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Apocalypsis throughout history


I have found all this predictions in internet. And there is great news: we have survived at least 60 ends of the world. And there are many more...

Just for fun

aprox. 33 AD: with the death of Christ the world was supposed to fall apart

aprox 90 AD: pope Clement I said end of the world would occur any moment.

2nd century: Cristian movement of Montanisms though they were living their last moments.

365 AD: San Hilario de Poitiers predicted the end of the world would occur that very year.

380 AD. : The cristian sect of the Donatians predicted the end of the world that very year.

375 – 400 AD : San Martín de Tours, Hilario´s disciple , though the end of the world would occur any moment before 400 AD

500 AD: The roman theololgia Sextus Julius Africanus, predicted the second coming of Christ that very year.

590- 604 AD: Pope Gregor I wrote in a letter to a king that the end of the world was near.

800 AD: Theologian Beatus de Liébana predicted the end of the world for that very same year.p

847 o 848 AD : cristian prophetess Thiota preditcted the end of the world for that same year.

999 – 1000 AD : Throughout Europe people believed that in the first millenium after Crist was born the Judgement Day would take place as well as the Second Coming of Crist. And they had a lot of dates on that year when catastrophic events would take place.

1033 AD : When Cristian authorities saw that the world did not end year 1000 they stated that Apocalypse would really happen year 1033, 1000 years after Jesus' death.

1186 AD : Juan de Toledo predicted that that very year would occur the end of the world due to the planetary alignment

1260 AD : Mystical theologia Joaquín de Fiore predicted the end of the world for that year.

1284 AD : Pope Innocent III predicted the end of the world for that year because it was the 666th birthday of Islam.

1290 AD : When Joaquín de Fiore's preditction didn´t come true, his followers delayed the date for about 30 years after 1260.

1300- 1340 AD : Bishop Petrus Olivi predicte 1297 that the Anticrist would appear in that timespan.

1306 AD : 1147 Gerard de Poehlde decided that Christ´s millenium really had begun when the emperor Constantin I came to power. He predicted that the world would end 1000 years after that.

1335 AD : Joaquín´s followers delayed anew the date for the end of the world.

1346 AD : The Plague in Europe was interpreted as the preludium to Apocalypse and the end of the world.

1366 AD : Jean de Roquetaillade, a French ascetic, predicted that the Antichrist would come that very year and the end of the world would follow some years after that.

1367 AD : Czech Archdeacon Militz de Kromeriz stated that the Antichris was alive, but he would not appear until 1387, bringing with him the end of the world.

1378 AD : Joaquín´s followers again delayed the date for the end of the world.

1420 AD : Martinek Hauska, close to Prague, was the leader of a group of priests who anounced the Second Coming of Christ. They admonished everybody to flee to the mountains because in the days from February 1 to 14th God would destroy the town with his sacred fire.

1496 AD: Several prophets from the 15th century predicted the end of the world for that very year.

1524 AD: Many astrologers predicted an imminent end of the world for that very year. This brought a lot of expectations over a big flood which was to occur on several dates on that year. It caused that 20.000 people from London left their houses and looked for a safe place for 2 months.

1532 AD : Bishop Frederick Nausea predicted that the world would end that year after listening to a story from a 8y old child who thought she had seen a couple of bloody crosses in the sky close to a comet.

1533 AD : The prophet Melchior Hoffman predicted the end of the world for that very year. He also predicted that Jesus would come back and he would do it inn Germany in Strassburg and that he would safe 144.000 people.

1533 AD : Mathematitian Michael Stifel, a devout cristian, worked out that Judgment Day would start at 8 am on October 19th 1533.

1537 AD : French astrologist Pierre Turrel, devout christian, in order to avoid further embarassment for Joaquin´s followers, gives four different dates for the end of the world: 1537, 1544, 1801, 1814.

1555 AD : French astrologist Pierre d'Ailly, predicts the end of the world for that year.

1583 AD: Several astrologers and priests give the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter as a sign of the Second Coming of Christ which would occur on April 28th 1583.

1603 AD : Monk Dominico Tomasso Campanella predicted that the Sun could collide with the Earth on that very year.

1624 AD : Many astrologers who predicted a flood in 1524 which did not come true adjusted the date saying that they made a mistake of 100 years.

1648 AD : Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi, from Smyrna, Turkey, predicted that the Mesiah would come that year, then he postponed the date to 1666 and said that he himself was the Mesiah. Zevi was put into prison and was forced to convert to Islam.

1656 AD : After Columubs and his "Book of Prophecies" the world would end that year. He also predicted a crusade which would convert the whole world to Christianity.

1666 AD : During a time full of conflicts the English clergr announced that the end of the world would occur that very year and many thought it was true, especially after the big fire in London.

1688 AD: John Napier, the mathematitian who invented logarithms, applied his mathematics to the Book of Apoclypse in the Bible and predicted the end of the world for that very year.

1694 AD. : John Mason and German theologian Johann Alsted predicted the end of the world for that year, predijeron el fin del mundo para ese año. Another German prophet Johann Jacob Zimmerman predicted that Jesus would appear in America and an christian expedition to cross the Atlantic and find the Savior. Zimmerman died before he arrived and his followers waited in vain for Jesus.

1736 AD. : October 16th. London would again be the place where the end of the world would start due to theologian and mathematitian Willian Whiston.

1792 AD : Charles Wesley, one of the founders of Methodism, predicted the end of the world for that year.

1844 AD. : William Miller, aa scholar who had studied the Bible, said that the Second Coming of Christ would occur between March 21st 1843 and March 21st 1844. When his predictions didn´t come true the religious movement was disolved but gave place to others like the Adventists of the Seventh Day or Yehova´s witnesses who are still waiting for the Second Coming of Christ

1850 AD: Ellen G. White, founder of the Adventists of the Sevent Day predicted June 27th 1850 would be the end of the world would happen in a couple of months.

1856 AD aprox: In her last prediction Ellen White said that she has has a vision of the destiny of the followers who attended a conference in 1856. She predicted that some of the attendants would die of common diseases, others would die in the plagues of the last days and few would survive to see Jesus coming. 1900 all who attended that conference were dead.

1874 AD : Charles Taze Russell founder of what would be Yehova´s Witnesses predicted the end of the world for that date. Then he said the end would happen 1914. He kept on postponing the dates to 1925, 1936, 1953, 1973...

1881 AD : Those who read in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh (Keops) said the world would end 1881. A new study and a lot of imagination worked out that the date was 1936. Other scholars said the real date was 1953.

1900 AD : Pierre Lacheze, a priest from Paris, predicted in his apocalyptical studies Jerusalem´s restaration in1892 and the end of the world in 1900.

1901 AD : 1889 Michael Baxter, publisher of the Christian Herald in London, announces that the end of the world would occur 1901.

1919 AD : Meterologist Albert Porta predicts that the alignment of 6 plantes would create a force that would make the sun explode and that explosion would destroy the earth.

1910 AD : Pittsburg, a clergyman announces the arrival of the Haley Comet which would be a sign of Armagedo and the Second Coming of Christ.

1936 AD : Herbert Armstrong, founder of the Church of the Universal God, predicts Armagedon, the battle of Christ with the False Prophet who was realted with Hitler. Armstrong kept on postpoing the date throughout World War II until 1975.

1948 AD: Year of the foundation of the Stat of Israel. Many believed this event was a sign of the Second Coming of Christ.

1973 AD: David Berg, founder of the christian movement Children of God, predicts that a meteorite would hit the Earth in the mid of the 70' and that all life in USA would be destroyed.

1980 AD : Religious leader Leland Jensen predicts that a nuclear disaster would happen in 1980 followed by 20years of conflicts which would end with the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

1980 AD : Psychic Jeanne Dixon predicts a world holocaust predijo for 1980 and the raise of a new world leader born in the Middle East in 1962.

1984 d.C. : Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain, mystic and Hindu spiritual leader, predicts the end of the world, including natural disasters cause by mankind, the biggest floods since Noah, severe earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, nuclear wars etc. All that would take place between 1984 and 1999.

1986 AD : Again David Berg (also known as Moses David) and the Children of God predict the Armagedon would occur in 1986. Russia would defeat Israel and USA and a communist dictatorship would be established over the whole world. They also predicted the coming back of Christ in 1993.

1990 AD: Peter Ruckman came to the conclusion after studying the Bible that the end of the world would happen in 1990.

1994 AD : Harlod Camping predicted the end of the world for September 6th 1994.

1996 AD : Archbishop James Ussher and other christians from the 17th Century predicted that the world would end 6000 years after: in 1996.

1999 AD: Orville T. Gordon, leader of a group called something like "Dimensional Forces from Outside" predicts that this very year UFOs would come to the earth and would destroy USA.

1999 AD : Nostradamus wrote that in the seventh month of the year 1999 there would fall from the sky the Great King of fear.

2000 AD : Michael Drosnin, author of the book "The Bible´s Code" (free translated) found a hidden message in the Pentateuc (the first 5 books in the Bible) that predicted World War III includinga a nuclear holocaust for the year 2000.

2000 AD : Hal Lindsey, predicts Armagedon for year 2000 and the Second Coming of Christ for 2007. He had already predicted that in for 1988

2001 AD. : Charles Spiegel, a retired professor for Psycology, predicts that Atlantis would emmerge that very year from the Caribbean and shortly after that 1000 aliens from "Myton" would arrive in 33 spaceships and would bring knowledge to humanity.

2000 AD : Due to Numerologists, if one would divide this number by 3 one would obtain 666.666. The Number of the Beast what meant that the Antichrit would appear that year.

2006 AD. : Some believed that 6th of June 2006 was a sign of the Number of the Beast and the Antichrist would be borne or the world would end.

2012 AD: Mayan Calender predicts the end of the world.

and may more

You can add Ramtha´s predictions if you wish

(my source is http://www.ociojoven.com/foros/message/2877748/)

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

I was just looking through my book of the 100 Greatest Disasters of all time - published before the Tsunami in SouthEast Asia...(and long after disasters which have become legend, like the asteroid that created the great craters on our crust, or the splitting of the continents, which at one time were, it appears, one huge landmass, or the Great Flood), or at least one ice age. Humanity has survived incredibly bad man-made and natural disasters before, and could probably do so again. That is not to say that nobody will perish; but it is to say, that we will probably not all perish. Here is part of the list.
The Black Death - Europe - 1347-1351 - 75,000,000 Dead (but we are still here)
The Great Influenza Epidemic - Worldwide - 1818-1819 - 22,000,000-40,000,000 Dead (but we are still here)
The 1876 China Famine - Northern China - 9,000,000-13,000,000 Dead
The Fourteenth-Century China Drought, Famine and Epidemic - 1333-1347 - 9,000,000+ Dead
The Ukraine Famines in 1921 and 1932 - 12,000,000 Dead if you combine them.
The 1520 Mexico Smallpox Epidemic - MesoAmerica- 4,000,000 Dead
The 1970 Bangladesh Cyclone - 1,000,000 Dead
The 1556 Great China Earthquake - 830,000+ Dead
The Plague of Justinian - Constantinople - 542 AD - 300,000 Dead
The 1814 Eruption of Tambora and the Year Without a Summer - April 1815 to Spring 1817 - 150,000+ Dead Billions in Lost Crops and other damage...
And, what makes anyone believe that Yelm would be a safer place to be than the rest of the world...there could be flood,fire, famine, disease, earthquake and volcanic eruption...and in the case of the later two, either the UGs could collapse, or be buried under mountains of lava and ash. And Ramtha has essentially admitted that he could not, or would not, protect his students.

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

The whole purpose of building undergrounds is to keep "students"/stooges busy and in a state of fear. People in a state of fear are more suggestible and if you're busy you don't have time to THINK.

On the topic of the world ending there's a great little book which has many parallels to RSE. "When Prophecy Fails" by Leon Festinger is a true story about a group whose leader channeled contact with aliens and told the group members that the world would end. Reading that book helped me wake up from the RSE stupor...

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

I will not argue with you, you have much more experience...but if Ramtha/JZ is encouraging the building of UGs to keep students/masters subservient, surely, they would be even more so if he/she would only promise to save them from the coming catastrophe???

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

But, I suppose your point is, that their fear is meant to override their capacity for rational thought, and if they were influenced to believe they would be saved, they would no longer be in enough fear to cause the suspension of their critical faculties?
Perhaps, a certainty of the imminent end also makes it easier to detach them from loved ones outside RSE...who are "doomed anyway and there's nothing we can do" or "don't deserve to be saved...they were warned but didn't listen".

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

"...if s/he would only promise to save them from the coming catastrophe..."

Yes, Lost In Space, that is the very reason for "Ramtha's" "so called" existence. According to the story, "we" all used to be in "Ramtha's" army (mind control technique - create a sense of belonging)but have become lost in consciousness (mind control technique - create a sense of inadequacy and psychological dependence.)

"Ramtha" has "come back" (mind control technique - analogy to the second coming of Christ) in order to remind us of our greatness (mind control technique - a lure/hook for people with low self esteem) and TEACH us (mind control technique - create a greater/lesser dynamic) how to be "just like him, an omnipotent god" (mind control technique - "Do everything I say.")

All of the above are examples of how an innocent person's mind is shaped and managed without their awareness. Put a person in a trance (which is what the "disciplines"/mind numbing techniques do) lay this trip on them and a puppet is created. It is all very subtle.

One thing I want to understand is that part of us (the human condition) which naively trusts. Where does that come from? How is it that I fell for a story like this?

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

PS "Ramtha" does "promise" to "save" "students." It's a technique for maintaining RSE's income stream. At the Primary Retreat 2006 "Ramtha" was yelling about the "days to come" and how awful everything will be. Just like a fundamentalist preacher, really - lots of hellstone and brimfire. Once "he" had the crowd worked up into a frenzy "he" yelled, "When the time comes I will give you the codes to focus upon to get out of here!"

What a relief..."Ramtha" is going to save me...but if I'm leaving what do I need the underground for

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

Don't kick yourself...sounds like you had plenty of company - and, this phenomenon of succumbing to those techniques is not confined to Ramtha's school.
The part of us that trusts is perhaps one of the finest parts. And, there are other parts of us as well, appealed to by RSE and a whole host of other groups. I'm thinking now, not of cults only, but of many other social institutions - like, say, the army. People are abused by their superiors in the army, forced to perform "rote" exercises, scrub the latrine with toothbrushes, for no reward, have their self esteem eroded, and become obedient, or are ejected forcibly. They are also encouraged to adopt a pitying and patronizing attitude towards civillians. They are taken away from their families. Often, they don't eat that well, and experience harsh physical conditions. And they are trained to accept death. Perhaps, though, we can say, they are paid (but not v. handsomely), whereas in RSE, the student has to pay over and over again.
And I can think of a group I used to be a member of (twenty years back)- psych patients. Mind control techniques originated in the "cult of mental health" - I would not say that those who treated me were evil - not at all; many of them had fine motives, and were kind in their own way. And they thought, since I could not control my own mind (wish I could put that in italics, don't know how)they would control it for me, for my own good. I no longer struggle with any of these issues, and have come to a place where I am not angry about the way in which my life was taken over for ten years.
I guess you could say that the experience was worthwhile - I developed a keen radar for any attempt to manipulate me, and the ability to make up my own mind...and perhaps you could say that too, about yourself.
Having now studied psychology (as opposed to psychiatry, which sucks)- we all have a need to belong, and also, a need for autonomy. My need for autonomy overides my need to belong, nine times out of ten. And many people on this site are making the choice to be autonomous, since belonging has cost too much, mentally, physically,emotionally. But, perhaps we can understand why the people in RSE stay in there.

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

My whole take on these ‘end times’ is that each and everyday when we wake up; the former world of yesterday has ended, and a new world (today) has begun.

I don’t think many people take into account how these doom day prophets, profit, off the fear they keep inducing into the souls of people. The whole premise is to create stress, depression, a what’s the use attitude, a lost of purpose, and no drive because after all, everything is gonna end soon. Again, why would anyone at RSE be concern about the world ending when (according to the teachings) they can just jump through another dimension into a new world and/or, go POFF, and surround their area with some kind of protective energy – like blue body light.

I mean, really, of course there is an end to the world but what has to be asked is: which world and whose world. The Earth will not (nor the Universe) allow humanity to destroy the planet entirely: The Earth is a very strong Woman. And even if there were to be a major cataclysmic event, well, once the dust or water recede, then, new life becomes, and so, it’s another new world.

Possible what the prophets and sears of yesterday centuries may have seen was humanities abilities to right the wrongs, carried over in decades, and begin a new mandate: The Civil Rights, End of the Berlin Wall, End of Abusing the Environment, Consciousness Shift, etc. Can’t we all agree that the old world has ended, and a new world has proceeded that? These things happen without the entire planet going through continental tectonic shifts, and new land mass rising. Though globally there are continental shifts occurring with one nation moving into another --- immigration and human migration.

And if such events happen, would RSE be so bold as to say: it’s a runner. And then again, what kind of entity would be bent on the destruction of the planet and then call it enlightment, or, conquering your fear. But here lies – and I do mean lie – the culprit: the fear of a runner coming to do something ominous to a person and the planet. This is how RSE is able to pump fear of doom onto people by promising a ‘runner’ of disharmony. Because after all, nobody wants anything disagreeable entering their life, even though they’ve been told it’s for their very own good. This is how they threaten people to keep them in line.

So keep this in mind: When you rest and sleep tonight, the end of your previous day (the old world) has come to an end. Once you wake up, a new world has begun. Don’t let anyone tell you and convince you of all these perils because if you notice, if the **** hits the fan and you just so happen to be there, then o-kay; if not, you weren’t meant to be there. RSE and/or Yelm are no more better or safer or protected, then actually living within the crater of Mount Saint Helen: you know what I mean.

This whole thing about being the new chosen because they ‘stock pile’ sounds like something out of the movie “When The Worlds Collide,” where RSE have in their minds this image that they will ascend out of their barrows and stand proud, with smiles on their face, with the man arm wrapped (tenderly) around the woman, and the little kid runs out into the new green meadows of the world, chasing Ralf the barking dog, and blue birds flying overhead, and fresh new lavender snow capped mountains at a distance, and a water fall cascades from the lip of a cliff, and they all stand and smile in happiness and new hope, with a rainbow arched over their heads.


Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

Thank you, Morgana - the list gives real perspective to all dooms-day-ers throughout the ages.

It makes even more humorous the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) arrogance of 'the new chosen' - the unabashed strunting about, the self-importance of being the ones who will save the human race...THEIR wisdom. Especially funny are those saving seeds who have never bothered to grow anything before..

It is just SO bizarre to see people buying tons of cheap canned goods - most have already done this at least once before and threw it all away due to spoilage.. !! The lack really comes out when people are stockpiling stuff away. Like a dog burying a bone, they get kinda squirrelly. With a whole community doing it..omg.

Maybe the next teaching will be to just start eating massive quantities and everybody get real FAT. No spoilage or storage problems. Some of the older women are already on to this strategy I think. 'Course, with all the fatties, they would have to re-draw the space lines in the arena... dancing to the oldies would *NOT* be pretty and actually a bit dangerous !

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

No, don't get fat...nononono...if food stores run out you will be the first to be eaten.
But Ramtha, as Morgana pointed out, does not have an exclusive on prophecies of doom...many of us grew up in a time when our neighbours were building bomb shelters. And, when we moved into my Granpa's huge old house, you could have lived sealed up in that basement - it had absolutely everything you could possibly need or want to live out a nuclear winter, including food stores...and, ever heard of a house in Kansas without a storm cellar?...nothing wrong with being prepared...and with global warming and the aftereffects of the Tsunami, freak weather situations, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic erruptions really do seem to be becoming more frequent...I think though, that there will not be a sudden end....and, the Mayan predictions may have something to do with their knowledge of astronomy, and calculations to predict sunspot and solar flare activities, which really are going to increase in 2012...but, still, I think humanity will survive.

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

And another thing, that whole C & E breath thing they have people doing, only cuts you off from your ‘true self’ and disconnects you from the Earth. The three lower chakars are just as important, and if you cut them off, you lose grounding and make yourself acceptable to anything suggested; outside of your own suggestions.

Anytime you know something good is about to happen or you desire something good in your life, you feel that butterfly feeling in your gut (for most of you, it was knowing you’re about to attend your first beginners retreat) --- that’s a good feeling, and that’s the energy and excitement to draw your desire to your closer. Like expecting something, or a UPS package; a date; going on vacation; meeting someone for the first time; moving into your new home; meeting the love of your life; receiving money; you feel the excitement of it. Or the opposite of that like having to process an experience you don’t know how the outcome may be; like a child custody case.

Honestly, when something soooo good enters your life or you –say— find something so dear, or a person you’ve not seen in a while shows up: where do you feel that warm fuzzy feeling first? –in the third/gut/solar plexus chakra. And if it’s an small object or thing we found or desire, we hold it (and feel it) close between our third and fourth chakra, and go….ah, thank you GOD.

And the base chakra is for keeping you grounded (to the Earth) so that you don’t go flying off too high in the mind, and you know what’s going on in your world, thus, not allowing other things to be implanted into your mind, while in that suggestive state.

That’s how people get lost in these cultist groups, because their crown chakra is wide open for anything to be implanted into it, and also the heart chakra so that the love of the master teacher/guru is instilled. We all have that ‘resonance’ inside us that keeps telling us to use sound right reasoning, but you’re told that it’s your old nero-nets putting up a fight to stay in control.

I’ve created more desires by utilizing my solar plexus third chakra (feeling good and excited there) and grounding with the base chakra (giving thanks and being grounded to Mother Earth), then this other method they teach. The joy I feel in the top four chakras is when my desire is unfolded, accompanied by the excitement in my third chakra. Don’t cut off your lower three charkas, and don’t let nobody convince you that it’s wrong to have lower three charkas open and balanced, in a world where power and control runs rampant. Keep all charkas open, spinning, and balanced.

Have you ever notice how many people who were adept with their intuition, and psychic abilities, and creating their desires, suddenly lose or struggle with getting that ability back after RSE’s C&E technique?

Peace and Joy and go out (or within) and do what feels ‘good.’ Yes, what feels GOOD. So long as it’s in agreement, harmony, and is mutual with you and the person, place, thing, time, and/or event, you want to do it with. If you’re an adult, you don’t need nobody’s permission. GOD doesn’t even ask you for its’ permission.

I got this from 'David MaCarthy' post "The Penny Torres Ramtha clone Mafu Video link," Apr 4th, 2007 - 11:23 AM, and again it reminds me that people have to be careful when attaching onto these so-called ascended channeled beings. I mean, this hoax was intentionally put together, and I saw how people were willing to follow.

A must see again, for anyone new here and/or refresher:

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

Oh my stars! I'm so at a loss for words, I shouldn't even be typing here. I read something about JZ's first manager quitting after she discovered J "rehearsing Ramtha" (TM). Since that was long before I heard of the great and powerful JR, can anyone fill me in?

Thing is, I never heard of "Ramtha (TM)" prior to seeing "What the Bleep." I would LOVE to see the real, full-length interviews, instead of the RSE edited ones.

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

I honestly do not think she would release them.....
maybe someone has a bootleg copy

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history


There are quite a few instances when various people have claimed to see JZ "practicing" the role of Ramtha. Needless to say, it was disconcerting to them.

That would make a good thread topic, so folks can cite the instances of that happening.

Re: Apocalypsis throughout history

Thanks, Whatcha. Do you know if the people who saw her "rehearsing" remained in the school? Or was it another one of those 'just shrug shoulders and accept what you're told.'