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Steven Hassan

Cult Expert Steven Hassan

Book by Steve Hassan (rated #1 in cult reading)
Combatting Cult Mind Control
Note: I just bought this book and just started reading it. I’d be interested in hearing other’s viewpoints about the content of the book.

Refuting the Disinformation Attacks Put Forth
by Destructive Cults and their Agents

Re: Steven Hassan

I thought his true heart was revealed
in this post that IUB noted:

Part 5:

Re: Steven Hassan

Same here Tree. When I saw him speak and his true spirit came through...I felt his sincerity.

Re: Steven Hassan

I agree. It is incredibly sad and disturbing. 15,000 'organizations' of this sort in this country alone?

This video left me in tears. Just want to reach out and hug these people, and they have been through so much more than I have. It doesn't even begin to compare.

I received a mail-order package of a very small make-up product a little while back. When it arrived, I had no idea what was inside, because the box was HUGE. I opened it up, to find bunches of stuffed paper, with the tiny little box of mascara deep inside. In effect, that's what I see in RSE. A 'big' package to sell, fluffed up to appeal to 'inquiring' minds. The thing is, mascara doesn't kill (when used correctly!). RSE kills the mind and spirit, filling one's essence with fear and guilt--with flashbacks.

Parents, please don't bring your children into this deadly circus. Let them live free, as they were born to be.