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Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

Does anyone know if JZ Knight is under any kind of doctors care?

I mean a doctor apart from a cosmetic surgeon?

I am getting the impression there is some "blue body" philosophy component to this hot mess of a teaching that encourages people to avoid seeking traditional medical treatment?

Anyone know?

Would be interesting to know if she avails herself of medical care and encourages the minions to heal themselves.

Clearly she has had extensive plastic and cosmetic surgery and I would imagine she had to have a check up before undergoing those procedures.

Does the "Ramtha" teaching encourage people to avoid traditional medicine?




Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

According to the "glossies" distributed to students at the beginning retreats, she sees a nurse practitioner, who I believe (Tree, correct me here if I'm wrong) is a member of the school. I posted in another thread what was stated in the glossies, and will see if I can find it to repost a part of it here.

I do know she scored 'high' on the 'dissociative' scale. I also believe I saw at least three 'different personalities' from JZR - JZ the down-to-earth and joking teacher, JZR - when giving a talk on victimization, she appeared very 'out of it,' not a drunken 'out of it,' but simply another 'person.' She was not 'together' in the manner she was when she was teaching. Last but not least, a very drunken Ramtha(TM). JZR has a habit of using the phrase, "oh my heck." Ramtha (TM), I had not heard say this until to my surprise, in one of the seemingly endless videos (sparing JZ's presence), "RAMTHA (TM) 'him/herself' used the term, "OH MY HECK."
I wonder if the woman has multiple personality disorder, at the least.

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

G2G, remember the movie "Sybil" - I am sure jz does have a bunch of different personalities - in the movie, Sybil was also abused, but horribly as a little child by her mother, to this day, i can't watch that part of the movie when she finally tells what really happen - she had hidden that memory so deep within her psyche -

Denote - thanks for your very interesting postings

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

Maybe that is what jz is really talking about when she/he says "i'm going to live in the part of my brain where i have always been........" ????!!!!

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

Multiple personality disorder, or MPD, is a mental disturbance classified as one of the dissociative disorders in the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). It has been renamed dissociative identity disorder (DID). MPD or DID is defined as a condition in which "two or more distinct identities or personality states" alternate in controlling the patient's consciousness and behavior. Note: "Split personality" is not an accurate term for DID and should not be used as a synonym for schizophrenia.


The precise nature of DID (MPD) as well as its relationship to other mental disorders is still a subject of debate. Some researchers think that DID may be a relatively recent development in western society. It may be a culture-specific syndrome found in western society, caused primarily by both childhood abuse and unspecified long-term societal changes. Unlike depression or anxiety disorders, which have been recognized, in some form, for centuries, the earliest cases of persons reporting DID symptoms were not recorded until the 1790s. Most were considered medical oddities or curiosities until the late 1970s, when increasing numbers of cases were reported in the United States. Psychiatrists are still debating whether DID was previously misdiagnosed and underreported, or whether it is currently over-diagnosed. Because childhood trauma is a factor in the development of DID, some doctors think it may be a variation of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). DID and PTSD are conditions where dissociation is a prominent mechanism. The female to male ratio for DID is about 9:1, but the reasons for the gender imbalance are unclear. Some have attributed the imbalance in reported cases to higher rates of abuse of female children; and some to the possibility that males with DID are underreported because they might be in prison for violent crimes.

The most distinctive feature of DID is the formation and emergence of alternate personality states, or "alters." Patients with DID experience their alters as distinctive individuals possessing different names, histories, and personality traits. It is not unusual for DID patients to have alters of different genders, sexual orientations, ages, or nationalities. Some patients have been reported with alters that are not even human; alters have been animals, or even aliens from outer space. The average DID patient has between two and 10 alters, but some have been reported with over one hundred

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

Kathy May is her FNP.
Yes, and she has had extensive cosmetic surgery.
Not to mention the botox lips, ear implant, face lifts, hair extensions....

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

You may be on to something, Marching.......

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

At the risk of sounding like an old song,
be careful with assigning DID [MPD] to JZ or anyone.

Over the past ten years at our hospital I've seen many folks, mostly women, who insist they have DID, yet exhibit Borderline Personality Disorder. Almost none of our seasoned psychiatrists buys into DID when other explanations for manipulative behavior arise.

All successful therapy for DID/mpd patients involves 'reintegration' into the authentic or core personality [Sybil, eg]. So what does that tell you?

What is the sound of one mind clapping?

There is ONE ACTOR in all DID, and ONE ACTOR in all channels by default because the symptoms are the same. Occams' Razor cuts out the bs psychobabble--the most elegant solution is probably the true one.

I sent this email content to comeone last year:

[According to her autobio "A State of Mind", JZ claims that a drunken uncle or (a boyfriend to her mother?) raped Judy when she was 4 or so---forced her
on his erect penis, she said. I have no reason not to believe this story, but if it is true, she could have developed a dissociative reaction early on.

Two of her close friends testified to 20/20 (one appeared on the show in 1987-8) that JZ seemed to be possessed by a "male voice named Demias" that
spoke through her once when they were teens. JZ fell to the floor, according to them, when this happened---of course, JZ denies it ever happened.

How would she [Judy] know? She claims to not recall what Ramtha says when "he" is IN her.

In a way, Ramtha IS that drunken man that "entered" her as a child and continues to enter her. Her channeling act is a way of making that drunken
man, and the "God" that did not protect her, pay big time for the assault and pleasure---she's gotten quite rich from "him." But like any unwilling
paramour or mistress, she's not all that happy--uses substances and meds to control her moods. If you notice, her philosophy is heavily biased against
the Christian message that she learned as a kid. I imagine Freud would have had a field day analysing JZ.

I feel sorry for her, but not for what she does.]


Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

Over the years JZ has claimed her share of illnesses. And I always wondered why "Ramtha" didn't heal her. Then one time JZ/"Ramtha" said, "I can heal my daughter but she wants to be able to do it herself." Funny thing, she didn't. For years JZ claimed she suffered from fibromyalgia and it provided her with a reason not to "channel." The staff continually announced, "JZ has to rest, JZ is exhausted." Was that supposed to generate guilt?

Eventually the fibromyalgia was converted into an income stream. At an event she announced to everyone that she had been watching TV when an ad came on for coral calcium. "I just knew it was my runner," she said. According to JZ the coral calcium cured her fibromyalgia and it was just the greatest thing and the "Ram" said everyone should take it. Guess what? You can buy it in the Annex!

I never once heard her talk about using her Blue Body for healing herself although "Ramtha" did say the staff does not need health insurance because "they have their blue bodies."

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

so Joe-
do you reckon most cult leaders have either a) MPD or b) borderline personality disorder?

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

''''For years JZ claimed she suffered from fibromyalgia and it provided her with a reason not to "channel." ''''

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 12 years ago. I was diagnosed by an internal medicine specialist as well as a rheumatologist. NSAIDS helped, but I was always achey and tired; however, my husband's profession is extremely demanding, and I had to be responsible for our children-transporting them to school (18 miles one way), then driving back home, engaging in volunteering with their endeavours, and then driving 75 miles a day, arriving back home at 10:30 pm, spending time with my husband and then just crashing. I was exhausted, but did it. What finally helped me get out of the "flare" - because with FM there are "indeed" flares and remissions, was to get enough sleep, "allow myself" to rest without feeling guilt over it, sleep in the car in the parking lot when I had to wait for my kids, reduce stress and exercise, and not fixate on the depression that often accompanies it, because this exacerbates the symptoms. So I KNOW what FM is, for certain, as probably some others here do as well. JZ claims to have "cured" herself of this?" I "cured" myself, too, by getting enough sleep, not staying awake all night, and being reasonable with my limitations. Of course, extremely stressful situations did cause a new "flare" which can last from days to months. So, no, I do not buy that she "cured" herself. I think she still has flares but might deny it. I was diagnosed by the "trigger point" method, wherein one must have 11 triggers at least bilaterally. I had triggers *everywhere*. But it didn't kill me and I HAD to follow through with my responsibilities.

Another thing. Walking that RSE field in the cold, damp weather is EXTREMELY detrimental to maintaining FM remission. I'd gone into flare from one very cold October event. The "ranch" has a seemingly "bone chilling" and damp cold feeling, even when the weather is not all that terribly cold outdoors.

Just my situation in response to JZ's Fibromyalgia. I don't know if it can be cured, but it can go into remission.

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

Tree asked: "so Joe-
do you reckon most cult leaders have either a) MPD or b) borderline personality disorder?"

I was referring to 'channelers' as exhibiting self-induced DID or some version of that disorder when they channel, not to cult leaders in general. The latter to me tend to have Axis II personality disorders, most commonly narcissim.

Channelers are not all cult leaders and most cult leaders do not channel in the strict sense of claiming possession by an independent spirit or dead guy.


Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?


Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

If JZ does not see a doctor she is in alot of trouble. I've heard her speak on several online radio programs and her speaking voice is hoarse and she breaks into coughing fits. She sounds like a serious smoker. This was consistent on every program.

She says she "went to a part of her brain where she no longer suffers from emphysema"....I wonder if her lungs followed. What happens if she has to tote a oxygen tank around? She'll probably create a "teaching" around that and her students will be doing the same.

Also,the "blue body" concept is plain stupidity and has nothing to do with why Shiva is "blue"...ask any Hindu.

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

she was diagnosed with emphasema and thus had a scan done, in which she was able to see the holes in her lungs.
Which is when she came out of the hospital
(complaining about the $800 it cost for the test...aww.....you poor little rich girl), got in the car and turned to James
and announced, "I have always been well. I have never been a smoker."
He looked at her like she was mad.
(Nice Denial).
Then she proceeded to make the new teaching of The Neighborhood Walk tm.

She has the whole group in denial now.

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

Actually, I am wrong and forgot that Shiva is covered with "ash". Sometimes his throat is blue and he is depicted as "blue" in rare instances.

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

According to Hindu mythology, when the demons and deities churned the Sea of Milk, 14 jewels surfaced. One of them was a poison, which neither the deities nor the demons would accept. Since the poisonous fumes threatened to devastate the world, Shiva drank the poison. The poison was so deadly that his throat became blue, which is why Shiva also earned the epithet Nilakantha, the blue-throated. To relieve Shiva from the burning sensation of the poison, he was given the moon, which had also come out from the ocean, to cool him down. Thus he wears the crescent moon today.
Drinking of this gross poison was a small matter for Shiva. He is supposed to have said in the Linga Purana that there is still much poison in this world and those who could drink that poison are the real heroes. Indeed, both poison and nectar reside in the hearts of man and only when human souls are free from poison can they experience the joys of nectar....i looked this up on the internet because i forgot how the story was exactly.it allways facinated me because this old story is so actuall if you look at ouer industrie which gives us their products[jewels] but also the enviromental problems[poisen]

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?


Good post!!!!!!!

Bottom line to the individual,rebel and player?

Be prepared to swallow and assimilate poison to nectar.

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

Aw, c'mon, Tree - just because jz said she quit smoking doesn't mean she did. When does she tell the truth about anything

Re: Does JZ Knight see a doctor?

emphasema does not just go away.
the holes live on.....