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spirituality after RSE


I left RSE, but I´m still a seeker. The thing is I now see cults everywhere. Did that happen to you too?
How do you know what is real?

Re: spirituality after RSE

Hey Morgana,

Here's my 2c on this.

First off. Look for individuals who show:

* Selfless service (the finest quality)
* Goodness
* Kindness
* Humbleness (Not I but the "Father" who worketh thru me attitude)
* Wisdom
* Patience
* Tongue-control
* Impersonal Love
* Gives knowledge freely (buying a book is ok)

If You train your mind to have similar qualities as listed above, will you need to keep seeking?

What are you seeking anyway? Try this for fun.

Seek the source of your Will (power) - that should keep you busy for awhile. Will is an everyday fact of life. Without Will, you cannot act. And if you cannot act, you cannot be, right? But yet Will is so mysterious yet very natural. I don't know much about this power only that in a split second I could move a part of my body. What is its origin? Play around with this thought and watch yourself carefully as you move your arm for example. I find moving my arm very slowly and watching it with full attention gives you strange feeling. How am I doing this? Watch yourself do it. It's quite amazing when you really think about.

Another example. When I walk in the body, I exercise my Will (power) to do so. When I exercise my Will, I seem to be COMMANDING my mind to move the legs. The mind obeys my command and puts forth a volition, which is a secondary command, then the legs move.

Now, I don't think it's my personality that's commanding really, because when I was baby, I didn't really have a personality back then (although that might be debatable), yet I was moving my body no problem I'm sure, but maybe in an impersonal (innocent) way.

After much self-analysis, there seems to me something always in the background that is aware yet impersonal. And I can either identify with that - very nice, simple and peaceful by the way - or identify with my personality (no harm either if it's a nice personality ).

Anyway, that's enough rambling. Take a day off from seeking and play around with your Will and how strange it is. Your never know, you might find something about yourself that you never realised before. Don't take it all serious. Have fun and enjoy yourself watching yourself.

Good luck!

Re: spirituality after RSE

cults r everywere.groupdynamics analiesed from briliant people here are human nature.not all is bad.whats god for you i dont know you know.have fun.

Re: spirituality after RSE

after I left RSE (19 years, mind you)...I felt this huge void inside me.
But I knew better than to try to fill it
with anything until I made some sort of progress emotionally and mentally in recovery.
And I can tell you , I have a friend who will be scrutinizing ANYTHING spiritual
I engage in (thank god for great friends).
I have found though, that Thich Nhat Hahn's wisdom can apply to ANY religion, so to speak. He espouses a way of b e i n g, which starts with true compassion.
That's my .02 .

Re: spirituality after RSE

Hi Morgana,

And now for my $ .02:

As a fellow "seeker" I have found a lot of comfort in volunteerism. The trick with volunteerism is to find just one (okay maybe two) "causes" that you care about. Be careful not to burn yourself out either or let people take advantage of you. Human fraility abounds in every facet of existence, even those with the best intentions.

However, on the plus side, I have found that when I step away from myself and my own problems and try to lift someone else or something else up, I really do find the connection...the "oneness" that so many groups talk about.

Just a thought...something to hold you over.

Bonne chance, Morgana!

Re: spirituality after RSE

"I have found a lot of comfort in volunteerism. "

good point.
I find my posting on EMF aids in this way.

After having gone into Safeway and seeing Melissa Etheridge endorse Breast Cancer Awareness month, I realized many find a purpose in uplifting those who have gone through a similar expereince, and also offer anecdotes in a preventive sort of way.

Re: spirituality after RSE

"How do you know what is real?"

So far the evidence suggests that nothing is real. Fascinating, really.

It's true, everything appears cult like if one applies critical thinking.

I figure we're in that scene in the Matrix where Neo has been pulled out and is lying on the gurney with needles stuck everywhere. He asks Morpheus, "What's wrong with my eyes?"

Morpheus responds, "Nothing, it's just that you have never used them before."

We're learning how to see with new eyes...

Re: spirituality after RSE

how do I know which eyes are real?

let me guess, " use my knowingness"?

(just kidding on this last line)

Re: spirituality after RSE

Hi guys.

Thank you all. Your posts are very helpful.

Re: spirituality after RSE

Well, I hesitate, was not in RSE...but, have definitely had experience with disillusionment - and, a pyramid sales organization that definitely had cultlike properties, where some mind control techniques are used, and, it's all about MONEY...but, on the other hand, I see that there were some very noble and worthy ideas mixed in...
I do not for one moment suggest that you join any such new group!
However, exploring those good and noble ideas, I see that I did benefit...the concept of "promoting wellness" instead of treating illness is a very good one. And, the diagram - of a balanced life - is very good too.
There is nothing wrong with seeking spiritual meaning, or with trying to figure out the emotional, spiritual and philosophical purpose of life. However, that can only be one aspect of a balanced life...The balance between work, and leisure, self, family and community, along with spirit, is what makes for a decent life...and, contemplating which areas of your life may have fallen by the wayside due to your intense preocupation with a cult, or any group, you may find that instead of having more spirituality in your life, it helps to focus on those other things more, while you are in recovery.
Just my thoughts.

Re: spirituality after RSE

Sorry about that...I just realized what a heavily weighted word "focus" must be...Let's change that to "place more emphasis"!

Re: spirituality after RSE

Is there a chat room where members who post here go?
This is a great find tonite... Feel like I made it to the 'void' in the tank ;)

I kept thinking there had to be sites where all those who have come from all over the world could go as they woke up and ironically gained enlightenment -- only not that which is termed what they thought it was

Thanks to all for their posts