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JZ Knight's Christ complex

Anyone asking "who does JZ Knight think she is" should be prepared for some surprising answers.

A self-declared "channel" JZ Knight makes the extraordinary claim of vacating her body for the express use of "Ramtha" the alleged 35,000 year old man from Atlantis and less frequently "Charles" a 19th century Arabian horse expert and last but not least [unless the first shall be last etc.] Jesus himself.

A very angry Jesus apparently still quite ****** off about the crucifixion.

Ms. Knight will tell anyone willing to listen that she does this at great personal expense. She has often spoken of being the victim of persecution and vicious attacks.

She has suffered and she wants you to know it. And she has suffered for you. But don't feel guilty.

When she gets rolling on these tales of woe and persecution, there is little to distinguish her from the prototypical Catholic/Jewish mother instilling guilt in her children.

"I cooked and cleaned and loved you for 21 years and now I am alone, but go ahead and enjoy your life and don't feel guilty"

JZ spins a similar tale of woe. She has been persecuted by the media, by ex-followers who abandoned her etc.

Like all those who are secretly on the cross, she punishes those around her with guilt and indebtedness and like all martyrs, she seems to sit on a well of anger.

My observation is that JZ is a very angry woman and her anger is what fuels the abuse at the RSE, the rants, the belittlement of followers and the fear mongering at the heart of all of these end of days predictions.

I am sure many, JZ herself probably, who would be shocked to hear her characterized as an angry woman out for revenge.

But look at the behavior, not the words and it becomes clear. She is a very punishing presence.

Can anyone who has spent time around her relate to these observations or refute them. I would be very interested to hear first hand experiences with her.



Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

i like your sharp mind and your post.it explains my angry emotianal gutfeeling.helps me to understand whats going on.thanks.

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

"My observation is that JZ is a very angry woman and her anger is what fuels the abuse at the RSE, "

Since I signed some sort of silly contract that I cannot speak about JZ
or her family until 25 years after her
death, or I will get sued....
so, thus far on EMF, I have only stated my
opinions as a student. I have never stated anything that has gone on in the work place.
but in regards to your quote *denotes,
let me suffice it to say that that would
be my experience as well....

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

When I saw her, (him/her/it) she berated the audience for not doing their work and supporting the school. She said that because of them, the school was in trouble. She threatened to leave them all while tears were streaming down her face. She yelled "is that what you want?" The audience yelled "no!" She then said she would leave and go to Provence. She asked "who among you would follow me?" The audience all yelled "oh me, me!"

It reminded me of an abusive parent threatening to leave her small children for good because they didn't make their beds and therefore must not love her.

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

Tree, I doubt that agreement would hold up in court considering all the implications of not signing it. I think it would be considered 'signed under duress' and thus not enforceable.

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

it is a different form than the students sign.
It is a confidentiality and propriety agreement when one works for JZK,Inc.

She does like to weild that "my lawyer will get you, my pretty" crap....
just another tool of fear.

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

Maybe we should form a class action and sue her.

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

Yeah, I know it's a different contract but I still wonder if it would be considered enforceable in the end. Plus, I can see the proprietary part but speaking about personal experiences with JZ wouldn't fall within that range, right? I used to work for the ranch at one point, I wonder if I signed something....? I probably did but just don't remember.

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

I expect Judy gets away with the intimidation because she has deep pockets and if she did take legal action it would mean nothing to her but the expense for an employee or ex-employee could be crippling regardless of the outcome. Has she ever tried to uphold one of these contracts in court?

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

I am reading this novel called Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis about corruption in the Southern Baptist church and there are some eerie paralells to JZs Christ complex. There is a woman preacher who runs a cult-like Southern Baptist organization, and she claims she is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc, implies that she may be the second coming of Christ, etc. Later the main caracter Elmer becomes a teacher of "how to manifest a million dollars" seminars...and this book was written in the 1920's or 30's!!! Some things never change...

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

I remember that book. Holywood made a movie out of it in the 1950's or 60's with Burt Lancaster playing the role of Elmer Gantry. I think I'll have a look and see if I can find it on Amazon.

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

seeing as JZR announced several times over that "his duaghteren was in fact, Joan of Arc in another lifetime and she was burned and dragged by her hair"....

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

I remember hearing that as well, Tree. I always wondered why "Ramtha (TM)" didn't say anything about his other children - "he" claims to have gathered about 100, if I remember correctly! So no others were worthy? What about the "old woman who took care of him on the rock?" Was she not "worthy?"

*Denotes - your perceptions are razor sharp and your posts are with such clarity, it feels as though the "rock" is falling off my shoulders each time I read something you write. Thank you, all of you- especially those of you who so courageously use your own name with no fear. You stand for truth, and I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across this site months ago. I still reel from the fact that I became involved in a cult, all the while thinking I was 'freeing' my mind. It's such a paradox. You believe you are finally learning great truths, and then the table is turned and your mind just can't wrap itself around it. The loss of $$$ isn't as much the issue as is the loss of one's trust and feelings of betrayal, and where did my spirituality go? questions. Joe, you have been immensely helpful as well.

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

"seeing as JZR announced several times over that "his duaghteren was in fact, Joan of Arc in another lifetime and she was burned and dragged by her hair"...."

Yeah, my girlfriend has told me that, thats why I included the Joan of Arc reference. In Elmer Gantry right away the woman struck me as kind of JZ-esque and then when she claimed to be Joan's reincarnation I was like "whooooa!"

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

something out of a movie seems to be jzr inspiration?that sounds about right.... the old lady is identified.as i heard after going nowere with ramtha she is nowadays in a ufocult.ramthas children that is a big ticket everybody like to dream about in the audience.beeing like judy...so its pretty wise not having anybody or any competition beneth you.did you ever see a blond georges women on stage?you never will she could steel the show.

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

How about showing your employment agreement to the lawyer David McCarthy had review the "RSE participation document?"

As "Ramtha" used to say, "Don't guess, know."

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

I shall ask.
and they , by law, should comply.
I will do so.
thank you.

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

just a couple of thoughts on this thread...

I really believe that when there are similarities from books and movies I would bet that JZ has read/watched them and uses any and all of it to add to her stories/character - ironic that she has such concern about others using her ideas/trademarked stuff when it is most likely not original to her!!?

I also know for a fact that she has used information she received about students from her comrades and inner circle etc... as supposed all knowing Ramtha.

I would have to agree from my own personal experiences that JZ is very 'angry' however, I think I would be more inclined to call it volitle and extremely insecure! with all that arrogance to over compensate for it...

I wonder what her explanation would be for why she manifested all of her suffering?

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

"I am Christ for you in this age" declared R in the pre-hyperventilation sans blinders days in one of those newsletters JZ used to send out. The irony of that statement should hit home to all ramsters when one realizes that, consistent with most post-New Thought groups from the 19th century, we are all potential "christs". Can't have it both ways.

The idea that we could "put on" Christ consciousness and increase health and wealth comes from that same 19th century impulse. Mary Baker [Eddy] and others borrowed the ideas of and name 'christian science' from the ideas and writings of Phineas Quimby, who inturn gleaned many notions from Anton Mesmer and his mesmerism techniques..the older I AM Activity cult founded by the Ballards in 1934 and other groups recycled this New Thought stuff into channeling masters of Theosophy.



Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

**** Magic wrote:
I would have to agree from my own personal experiences that JZ is very 'angry' however, I think I would be more inclined to call it volitle and extremely insecure! with all that arrogance to over compensate for it... ****

I would have to agree with this and would add that JZ seems quite petty in her anger.

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

Denotes: Again I must compliment you on your insightful observations and ability to clearly describe them. As described in an early post, the Cycle of Abuse, it is my opinion and experience that the environment/behavior of RSE is abusive. That was a retrospective recognition for me – after I left, and after I’d listened to the Gathering of the Eagles tape a dozen times. I finally heard it/got it – the classic cycle of abuse. The overt-ness, intensity and utter obscenity-ness of the abuse escalated since the early ‘90’s. And a drunken vomiting Hierophant is beyond my comprehension. It took me 15 years to recognize – ironically through experiencing/observing the behavior of a recently ‘awakened’ out of the School person, that JZ/Ramtha’s behavior is classical alcoholic personality behavior. And it took someone half my age to point out the obvious in the ex-Ramsters behavior which was so like JZ/Ramtha’s behavior that I finally connected the dots!! It was an “obvious unobvious” – a major DUH experience for me – and very Humbling.
I believe the opposite of what JZ/Ramtha said about being drunk - it's not our true self that is revealed, it is the shadows, the undigested emotions thoughts feelings, the injured in us that comes out. And so, it seems, with JZ. Aside from literal drunkeness is the alcoholic personality which doesn't require alcohol consumption.
(a little side note: my recolletion of the Jesus channeling was that Jesus was angry because people worshipped him, and that wasn't his point in being here. I only heard the audio tape - which was not very clear - I was not in the audience at the time)

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

Tree, I'm with Cowboy and others in thinking that a lawyer should look over that employment agreement. We are starting to have laws that have actual teeth, to protect whistleblowers in this country.

What if, for example, JZ's staff had been ordered to put something hallucinogenic or otherwise harmful in the water that students drank? What if you KNEW that students were being subjected, without their knowledge, to subliminals? What if children were subjected to things that the law would call child abuse? (Nancy Grace would probably devote whole shows to that, if child abuse were the issue.) Do you think that your having signed a piece of paper not to talk for 25 years would stand up in court? You have the same rights as any employee of any company in this country, to go to the authorities when you witness a company doing something that could be harmful to its customers or others.

In fact, you could probably make a strong case that you were under years of RSE mind control when you signed your employment agreement! Most of the evidence to back up that assertion is already quoted on this website.

JZ only gets away with making legal threats because people who have inside knowledge are intimidated by her bluffing.

Same thing for all the concepts she has copyrighted. Anyone can copyright anything; that doesn't mean those copyrights would stand up in a court of law. JZ has plagiarized right and left. Sure, she could sue, but could she WIN? Could she prove damages? I can just see her winning a case, and the judge awarding her $1.00 in damages!

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

I know a lawyer and have mentioned these types of "signed agreements" to him... He answered that he thought they probably wouldn't stand up in court.

Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

Here is a link to a page of a court case involving JZ Knight and a dedicated former student.

The student represented himself in court and won though it took him a lot of hours of study.

JZ was claiming defamation and injury to trademark. it gives an insight into legal requirements that have to be met in order to successfully prosecute.


Re: JZ Knight's Christ complex

Reviews of the RSE Conditions of Participation document by lawyers.

EMF link..