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A new Christ??

I heard that RSE was a seven-year school that would produce a new Christ in the world. The magic number one. Anyone heard anything like it?

Re: A new Christ??

Yes many time, The number one, and yes that was to be 7 years in the making,Just forgot to tell us when the 7 years was going to start.
Was Talking with my wife about that last night after 30 years you would think that one Christ would have come out of the woods.
But like DN said that would be the end of the school as we know it,presuming that the new Christ would work for free.

Re: A new Christ??

Here's the story:

Students were told that RSE was a 7 year school, and a christ would unfold in that time. Theoretically, any/all of us could do so simply by utilizing the techniques we were given. They were designed to unfold us through the seals (chakras) into becoming God-woman, God-man realized in the flesh.

Okee dokee...a high aspiration !

Well, when the 7 years came...and went...Ramtha came out one night and addressed the matter. Of course, s/he took no responsibility for being a lousy teacher. But, the students were told they were basically slackers, and that's why there were no christs. So, the seven years would take as long as it would take....

open ended....

just pay your money.

Are we having fun yet ?

Re: A new Christ??

just make a claim to the WA State attorney general saying services were not rendered.
And THEN...
she changes tax rates for herself from
non profit church to
profit making busines...under a "school"

And NOW she has her lawyer stating,
"we only want to provide a better quality of life, we never promised anything else."

Guess, what.
Blue college is coming.
And I bet you $100...it is boring as
She cannot, and will not, offer anything new
at this time.
old students will be bored,
new ones, will me mesmerized with the videos of Q and A for the DTC.

Re: A new Christ??

Ms. Knight is a liar and her school is filled with lies.

Re: A new Christ??

I couldn't agree with you more. It would appear the school is, in reality, "the ditch" of which her imagination has spoken.