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"its a business"

Lest there be any doubt about the motivating, organizing principle behind JZK inc. witness the following quote:

From the ABC story in the 80's

“[Mrs. Knight] a c k n o w l e d g e d that she was taking in millions of dollars a
year from the fees collected at her personal appearances and from the sale of
videotapes and other materials. But she quickly added, ‘We pay 50 percent of it, right off the top, in taxes.’ […] ‘I’m not a guru; there are no such things as ‘Ramtha-ites;’
I’m not somebody’s savior. This is a business.’”

Just so you have it from the horses mouth, "its a business"

First and foremost, JZK inc., is about sustaining and profiting JZ Knight in the lifestyle to which she has grown accustomed.

I am not saying spirituality is not compatible with great wealth. Ramsters looovvvvve to assume that anyone who questions JZ's wealth is somehow in poverty consciousness.

Nope, I don't question her right to wealth, I question how she attained her wealth.

She grew wealthy by creating a message of spiritual half truths, "backed up" by pseudo science blended with an alarming number of threats and fear induction techniques that have frightened the wits out of otherwise intelligent people long enough to suspend their critical thinking skills making them the reliable energy source for her business.

JZK, inc. is the Enron Spirituality.

Caveat Emptor

Re: "its a business"

"JZK, inc. is the Enron Spirituality."

Good one!!!!!!

and, I must say, I like this business approach, makes it more palatable for my being.

Re: "its a business"

A 50% tax rate does not appear to me to be correct. From this schedule the most that could be paid is 38%.


I presume state sales tax might be added on top of this. I think that was around 8% in Washington. This combined would not make up 50%

Maybe someone else knows?

Re: "its a business"

the 8% would not apply to her in this situation. We have no state tax for income.

Re: "its a business"

Does anyone have any idea if a clip is still available from ABC? I'd love to see it.

Re: "its a business"

In states where there is state income tax in addition to federal a business may end up paying close to 50% of their income in taxes. But as Tree pointed out Washington does not have a state income tax which means that JZK,Inc. is liable for federal income taxes only.

Sales tax is not related to income nor does it cost the business anything (except for record keeping.) The vendor collects sales tax and passes it directly to the state.

Religions, on the other hand, receive significant tax exemptions.

So according to JZ, RSE is a business and not a religion as her attorney, Mr. Kaukl tried to suggest.
Glad we have that cleared up!

Re: "its a business"

Isn't there a B&O tax here in Washington?

B&O= Business Operations.

Re: "its a business"

not that I know of.
and btw...
I OWN that railroad in Monopoly!!

Re: "its a business"

Washington State Employment Security Dept.
Tax or Cost Basis / Agency
Income Tax None
Inventory Tax None
Tax on Interest, Dividends, Capital Gains None
Business and Occupation Tax
Gross receipts Manufacturing: .00484
Wholesaling: .00484
Retailing: .00471
Service and other activities: .015

Washington State Dept. of Revenue
Retail Sales and Use Tax 6.5% base + 0.5 to 1.7% local levy
Washington State Dept. of Revenue
Property Tax Avg. $7.32 - $15.75 per $1,000 assessed value
Workers' Compensation Based on hours worked; rates vary by industry
Washington State Dept. of Labor and Industries
Business and Occupation Tax

Re: "its a business"

Is it on the back of the White Book, that Ramtha is quoted saying, "This is not a religion!" ???

Maybe I'm thinking of another RSE/Ramtha book, but I'm SURE it's there.