vote and are eligible - PLEASE register to vote. If you are
not eligible - PLEASE support her by possibly 'doorbelling' for her and above all - campaign contributions.
Your participation in this landmark event is a wonderful opportunity for each of us.

I know that many feel strapped at this time. HOWEVER, our beloved Teacher has said over and over:

I urge your to read her email all the way through.

Bettye Johnson


Dear Friends/Supporters/Voters:

I am so pleased to share with you this political update ... and the significant information you will find in the e-mails below.

It is now official, I am running for State Representative in 2008, and I want to share with you that JZ Knight is right there with her wonderful support. I have already filed my intentions to run with the Public Disclosure Commission, but have not made a wide-public announcement, or statement to the press ... as of yet.

I am so pleased to share with you today that JZ Knight has invited me to make our first public announcement at all the upcoming events! (Below...please find informational e-mails in regard to the current political situation, and about JZ Knight's request that our Campaign be introduced at events, and her invitation for me to say a few words about the Campaign at those events.)

And, in a enormously generous gift ... JZ has suggested that I also ask for Campaign-contributions when I speak at events.
This is wonderful support from JZ Knight for all of us. Thank you, JZ!

In regard to campaign contributions I would like to take this moment to thank all of you in advance for yours!
Here are a couple of my thoughts on contributions:

(a) Please contribute that which you earmark for this sort of thing. Having everyone attend events is the most important thing in my heart.

(b) Please remember that contributions should be in the form of a check, but ... if in cash, it has to come with your contact information ... as all contributions are filed with the Public Disclosure Commission. This is done so contributions will be fair, open to public scrutiny, and honest.

Once again, thank you for your contribution ... financially ... and in all ways!

JeanMarie Christenson
1st Vice Chair, LD2
PCO Weir Prairie 128
Candidate for State Representative '08
360 446 5620

Re: a political endorsement

Dear Friends/Supporters/Voters:

Here is the current political situation as I see it in the moment:

The Primary Election, officially held on August 19, 2008, will determine who will go into the General Election.
If one does not win the Primary ... it is over.

The challenge is:

(a) The Primary is early in '08, and ...

(b) ... because almost all voting is done by mail-in-ballots, and they go out 3 weeks earlier ... and 80% of the voters mail those in with in 48 hours of receiving them ... we are looking at very early decisions.

Most Candidates are filing very early ... (as you can tell by the Presidential races) ... frankly, because of how much it costs to win a race. It is said that it will cost a minimum of $100,000 this year to win a State race ... and of course, millions-and-millions for a Presidential race.

I have filed, but I have not officially publicly announced. I was waiting to hear from JZ, and now we have! The first big public announcement of my run for State Representative in '08 will be made at the ranch. Another goal this will help to achieve (other than raising money) is to allow folks to come forward who are interested in volunteering.

An example of how fast things are moving already would be Pierce County Councilperson Calvin Goings. Calvin has declared he is running in '08 for Pierce County Executive, and already has his Campaign signs out all over Pierce County. He has had several fundraisers, and has now raised a record amount of money for his '08 race. Additionally, his volunteers are already doorbelling for him! ...because there are so many doors to get to. And you all already know that Sandra Romero and Jon Halverson are hard at it for their respective '08 races.

If we don't start moving quickly soon, we will actually be late.

As you know, Campaign contributions should be in check form, and every check, every penny given, is recorded with the Public Disclosure Commission. PDC reports are watched like a hawk ... and the more actively reported ... the better!! Contributions bring more contributions!!!!

From Calvin Goings:
"Calvin Goings' Forward Looking Campaign Breaks Record:

Only months into the 2008 race for Pierce County Executive and Calvin Goings' campaign is setting a record pace. Nearly 800 individuals have made a financial contribution to the campaign already.

This unheard of level of grass roots support bodes well for the coming months. While other campaigns may rely on a handful of one-time large donations, Goings' campaign has a large reservoir of ongoing support that it can rely on for the long haul. Additionally, a group of 800 committed supporters lend themselves to phone calling, sign waving, and doorbelling as the election nears."

I know we can do even more than Calvin's wonderful team!
Certainly there is no one who can match our Campaign's grassroots support system!!

Big hugs, JeanMarie
JeanMarie Christenson
1st Vice Chair, LD2
PCO Weir Prairie 128
Candidate for State Representative '08
360 446 5620
Robert Chamberlain
Jean Marie:

Here are the dates. All dates are, of course, 2008:

Presidential preference primary (affects Republicans; we can and should vote, but doesn't affect our nominee):
Feb. 19

Possible special primary dates, depending on issues that arise in various jurisdictions: March 11, April 22, May 20.

Statewide Primary: August 19.

General election: November 4;
ballots due out of county offices about mid-October,
earlier for military-overseas ballots.

Candidate filing week is June 2-6.


Re: a political endorsement

what? mix god and politics AGAIN???

"And, in a enormously generous gift ... JZ has suggested that I also ask for Campaign-contributions when I speak at events.
This is wonderful support from JZ Knight for all of us. Thank you, JZ!"

SOME contribution.a bit of t i m e and focus taken off the queen herself. How generous!!!

I cannot believe the absurdity of handing
out "I am Ramtha" books in a political arena.
Make me want to make a protest signs:

lets mix god and govt again!!!


Re: a political endorsement

write to your senators and house reps
and the attorney general.
you can e-mail them.
It is that easy.
Maybe include a bit about handing out
"I am Ramtha" books-mixing politics and religion.

Senator Marilyn Rasmussen

Olympia Office:
409 Legislative Building
PO Box 40402
Olympia, WA 98504-0402
(360) 7...
Fax: (360) 786-1999


Rep. Jim McCune

Olympia Office:
413 John L. O'Brien Building
PO Box 40600
Olympia, WA 98504-0600


Rep. Tom Campbell

Olympia Office:
334 John L. O'Brien Building
PO Box 40600
Olympia, WA 98504-0600



About Rob McKenna

Rob McKenna is Washington's 17th Attorney General. As the state's chief legal officer, he directs 500 attorneys and nearly 700 professional staff providing legal services to state agencies, boards and commissions.

General McKenna’s ongoing priorities are:

Keeping communities safer by leading the state in fighting meth, sexual predators and domestic violence;
Protecting consumers and businesses from identity theft, fraud and high-tech crimes, such as cyber fraud, phishing and spyware; and
Promoting integrity in government by defending the state’s laws, implementing new performance management initiatives in his office and encouraging open access to government.
As part of his Operation: Allied Against Meth program, he drafted and passed a comprehensive new statewide methamphetamine initiative and formed the Pacific Northwest Precursor Chemical Committee. He has also presented the Operation: Allied Against Meth school assembly to more than 20,000 students at schools across Washington.

He convened the first Statewide Identity Theft Conference and formed working groups to fight this crime. He will continue working to pass legislation allowing citizens to freeze access to their credit before they become victims of ID theft.

In response to the rising victimization of Latino consumers, AG McKenna convened two Latino Consumer Protection Summits in SeaTac and Yakima to identify new ways to reach this community and improve access to CP tools.

Under AG McKenna’s leadership, the Office of the Attorney General was the first state agency to implement a performance management plan that rewards high-performing employees who achieve rigorous goals.

During his tenure as attorney general, AG McKenna has been named:

National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) Executive Board Member;
NAAG Tobacco Committee Co-Chair;
One of Washington CEO Magazine’s Most Amazing Attorneys of 2006;
One of Seattle Magazine’s 26 Most Influential People in Seattle;
Outstanding Leader of the Year by the Eastside Domestic Violence Program;
Aspen Institute Rodel Fellow in Public Leadership; and
King County Washington Women Lawyers' Special Contribution to the Judiciary Award Winner.
McKenna received his J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School in 1988, where he was a member of the Law Review. He earned a B.A. in Economics and a B.A. in International Studies, both with honors, from the University of Washington. McKenna was student body president at the U.W. and graduated Phi Beta Kappa. He has been an attorney for 18 years since beginning his career in 1988 at the Bellevue office of Perkins Coie, one of the nation's top 50 law firms.

In 1995, McKenna was elected to the Metropolitan King County Council. He was re-elected twice without opposition and was twice rated "Outstanding" by the Municipal League.

A committed community leader, McKenna has raised hundreds of thousands for the Eastside Domestic Violence Program and the Bellevue Schools Foundation. An Eagle Scout himself, McKenna continues to serve as a board member with the Chief Seattle Council of the Boy Scouts of America and the Bellevue Community College Foundation.

McKenna, his wife Marilyn and their four children reside in Bellevue.

Re: a political endorsement

Sandra Romero, who is running:

For Immediate Release

Sandra Romero announces her candidacy for Thurston County Commissioner, Position 2 in the 2008 election.

Sandra Romero served in the Washington State House of Representatives for 12 years and on the Olympia City Council for three years. While a State Representative, she chaired the House Local Government Committee and the House State Government Committee. She was also an active member of the House Transportation Committee.

She has a passion for good government and believes that government works best when citizens are engaged and informed. As a legislator, she distinguished herself on major local government priority issues such as: growth management, improved contracting procedures, building code improvements and transportation projects.

She has demonstrated her frugal style with taxpayer’s money. Consistently, she was the House Member with the lowest office expenses charged to the state budget. “I always treat taxpayers’ money as carefully as I treat my own,” she says.

Sandra Romero believes that, today, Thurston County is at a crossroads in its history. She is concerned that if we grow too quickly or without a vision of future livability, we run the risk of losing the very qualities and features that make our county so special and draws us here, such as our unique urban and rural character, our clean drinking water, our precious Puget Sound, and our sense of community. “We must continually improve our methods of respecting private property rights and personal freedoms, while simultaneously promoting public health and the joy of daily living here.”

Sandra Romero was a leader in securing funding for major projects that have enhanced our communities, such as the Chehalis Western Trail Overpass and the Yelm state-of-the-art sewage treatment facility. She was a legislative leader in making Washington a national leader in Green Building design. She believes that economic prosperity and a healthy community go together.

She has been recognized as Legislator of the Year by the Washington State Labor Council, the Washington Federation of State Employees, and the Washington Environmental Council. She has been honored as an Olympia YWCA Woman of Achievement.

She is a former Chair of the Thurston County Historic Commission, has served on the boards of Intercity Transit, Childcare Action Council, Behavioral Health Resources, and SafePlace. She is currently a member of the statewide Board of Directors of Futurewise, an organization which promotes quality local land use planning.

Sandra and her husband Fred have been married for 25 years and live in Lacey. They have two grown children. Their son Noel recently returned from serving in the National Guard in Iraq. Their daughter, Zoë, works in the cruise line industry.

Sandra is looking forward to meeting with people throughout the county during her campaign. Please visit her web site at sandraromero.com.


Re: a political endorsement

Rep Sam Hunt-
Olympia area, Thurston county

Contact Rep. Hunt:

438B Legislative Bldg.
PO Box 40600
Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(360) 786-7992
Toll-free Hotline: 1-800-562-6000
TTY (hearing impaired): 1-800-635-9993

Re: a political endorsement

Sen Jim McDermmot-Seattle


Re: a political endorsement

from an aquaintance who visits EMF:

Dear Senator Sununu,
I have recently received an email regarding democratic election involving the state of Washington. I am not a resident of Washington however the materials that I have recieved are repulsive in nature. Pierce and Thurston Counties, home of Ramthas School of Enlightment (RSE), is the home for many of the so called students of Ramtha. This is a cult. The students work at the "ranch", no benefits, and my guess many students are foreign with no visas to be in this country. It would an abomination to allow these so called members into our nations political party. I have included the email for your review.
What really upset me was that they were able to hand out Ramtha Cult information at a democractic meeting.
I have contacted the FBI regarding this group and one day hope that there doomsayer preaching will stop.
Thank you for time,

Re: a political endorsement

Wow, Tree, my eyes just opened wider!
Definately have to spread the word that RSE is a cult, I'm picturing a billboard along I-5. Does anyone else want to chip in?

Re: a political endorsement

write your congressmen and senators.
It takes about 5 minutes.

JZR can't claim defamation if a bill board reading
Maybe along the lines of:

get educated and make informed decisions.
go to: rick ross.com
enlighten me free.com

I'm game.
I know three former students who are graphic artists.

I also wrote the attorney general about my complaint of JZK, Inc as a business and
not delivering.
I am sure I will hear from them soon.

Oh, and Ms Romero is also supported by
Louise Oliverio, also getting highly involved in politics and also a student.
Maybe just drop her a line.

Re: a political endorsement

I'm confused - I thought all 'chosen' ones would be in their undergrounds, scarfing canned goods and wine during the dark days of next spring-summer 2008? Who has time for a political campaign? According to gloom-doom predictions, there shouldn't even be an functioning congress, due to calamidies. TVs not supposed to work.

And she wants to take $100,000 away from survival type items to pee it away on media advertizing? Ramtha as mayor didn't work - is this the NEW next attempt at political glitterati? I thought I left Hollywood..

holy-moly. Finding princesses worth kissing is getting harder and harder. ALL freaking crazy -can't even keep to the script. Ya'll need to get a new queen - princesses are getting all blinged out.

Re: a political endorsement

For every one letter received by a congress-person from a constituent, it is considered to be that 1,000 other individuals feel the same. So ONE letter does make a difference.

Ramtha in government? Maybe in Jordan/Lebanon. Is JR threatening to "bring people down" if they don't vote for this person? I found that SO disturbing at one event; I couldn't comprehend an "enlightened" being saying this. I was told it was simply showing me what I mistakenly perceived "divinity" to be.

What a croak. Er, crock. Brivit. Brivit.

Further, why doesn't this person just "manifest" their election? Why ask anyone to vote? Ah. Unenlightened, eh?

Re: a political endorsement

When I think I've heard it all, I learn more.
Okay, so let's have details about the money collection for the I-5 Billboard ad !!!!!

Re: a political endorsement

please....write your congressmen and senators...
even if you live on the other coast, as was stated,
it WILL make a difference.
It did here, in Yelm.
Steve Klein will never be welcome to
run again, I can assure you.

Re: a political endorsement

''Okay, so let's have details about the money collection for the I-5 Billboard ad !!!!!''

I'm in. Do you think "Ramtha's Roach Motel" would suffice?- I liked *Denotes reference- you can never check out--UNLESS YOU TAKE BACK YOUR MIND AND LIFE.

The big guy ever have the groups do anything with boric acid????

Re: a political endorsement

"Finding princesses worth kissing is getting harder and harder..."

Apparently it is time to get organized...shall we call the I-5 billboard fundraiser "Save the Princesses Campaign?"

Re: a political endorsement

Call the billboard campaign whatever floats your boat...we just have got to do that ! Save the Princesses & Princes - that will do just fine.

Although, Roach Motel....LOL !

Re: a political endorsement

in ref to this e-mail from Bettye Johnson:
"She shocked the Democratic Party when she ran
against Jim McCune last year for State Representative and she was leading for a short while and lost by
a small number. She did what many did not think she could do."

Rep. McCune called me yesterday in response to my letter.
He said the above statement was not accurate in that one has to have the endorsement of their party to even be considered for the race. That is the format it is in now. You must be backed and win the first election in order to be RUNNING for the seat. He is a republican, she is a democrat.

He did say it costs about $18,000 a mailing, and that one mailing usually is not effective, 3 being more viable.

He also mentioned no one individual can contribute more than $100 cash and that no foreign contributions are acceptable.

People's voices are heard.

Re: a political endorsement

from JeanMarie's website:
The beautifully decorated room was packed, and the event was electric with anticipation, energy, lots and lots of contributed auction items, and good food. Speaker of the House Frank Chopp, State Auditor Brian Sontag, Thurston County Democratic Vice-Chair Jerry Muchmore, and so many political VIP’s it would fill this page to mention them all, were there to support the Baron family. I had one of the best tables in the house, and was joined by my friends from the Democratic Party, “Jim’s U-Fish” in Spanaway, and “The Survival Center” in Yelm.

After the silent auction closed, and before the live auction opened, State Representative Tom Campbell took a few minutes to give a special recognition to one individual who had sooo generously contributed to this event that it warranted special notice. This individual was JZ Knight!

Representative Campbell spoke about how unique and special it was that someone would give so much … and then he paused. With the entire room totally captured with anticipation, Representative Campbell asked if Jean Marie Christenson would please join him in front, and say a few words on behalf of JZ Knight and her foundation.

As I walked toward him I was so aware of what a moment this was … and after he handed me the microphone I spoke:

“I stand here humbly today because I am representing a woman who has been so generous on so many occasions, JZ Knight.

Today, once again she is showing her incredible generous nature by contributing so much to this cause.

It is with great pleasure that I, on behalf of JZ Knight and the JZ Knight Humanities Foundation present to you a check for $5,000!”

The crowd went wild, applauding, and applauding, and applauding.

JZ’s contribution was the most generous single contribution of the entire event.

After I sat back down at my table, Representative Tom Campbell spoke. He said, “Well, this is just about as bi-partisan as any event can be!” He walked over to me, and as he hugged me, we were both holding back tears, realizing how, in that one amazing contribution, JZ Knight had brought together both Democrats and Republicans as a team.

Thank you JZ for all you do, and for all you are. Please know how very much you are appreciated!


Jean Marie Christenson

1st vice-Chair, LD2


Re: a political endorsement

and pictures to boot.
How many Ramsters can you cram into one frame?

and to mention in her book about dealing with counseling and the prison systems, subtitle:
Keepers and the Caged

Heroes and Necromancers in the Prison System Today

NECROMANCERS-straight out of JZR's mouth.

and the butterfly on the top of her page.

Nothing like having your critical thinking
overloaded with RSE verbage and symbols-esp for your politcal page.

Re: a political endorsement


the list of approved by the democratic party thus far....

Re: a political endorsement

a cross post:

"I do not understand why former RSE students have not sent anonymous complaints en masse to the Washington State Attorney General's office demanding an investigation into these occurences."

That is exactly why I posted on the political thread those contacts and addresses.
I sent mine in to the attorney general last week.
EVERYONE on this site ought to.


file a complaint.
file it all the way through.
If you say "war by internet", this is one way.
That, and the media.
Write to 20/20-ask for a follow-up.
Write to 60 minutes.
Write to Keri Brenner at the Olympian and tell her to finish the story.
kbrenner@the olympian.com

Re: a political endorsement

From Steve Klein's blog dated 10/22:
"There will be a Thurston County Democratic Community Meeting to introduce the TCD Precinct Committee Officers in the Yelm/Rainier area and discuss local, national and world political issues with an opportunity for an "Exchange of Information and Ideas".

Our first community meeting will be 6:30-7:30pm, Wednesday, October 24, at the Yelm Timberland Library, Fay Fuller Building, 210 Prairie Park St., Yelm, Wa.

We will discuss and explain the details of your nominating the presidential democratic candidates in the coming Thurston County Democratic caucuses. These meetings will be on going once a month on Wednesdays, dates to be announced. We encourage you to attend.

Thurston County Democratic Precinct Committee Officers attending will be:
A. Louise Oliverio, PCO 701, Legislative District 2, Yelm, who has lived in Yelm, and been involved in issues affecting the community for 18yrs. as well as volunteer for the Nisqually Land Trust,

B. Tim Lancaster, PCO 703, Yelm, Legislative District 2, has been involved in Washington State Democratic politics since 1972. He has been a PCO and State Committeeman for both the 22nd and 2nd Legislative Districts. Tim is an educator in the Yelm Community Schools.

C. Jackie Reid, PCO 130, Legislative District 2, Bald Hill in Yelm, who helped start the Yelm Food Co-op. She is a member of the Inter-City Transit Citizen Advisory committee and a Toastmaster."

Person's A and C are Ramsters.

Re: a political endorsement

New From Bettye Johnson's most recent e -mail dated 10:23
(notice I did not say Revelations 10:23)


(Commentary: We can condemn our national government and our state government,
however, change can be effective when we work for change on the local level. Instead of
trying to cut down the giant, let's begin at the local level and cut down the vines that
feed the giant. Having said this, I urge you to attend the following meeting. Bettye)
OCTOBER 24 - Wednesday - 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Yelm Timberland Library
princinet committee officers in the Yelm and Rainier area and discuss local,
national and world political issues. Princinct Committee officers Louise Oliverio, Tim
Lancaster and Jackie Reid, all of Legislative District 2 will be present.

Re: a political endorsement

"We can condemn our national government and our state government,

see how they think?

as a friend of mine today said:
they only have power INSIDE those walls.

And all the people people , OUTSIDE those walls, think they are whacked.

Continue writing to your reps, congressman, the WA State attorney general.

Who can be so afraid of such a big blonde wolf????

Re: a political endorsement

such is the same for EMF.
Is it better to endeavor to take down the white wall? or better yet,
to talk to those just entering and those just leaving?

Look in terms as if you are looking back 50 years.
It is of no avail to attack the fortress.
Bring it down in increments, via media, and people incoming, and compassion for the outgoing.

Oddly enough, they think the same about our gov't. But...they do not know, no one in Yelm nor in their party, take them seriously.

One step at a time.

Re: a political endorsement

""Who can be so afraid of such a big blonde wolf????""

Her hairdresser?

Re: a political endorsement

I would say , that is true.

Re: a political endorsement

Tree stated, "Bring it down in increments, via media, and people incoming, and compassion for the outgoing."

I've talked to a few folks who have told me that the attendance in RSE is actually slipping quite a bit. I don't know personally, if this is the case.

But, it made me remember that long ago, "Ramther" said that the day would come when there would remain less than a handful of people in the school. Time will tell if that was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I also heard that the fires in CA, and a few other weather-related events were cited by a student to validate the doom and gloom of the days to come. The tone of what was shared with me sounded clearly like they are wanting it to happen. Nothing like accepting a dark reality, instead of being Gods and changing the timeline to an undoom and ungloom one, eh ?

Re: a political endorsement

"I also heard that the fires in CA, and a few other weather-related events were cited by a student to validate the doom and gloom of the days to come. The tone of what was shared with me sounded clearly like they are wanting it to happen. "

ANYTHING of gloom and doom, they will say,
"the ram said so. this is scientific proof."
you are all thinking in non critical terms.
Please, look that up in Google.

"Non critical thinking"