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Observations about RSE


I wrote a post about my experiences with Ramtha/JZ in another thread. All of my experience predates any "school" or any thing with a groupcentric core. In fact from what I remember, this sort of thing was strongly discouraged by R in the earlier tapes.

Reading here, I find myself suprised over and over again at the shennanigans Ms. Knight has been up to and largely under the radar over the last few years.

Here are some observations, for what they are worth, about the Ramtha teachings as I remember them.

First of all, I believe JZ, like all garden variety manipulators creates fear and then exploits that fear all the while implying you are crazy or unevolved for having been afraid in the first place.

It seems an undeniable theme running through everything she does. Fear. Fear if you don't take her latest friggin seminar, fear of the "days to come" fear of space people etc etc.

Much of what she teaches is so intellectually lazy that it required the numbing agent of fear for otherwise intelligent people to buy it

It also give people a sense of granduer that they might lack otherwise.

The whole notion of no right and wrong is a very valid philosphical argument to explore and hardly original with her.

But lets get real here. If there is no right or wrong then there is no need for any friggin school then is there?

Why the hell would you need JZ or anyone to tell you what to focus on or think if everything that you think and focus on is right?

I listened to the video where Joe, the exit interviewer, fields questions from some of the indoctrinated and the weaknesses of JZ's teachings are in full and clear display.

"How can you say there is a wrong path" cries out one woman [and as an aside, I have noticed a few of those women have cultivated an uncanny vocal resemblance to Ms. Knight]

First of all Joe never said "wrong path" The woman heard it through her ramtha hearing-aid, not anything he was really saying.

How disengenuous, there is no wrong path? The hell there isn't. The only time there is no wrong path is when you don't know where the hell you are going.

If you are in LA and you want to get to NYC and you don't go East. YOU ARE ON THE WRONG PATH.

You can't teach people "you create your own reality" and then tell them that space beings, or Ramtha or earth changes are ALSO creating your reality.

It does not compute. She brings these people who teach quantum theory to her "school" and nobody ever wonders how, in a universe of infinite probablities, infinite futures and infinite "earths" there could be such a thing as a pre ordained series of "earth changes"

What HorseSH**T

Will write more later on some of her other crackpot ramblings and what I believe to be their origins.

I wish you all the best and quick recovery and greater freedom than you ever have known.



Re: Observations about RSE

*denotes -
I really appreciate your post and thank you for your way with words. As far as a quick recovery?
I "escaped" from RSE about 5 yrs ago - however after almost 12 yrs involved I am finding it quite a challenge to find my way back to me...feeling like such a gullible idiot and at the same time trying to apply the 'wisdom' gained and shake the victimization that sometimes overwhelms me...this site is so valuable as are posts from people like you! I think I probably won't ever fully recover but for those just finding their way to JZ/RSE there is hope that they will be forewarned!

Re: Observations about RSE

Thank you *Denotes for an amazing post! Please do stay around for awhile; I would love to hear more. The more I learn about the early days of this 'school,' the easier it becomes to not have 'flashbacks,' for example, if I'm out in a field training my dogs. Initially the field reminded me of "the field" at the school. I was barely there a year, but my indoctrination stuns me, since I was skeptical at the same time. When I attended more and more events, the verbally abusive nature and guilt-inducing teachings combined with inconsistencies in teaching led me to just quit.

This forum is a creation of freeing caged minds!

Re: Observations about RSE

>>> led me to just quit.<<<


You were at the head of the class - really - you graduated early ! Some of us stayed back a few years !

Re: Observations about RSE


we rode the little yellow bus wayyyy too long!!!

magic and denotes:
thank you so much for posting.
helps me immensely!

Re: Observations about RSE

Hey Magic,

You weren't and aren't stupid. It is a dynamic of manipulation that all humans are vulnerable to. Very very intelligent people have been manipulated in such a fashion over and over again.

In fact, I bet some of JZ's followers are much brighter and intellectually gifted than she is because they are able to creativly fill in the blanks and create constructions where the inconsistent teachings make sense.

She was manipulating you on a level that all human beings are vulnerable to. Now you know better, give yourself a pat on the back for being willing to feel weak. In fact you are probably stronger now than you have been in a while.


Re: Observations about RSE

Hi G2G,

I hear what you are saying and it sounds like you are describing post traumatic stress syndrome. I am not a pro, but I do know there are specific treatments for those suffering from post traumatic stress that are very effective. Use the internet to find a specialist in this area and check it out.

It really doesn't matter how long in terms of time you experienced the trauma, it is the intensity of the trauma that determines the level of post traumatic stress you experience.

Like people who are in planes that are about to crash and then don't experience a level of anxiety that is so intense it interrupts their daily lives.

Best to you.

Re: Observations about RSE

Thank you, *denotes. I was surprised at what 'triggers' the feelings. I'm in bereavement counseling since I lost two people who were extremely close to me a bit back, as well as one of my beloved K-9's. I haven't brought up the RSE end of things, but I am going to see if this is something my counselor has any experience with.

I had no idea since I'd only been at RSE for about a year. The beginner's was a nine-day retreat, extremely intensive and I engaged in the 'work' thoroughly. The late nights and up before dawn was exhausting. I didn't even think of my children and home during the process.

I remember thinking, this isn't what I perceived the school to be at all, when JZ was teaching initially. It seemed so "scientific" and real-finally an answer! - there were doctors and a priest there. BUT when we were told to 'draw five point blue stars on the bottom of our feet, palms of our hands, on every chakra/seal ("just reach down and do it!) then "web" parts of your body you want to heal - then putting on blindfolds and dancing FOREVER to "build a new body" - it DID seem VERY WEIRD! (indeed)

I remember walking the field feeling so 'free' - then in the end dreading that field! It's almost as though you'd done some sort of hallucinogenic drug with 'flashbacks.' I'll be doing fine enjoying the outdoors, music, then every now and then, wham. A trigger and I know I'm stronger than it; however, the fact it occurs at all is disturbing. I just keep fighting it, but did not realize it could be PTDS.

SHE IS DANGEROUS. (imagine chorus to Jesus Christ Superstar melody)


Re: Observations about RSE

Hi G2G,
I can recommend an excellent counselor with cult experience if you want to work with someone over the phone.

Re: Observations about RSE

*denotesmeaning, good to have you on board.

To address what yiou mentioned, recovery from "cult" experience is slippery. I liken the process to slowly and suddenly realizing your psyche had been invaded. All the wonderful characters that you let into your castle suddenly lose their masks. They emerge as a bunch of thieves, pimps, and patients off their meds. It is not easy to get rid of these clever "guests" that arrived in the Trojan Horse called a spiritual experience or enlightenment.
They pop out of closets and bushes when you least expect it, but if you keep at it, slowly but surely, you can escort them out.........


Re: Observations about RSE


"I "escaped" from RSE about 5 yrs ago - however after almost 12 yrs involved I am finding it quite a challenge to find my way back to me...feeling like such a gullible idiot and at the same time trying to apply the 'wisdom' gained and shake the victimization that sometimes overwhelms me..."

You might want to go easy on yourself, nobody (self included) wants to look at the fact that they have been had. But the fact is that being had does not = being gullible. You might want to try and view it like this.

You were on a road trip following the map. Someone took one of the road signs and pointed it in a opposite direction of where you originally wanted to go. You eventually realized you had not arrived at your intended destination.

It would not be possible to navigate around thinking that someone may have turned every sign around, we expect the road signs to be correct (our tax dollars at work, hopefully), there is no blame in following a sign moved by a vandal. The vandal is to be held accountable for their deeds.