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Does the name Patrick Bellringer ring a bell?

Who is Patrick Bellringer and what is the Phoenix Journal (something of that nature)? I read something, oh please not another "channeled entity"--*cough*
"Ramtha left in 1982" and was "admonished for using such a poor channel"

Further "Ramtha" is now not permitted to visit (whatever this means), "earth shan."

Golly gee. What a wild and crazy world it is, INDEED.

Can anyone clarify what these journals are? Is it "channel bashing" by another "channel?"

Re: Does the name Patrick Bellringer ring a bell?

Is it "channel bashing" by another "channel?"

Don't know about PBellringer or the Phoenix Journal, but if you want channel bashing, check out this from the Zetas in regards to the Ram:

(ZetaTalk is a website that was started in 1995 by self-proclaimed contactee Nancy Lieder, who claims to channel messages from extra-terrestrials who refer to themselves as the Zetas (from the Zeta Reticuli star system) through an implant in her brain. Zetatalk is the motherlode of DTC. And Nancy/the Zetas went out on a limb in May 2003 when they stated that Planet X would make it's pass by earth on or about May 15th. When May 15th came and went without any catastrophes, Zetatalk was thoroughly discredited. The site has continued since that time, but now there is no further statements regarding specific dates. The Zetas are a far friendlier bunch than R/JZ. Their message is that we're here in 3rd density to choose our orientation either to Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others. Guess which one they say the Ram is? So the plot thickens. Who and what is Ramtha? Now we have the alien version. I do remember from the last event at the ranch that I attended last year, that when they did the part where they showed the pictures of the orbs taken during that event, there was one picture they took great care to blow up so that we could see the clearly discernible outline of an alien ship in the sky above jz's house. And there also was a conversation I had sitting around the picnic table one evening where a Ramster told of an evening when he couldn't sleep and in the darkened barely lit arena, he saw a very tall alien walking down the center isle. He stated he actually spoke to this alien but got just a cold stare in return.


ZetaTalk: Ramtha
Note: written on Mar 15, 2002

The entity claiming to be Ramtha, speaking through a channel, is widely viewed as a male entity, and for good reason. This is not via a channel, but from a male associate of the channel, a woman. Why the deception? In the world of man, it is males who have influence, but females who are allowed broad scope in what they report, in that they are assumed to be illogical and emotional. This in conjunction with the stage presence and appearance and confidence of the individual who would be the public front, determined which of the pair would go on stage. The male contactee determines the content of the Ramtha messages, but the newscaster is a woman claiming to be a channel. This contactee is arrogant and in contact with Service-to-Self entities as was Tesla. He received information and projections allowing him to have a substantial track record on predictions, in order for the Ramtha message to gather a large following, which it did. As with the Service-to-Self aliens giving the original MJ12 group ships, supposedly to allow them to secure the technology, this was a false promise. MJ12 never secured any technology, as dissecting the ships energy source or navigation devices caused explosions. But the myths of a technology exchange for access to American citizens exists today. Thus, Ramtha, after establishing his initial repute, was no longer given information, as he was considered cutting loose from his bonds by his controllers. Frustrated in (not being able to) increasing his scope, he turned to petty control games, revealing his true orientation in these later days.

All rights reserved: ZetaTalk,ZetaTalk.com

Re: Does the name Patrick Bellringer ring a bell?

well we r human.so our intput doesent mean much for you jzr.but geting a review like this from your friends and the channelcomunity......thanks for the good laugh sft

Re: Does the name Patrick Bellringer ring a bell?

"a very tall alien walking down the center aisle of the arena"

Sounds like it was Robert!

Re: Does the name Patrick Bellringer ring a bell?

omg cowboy!!!

Re: Does the name Patrick Bellringer ring a bell?

''''"a very tall alien walking down the center aisle of the arena"

Sounds like it was Robert!'''''

Same thought went through my mind - very tall- Robert!