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"Ramtha" at Jordan/Lebanon links-INFRINGING COPYRIGHT?

My, my.

I'd read before "Ramtha" is a town near the Jordanian/Lebanon border, and having seen the Indian Epoch, "The Ramayana" repeatedly, and celebrating "Diwali" or "Deepawali" for 20+ years with family, and fully aware, "Ram-Ram" is often chanted just as Christians call out to Jesus for assistance, and the "great Ram of the Hindis People" is certainly not Ramtha even though JRZ proclaimed this onstage, I took a little 'trip' through google-land and discovered a few items of interest.

I was just wondering if JRZ has sued the following for "copyright infringement?"

"King Abdullah visit Ramtha district"
(link below)


Even more, what about those with the name Ramtha, or al Ramtha? Is she suing them? (from Jordanian site) Do they all have to change their names now? LOL.

Summary | Home | Away | Fixtures

Nov 03, 07 League Al-Faysali - Al-Ramtha i
Oct 13, 07 League J. Youth Club - Al-Ramtha i
Oct 09, 07 League Al-Weehdat - Al-Ramtha i
Sep 21, 07 League Al-Ramtha 1 - 1 Al Jazeera i
Sep 11, 07 League Al-Ramtha 1 - 0 Al Ahly i
Aug 30, 07 League Al-Baqa'a 1 - 2 Al-Ramtha i
Apr 30, 07 League J. Youth Club 1 - 2 Al-Ramtha i
Apr 21, 07 League Al Jazeera 1 - 0 Al-Ramtha i
Apr 07, 07 League Ethad AR 1 - 4 Al-Ramtha i
Mar 31, 07 League Al-Ramtha 1 - 2 Al-Weehdat i

Or for that matter, this person whose name IS Ramtha on his mid-east music site?


Who does she "think" she is? Ramtha? I'm sure all of the above-listed would beg to differ.

Judith, consider the mid-east and India in your next travels. I'm sure they will accept YOU as the GREAT RAM of the "Ramayana."

JZK pagal hai. Bakwas.

Re: "Ramtha" at Jordan/Lebanon links-INFRINGING COPYRIGHT?

There would be no need, nor any basis to sue someone for a copyright infringement just because they share a similar name. The copyright infringement would only be possible if they were claiming to channel the entity Ramtha.

Re: "Ramtha" at Jordan/Lebanon links-INFRINGING COPYRIGHT?

The copyright comes into play concerning MAKING MONEY off of "Ramtha."

My guess is that JZ was vacationing in Estes Park, Colorado where rams are a kind of town mascot. She had been thinking of how to get-rich-quick and the idea of pretending-to-be-somebody, er, I mean, channeling was on her mind. She looked at a ram and the idea was born.

No way did she know about the town on the Jordan border...she is not that well travelled nor educated.